2014 Range Rover Sport by Lumma Design

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The new-generation Range Rover Sport is one of our favorite SUVs launched this year. It has a great look, a great presence on the road and four engines to choose from. It looks like Lumma Design agreed with us, as, just a few weeks after the car made its world debut, the tuner came up with a first kit for it.

The kit is part of Lumma’s CLR RS upgrade lineup that also includes models like the M5 CLR 730 RS . The kit includes a new front spoiler, widened fenders and a new front grille. For the rear, the tuner also installed a huge apron that includes a rear diffuser, a new spoiler lip and a roof spoiler.

The new Range Rover Sport sits on a set of wheels sized 22 or 23 inches and painted in either black or polished anthracite. For the interior, the Lumma offers a combination of wood, leather and carbon fiber.

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Range Rover Sport by Lumma Design Up Close

Range Rover Sport by Lumma Design

Lumma design opted to offer a package that updates both the look and the aerodynamic features of the new Range Rover Sport. The exterior kit starts with a new front spoiler bumper that makes the SUV look a little bit more aggressive. There are also widened fenders that serve as additional air intakes.

Range Rover Sport by Lumma Design

For the rear, the new Range Rover Sport received a massive apron that includes a diffuser, which transforms the look of the RR Sport and provides increased stability at high speeds. In order to improve aerodynamics, the tuner also installed a new roof spoiler and a rear spoiler lip.

The last addition to the new kit is a sport exhaust system that completely transforms the sound of the engine.

About the Standard Range Rover Sport

Land Rover Range Rover Sport

The new-generation Range Rover Sport was unveiled at the 2013 New York International Auto Show and it comes with great innovations over the previous generation. First, it is lighter than the previous model by about 925 pounds, plus it is shorter and lower.

Customers can choose between four engines options with a fifth one set to be added in the future. The base version is powered by a 3.0-liter V-6 supercharged engine that delivers a total of 340 horsepower, while top version gets a 510-horsepower, 5.0-liter V-8 supercharged engine.

Diesel fans will get a 3.0-liter V-6 turbo-diesel offered in two versions: a 258-horsepower TDV6 or a 292-horsepower SDV6.

Press Release

Range Rover Sport by Lumma Design

LUMMA Design gives the new Range Rover Sport an even more aggressive look. Although the sportiest Range Rover model ever won’t arrive at the dealers until November, preparations in the development department in Swabian Winterlingen are already in full swing. LUMMA’s latest creation bears the name LUMMA CLR RS, loves making impressive appearances and likes to flex its muscles in the process. The strongly redesigned wide-body kit for the new Range Rover makes this possible. The recently introduced and now-available LUMMA CLR components bear witness to this fact.

The exclusive wide-body kit LUMMA CLR RS looks tailored, sporty and elegant. The striking front spoiler bumper emphasizes the character of the most recent model from the house of Range Rover. One look at the double daytime running lights integrated as design elements and you know immediately: Here comes a top sport vehicle! And it needs air to breathe: In the widened fenders there are additional air intakes. The sports front grille is also striking, available in visible carbon or painted. The door panels fit like a glove. They harmonize perfectly with the beefy extensions. A look at the rear: LUMMA Design emphasizes the silhouette of the brand new Range Rover Sport with a massive rear apron bumper including a rear diffuser. There’s not only a feast for the eyes but a treat for the ears as well: the LUMMA sport exhaust system provides a robust sound. Aerodynamic components such as the roof spoiler and rear spoiler lip make the top sport vehicle a real eye-catcher.

Range Rover Sport by Lumma Design

The fact that the LUMMA CLR RS can stand its ground is equally apparent: The finest wheels in sizes 22 and 23 inches fit comfortably in the huge wheel arches. LUMMA Design refines the Range Rover Sport with its sport rim CLR 22 in black with design stripes. The complete wheel set with the dimensions 12x22 will come on the market with 305/35-22 tires. There’s no such thing as impossible for the Winterlingen design specialists: LUMMA Design goes to the limit with a wheel set in the dimensions 11x23 and 305/30-23 tires. The LUMMA CLR 23 sport rim in polished anthracite is guaranteed to attract envious glances.

Range Rover Sport by Lumma Design

The hood goes on a diet: Made of full carbon, the sporty hood doesn’t just look great thanks to the integrated vents, it’s also super light. In preparation are further performance enhancements for gasoline and diesel models, interior refinement in wood, leather and carbon fiber, an aluminum pedal set, and velours floor mats with a real leather trim.

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