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In 2006, Land Rover took a risk when it strayed from its off-road roots and released the Range Rover Sport. This was a direct shot at the luxurious and sporty SUVs from Bimmer and Mercedes. The debut Range Rover Sport had two 4.4-liter, V-8 engines available, a naturally aspirated one with 300 horses and 315 pound-feet of torque, and a supercharged one that pumped out 390 horsepower and 410 pound-feet of torque. In 2010, The RR Sport moved onto a 5.0-liter V-8 that produced 375 horses in its base for and 510 ponies with a supercharged. In 2014, the Range Rover Sport underwent a full overhaul that resulted in a new, more aerodynamic body and a 3.0-liter V-6 that put down 340 horsepower replacing the base V-8. As we head toward the 2014 Goodwood Festival of Speed on June 26, 2014, Land Rover has confirmed the most powerful Range Rover Sport yet, the SVR, will make sits debut during the festival.

If you want to drive something a little bit more powerful than the current Range Rover Sport , Land Rover may have the solution for you: a new SVR version that will be more powerful and more aggressive looking than the standard Range Rover Sport .

We expect the new Range Rover Sport SVR to arrive by the end of 2013, but before it arrives, we believe that Land Rover will release the Evoque RS , which will give us a good idea of what to expect from the Range Rover Sport SVR.

Rumors suggest that the new SVR version will add a more aggressive look with a unique front bumper design, larger air intakes and a revised rear bumper. We also expect to see some contrasting black highlights on the the wheels, roof and the side-view mirrors

Updated 06/25/2014: Land Rover unveiled the first details on the new Range Rover Sport SVR — the most powerful production Land Rover ever. The model was confirmed to deliver 542 horsepower and will be put on sale in 2015. Click past the jump for the full details.

Updated 07/02/2014: Land Rover unveiled a new set of images and a new video showing the Range Rover Sport SVR in action at Goodwood. Enjoy!

Click past the jump to read more about the Land Rover Range Rover Sport SVR.

Update History

Updated 06/17/2014: Land Rover unveiled the first teaser video for "an even hotter version of the Range Rover Sport" - which means of course the previously rumored Sport SVR should be unveiled soon.

Updated 06/23/2014: Goodwood Festival Of Speed is getting closer and so is the official debut of the most powerful Range Rover Sport ever. So, with just a few days before seeing the real deal, Land Rover unveiled a new teaser video of the future Range Rover Sport SVR. Enjoy!

Updated 06/24/2014: Land Rover confirmed that the new Range Rover Sport will be in fact called "SVR" and we should have the first details on it at Goodwood on the 26th of June. Land Rover also unveiled a new teaser video for the sporty SUV, which you can see in the Videos tab.Stay tuned! (Land Rover)

Spy Shots

Land Rover Range Rover Sport SVR
Land Rover Range Rover Sport SVR
Land Rover Range Rover Sport SVR

The above spy shots, which our spy guys caught at Nurburgring re pretty telling, despite the heavy camo. We can easily make out a ton of hug air intakes in the front bumper and a pair of heat extractors near the rear of the hood.

Around back, the quad tailpipes tell you all you need to know about what this beast will sound like. Plus, the gap between the quad tailpipes is a perfect spot for Land Rover to slap on a diffuser.


Land Rover officially announced that the Range Rover Sport SVR will crank out a mammoth 542 horsepower, but failed to let us in on any other details. Judging by that output number, I assume we will see the same 5.0-liter, supercharged V-8 as the top-of-the-line RR Sport under the SVR’s hood, but with a few mods to milk the extra 32 horsepower from the engine.

Don’t expect massive performance gains with these extra horses though. I suspect we’ll see 0.2 to 0.3 seconds shaved off the top-level Range Rover Sport’s 4.6-second 0-to-60-mph time.


Mercedes GL63 AMG

Mercedes GL63 AMG

Thanks to its more powerful engine, the Range Rover Sport SVR will finally have the ability to stand nose to nose with the GL63 AMG. Mercedes’ model is powered by an AMG 5.5-liter, V-8, biturbo engine that delivers an impressive 557 horsepower and 560 pound-feet of torque.

With this power, the GL63 AMG can sprint from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.9 seconds and up to a top speed of 155 mph.



An equally impressive SUV is the X5 M. By the time the new SVR version hits showrooms, BMW it will likely have released the new-generation X5 M.

Rumors suggest it will get an updated version of the current twin-turbo V-8 delivering some 560 horsepower.

Press Release

The fastest and most powerful ever production Land Rover will make its public debut at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed (27 to 29 June). The Range Rover Sport SVR will be the first model to wear the new SVR designation, which will be worn by all future high performance models.

A camouflaged prototype of the 550PS Range Rover Sport SVR will take a break from its demanding development schedule to give spectators a chance to experience the sights and sounds of the most exhilarating Land Rover ever produced. It will perform a series of runs up the famous Goodwood Hill course in the ’First Glance’ category.

The SVR is currently undergoing development prior to going on sale in 2015. Details of the vehicle’s 550PS powertrain are still under wraps, but crowds can expect a thrilling soundtrack to match its impressive pace. Performance data for the SVR will extend the Range Rover Sport’s established capabilities as the fastest, most agile and most responsive Land Rover ever built.

The Range Rover Sport SVR has been created by Jaguar Land Rover’s Special Vehicle Operations team and all future SVR models will need to meet stringent key performance criteria in order to wear the SVR badge. They will be built alongside existing models and sold through the Land Rover dealer network in the usual way.

Range Rover Sport SVR - designed, engineered and built in Britain - amplifies the engineering integrity, robustness and attention to detail that are hallmarks of today’s Land Rover brand.

Land Rover redefined the performance SUV sector with the launch of the original Range Rover Sport in 2005, successfully combining sports performance with uncompromised all-terrain capabilities. This is reflected in the current tally of 500,000 vehicles produced.

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