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While the automotive world is now focused on the new generation Range Rover , the guys over at Kahn Design have unveiled yet another tuning package for the previous generation . The package is called the LE Edition and features a seductive mix of triple pearl white livery and invigorating performance.

The exterior package starts off with a front lower lip spoiler, a front bumper A-frame in matte pearl grey, front wheel arch led strips, a carbon RS front grille surround insert, an RS front grille with 3D mesh, and RS vented front wheel arches with integrated front and rear air dams. The passengers’ intimacy will be ensured by anti-reflective privacy tinted glass, while a carbon fiber trim will add a touch of aggression to the Range Rover . The tuner also added a new quad oval exhaust system, along with a new set of 22" Kahn RS 600 wheels finished in matte grey for a more powerful stance.

For the interior, the tuner has added perforated leather with carbon inserts and contrast silver stitch, a clock bezel surround finished with Swarovski diamonds, a diamond gear selector, speedo & rev counter fascia in silver, and vented foot pedals in machined aluminum.

Land Rover only recently unveiled the official details on the new-generation Range Rover , but that doesn’t mean their work with the Range Rover is done. As these spy shots reveal, the company is also working on a LWB (long wheel-base) version of the luxury SUV that will be unveiled sometime in 2013.

The Range Rover LWB was specially developed for markets like Russia and China where they associate extra leg room with extreme luxury. For this reason, the upcoming Range Rover LWB will offer more space in the backseat - a perfect addition for those looking for extra space for the kids or for those who just like to relax in the backseat while the driver takes them to the opera.

As for the engine lineup, we expect to see the same choices as in the standard model: a choice of two diesel engines and one gasoline engine. The diesel lineup will include a 3.0-liter TDV6 delivering 258 horsepower and 4.4-liter SDV8 with 339 horsepower. The gas engine will be a supercharged LR-V8 with 510 horsepower.

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The Land Rover Defender is the model with one of the most interesting evolution in Land Rover ’s line-up and while previous rumors suggested that the model will be replaced for the 2013 model year, the British company surprised us with a series of updates offered for 2013. So we guess that the new generation previewed by the Defender Concept 100 will have to wait a little bit more.

While for the 2012 model year the Defender received a new 2.2-litre diesel engine, ventilated discs, detail improvements to the interior and new option packs, 2013 will being the addition of two new body colors, Barolo Black and Havana, new premium seat design, upgraded in-car entertainment and a choice of four new contrast roof colors.

The SUV’s new 2.2-liter diesel engine delivers a total of 120 HP and 265 lbs-ft of torque and sprints the car from 0 to 60 mph in 14.7 seconds and up to a top speed of 90 mph. Not very impressive figures we know, but lets face; you don’t buy the Defender for its performances!

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The second generationLand Rover Freelander has been unveiled in 2006 and now, for the 2013 model year the SUV has been updated in order to deliver better comfort, convenience and driving enjoyment. The company has updated both the car’s exterior look and the interior equipment levels, but also added new lightweight and efficient petrol engine.

For the exterior Land Rover has added new front and rear lights with the latest LED technology, a new signature graphic in the front running lights, but also a series of new exterior colors and a new set of wheels.

With the 2013 model year, the Freelander is adding a new 2.0-litre four-cylinder petrol engine - replacing the old six-cylinder Si6 petrol - that delivers a total of 240 HP and a peak torque of 250 lbs-ft. For the diesel fans, Land Rover is also offering a choice of 2.2-litre TD4 with 150 HP and a SD4 with 190 HP.

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British tuner Kahn Design has probably built programs that run the whole gamut of Land Rover models. And with the success they’ve had, it’s hardly surprising that Kahn Design isn’t stopping any time soon. Next up on their list is the Land Rover Defender , or as they prefer to call it, the Concept 17 Defender.

Unlike most of their recent programs, Kahn Design took the curious route of releasing renderings of the project before it’s been completed. Nevertheless, you don’t doubt these guys, especially when it comes to projects like this. And true to form, they appear to have the goods locked, stocked, and ready to rock.

The aerodynamic kit includes plenty of new components, including a bespoke paint finish that can be bullet-proofed, a four-piece arch kit, new mud flaps, a spare wheel cover, a custom exhaust system, a customized interior, and a new set of 18" Kahn RS Defender wheels.

The final version of the Concept 17 Defender will be unveiled at a later date. For now, indulge yourselves in these rendering photos.

British tuner extraordinaire Kahn Design has never seen a Range Rover it didn’t fancy with a tuning program. In this particular example, Kahn brought another Range Rover Evoque] to its headquarters for a nice little aftermarket work. The result is the Evoque Dark Tungsten RS250.

Dressed in a body kit that has a plethora of new components, including 3D mesh inserts and vents on the front grille, the front and rear fascias, a matte black finished upper wing roof, copper details on the headlights, a lower boot lid spoiler, and a matte black finished rear diffuser. Matte black side vent surrounds are also part of the program, as is a matte black sump, copper-finished brake calipers, and last but certainly not least, a new set of 22" RS600 wheels with a matte grey finish and original center caps.

Inside, the Evoque Dark Tungsten RS250 was treated to some luxury goods too. The seats have been finished in quilted and perforated leather with options to use Alcantara inserts. Carbon fiber was used to finish the center console while Alcantara was used as a center dashboard trimming with contrast stitching. There’s also a special finish on the dash and custom floor mats rounding out the interior goodies.

The Range Rover Evoque Kahn Dark Tungsten RS250 is scheduled to be unveiled at the Carfest Show on August 25-26, 2012 in the UK where it will be presented by no less than BBC car guru Chris Evans. Watch out for it because there’s a chance you’re going to be mesmerized by Kahn Design’s latest pride and joy.

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Earlier today, we caught wind of a couple of leaked images for the 2013 Landrover RangeRover , but now we’ve got the whole kit and caboodle in the form of interior and exterior shots of the future luxury SUV. These images don’t reveal a whole new vehicle, but that’s not what we were expecting anyway. What they do show is the familiar RangeRover shape and curves with a little Evoque thrown in for modern measure. There are also new air ducts on the front grill and softer edges throughout.

The interior of the Range Rover has also been revamped to look even more luxurious, which is not a small feat considering the luxury the SUV has anyway. The center console was thoroughly cleaned up and only a few buttons and knobs were left to operate. The air vents were moved above the navigation screen and the dashboard looks to be cleaner and digital with striking lights. Overall, the interior has just been updated for more practicality and a modern edge.

Now that the full package has been leaked in pictures, we expect LandRover to officially release all of the details on the future Landrover Range Rover very soon, before it makes its appearance at the 2012 Paris Auto Show in the last week of September. Sales will begin in November 2012.

While everyone is waiting for the new generation Range Rover Sport to arrive, the British guys over at Overfinch have developed a very cool tuning package based on the current generation SUV. The package not only includes a vivacious exterior tuning package, but also increases the engine’s output to an amazing 575 HP - a 50 HP increase over the car’s standard 525 HP.

This power increase was achieved by an ECU remapping for the supercharged 5.0 V8 engine, a custom airbox, and a new exhaust system. As a result, the Range Rover Sport goes from 0 to 60 mph in just 5 seconds, while top speed goes up to 145 mph.

Adding to the pizzazz of the Range Rover Sport is a bright orange exterior paint finish with massive 22-inch Titan alloy wheels combined with new Brembo disk brakes. The tuner has also installed a new lowering module for a more menacing stance and a clean carbon fiber package for the interior.

You want power and good looks, it’ll cost you. The car and package combo for the Land Rover Range Rover Sport GTS-X by Overfinch will set customers back £147,500 (about $230,000 at the current exchange rates), which is almost double the price of the standard Ranger Rover Sport.

LandRover RangeRover

Do you remember the first leaked images of the 2013 Range Rover which surfaced on the internet just the other day? Well, we decided to put our imagination to work and give you a better view of the upcoming SUV. Of course, we won’t need to wait very long to see the real thing because the new Range Rover will be making its world debut at the 2012 Paris Auto Show in September.

As you probably know by now, the new Land Rover SUV will be built on a lightweight, rivet-bonded aluminum chassis which will help reduce the car’s total curb weight and as a result, will improve its fuel economy. The engine line-up will include a 5.0 liter V8 offered in both naturally-aspirated and supercharged versions (for the Range Rover Sport version) and a pair of diesel engines for the European market. Land Rover has also promised a hybrid version which will combine a 3.0-liter TDV6 diesel with an electric motor and an eight-speed ZF automatic transmission. This version is rumored to deliver an impressive 33 mpg on a combined cycle.

The Range Rover Evoque is one of the most appreciated Land Rover models among the entire Land Rover line-up. Plenty of tuners have shown interest in updating it in the past few weeks, but this latest package from German tuner, Hamann, is one of our favorites.

The new package is available for both three and five-door versions and starts with a pretty impressive exterior kit. It also continues with some changes in the SUV’s performance area. The Hamann’s Evoque has received a sportier and more masculine look, thanks to its two-part front spoiler, new tailored side skirts, and new fender flares. Hamann also opted to grow the vehicle by 70 millimeters at the front axle and 80 millimeters at the rear. The final element of the exterior is a new set of 22" aluminum wheels combined with new suspension-lowering springs that lower the car’s center of gravity by 30 millimeters.

Under the hood, the tuner is offering a performance-boosting kit which includes a high-performance exhaust system, a sports air filter, and an optimized engine map. As a result, the 2.0-liter Si4 turbocharged engine delivers an extra 38 HP (for a total of 278 HP) and the 2.2 liter diesel engine gets an extra 31 HP (for a total of 181 HP).

For the interior, Hamann is offering an extensive array of extras, ranging from personalized foot mats to a perfectly finished full leather interior.

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