Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton

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Gold Medals could replace points for the 2009 F1 season

The FIA is certainly looking to make the 2009 Formula 1 season an interesting one. The cars are now hybrids, they will have moving aerodynamic devices and there has even been talk of publishing the total weights of the cars sitting on the starting grid. Bernie Ecclestone , president of Formula 1, would also like to see some changes outside of the cars as well.

Bernie’s latest bright idea is to replace the championship point system with an Olympic style gold, silver and bronze medal for the top three finishers at every race. Under this system it would be the winningest driver, simply the person with the most victories, who is ensured to be crowned world champion.

A study performed by the FIA found that this system would have changed the outcome in 13 of the 59 world championships. There would be three new champions: Moss , Pironi and Massa . Lewis would not have made the cut. Mario Andretti would be a two time champion and Ayrton Senna
would have taken the title in 1989. Most interesting is that “Brabham under the ownership of Bernie Ecclestone would have won no Drivers’ Championships.”

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Lewis Hamilton (23 years, nine months and 26 days) became the youngest champion in Formula 1 history after winning the 2008 Formula 1 World Champion. In a dramatic Brazilian Grand Prix with rain before the start and rain short before the finish, Lewis decided the title battle at the last corner of the 71-lap race, when he overtook Timo Glock (Toyota) to secure fifth place which was enough to win the title.

Lewis Hamilton - youngest ever F1 World Champion

It is the third drivers’ title for the McLaren Mercedes partnership after Mika Häkkinen winning the championship in 1998 and 1999. Lewis won the title with 98 points ahead of Felipe Massa (97 points) who won his home race. Vodafone McLaren Mercedes finished the Constructors’ Championship runner-up on 151 points behind Ferrari on 172 points.

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If he win the world titles this year. Hamilton first clapped eyes on the ultra-rare McLaren LM in the team’s F1 factory ten years ago. "When I first went to McLaren it was there and I fell in love with it," he said of the orange LM, one of only five such cars in the world.

He will see his dream come true if he wins the 2008 title, and McLaren is crowned constructors’ champion. "Fortunately, our deal gives me a bit of time to save up!" Dennis joked.

Hamilton currently leads the drivers’ title from Kimi Raikkonen by three points, while McLaren sits five points ahead of BMW Sauber in the teams’ standings.

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Money are not a problem for the 23 years-old pilot at the moment (not that they have ever been!). After all, Lewis Hamilton has just signed a contract with McLaren for a few million euro. And with so much money in his pocket, Hamilton decided is time to spend them! Recently he visited the London Boat Show.

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At least in France. For a month. Yes, he had a geography problem. He must have thought he was on the autobahn. But he was actually, for no apparent reason, in France. And they pinched him for doing 123 on one of their highways. That’s in mph, not kph. So, the French have suspended his driver’s license for a month. According to police he was courteous, and confessed immediately. Police confiscated the car, but later returned it to it’s owners, the McLaren-Mercedes team. Yes, (...)
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That’s the rumor being reported in an Italian newspaper. According to the report, Ferrari is prepared to offer Lewis Hamilton over $40 million to sign with Ferrari at the end of this season, when Hamilton’s contract with McLaren expires. It is said that Ferrari team manager Jean Todt considers Hamilton the true successor to Michael Schumacher. The British newspaper, the Daily Mail, is also reporting that the feud between Hamilton and team mate Fernando Alonso may be a factor in Hamilton’s (...)
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Everything went right for Hamilton and bad forThe other driver ,Fernando Alonso, at the start, as the two McLaren drivers scrapped with one another while also making sure fast-starting Nick Heidfeld didn’t get the drop on them.

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