Lexus GS

Lexus GS

Just when you thought Toyota had gotten over their 2010 recall catastrophe, their sister brand, Lexus , is starting the year of by catching the proverbial ‘bug’.

There really is no rest for the weary, is there?

The Japanese automaker is issuing a voluntary safety recall involving 245,000 vehicles of the GS and IS models over what appears to be a potential defect that could cause fuel leakage.

According to Lexus, the problem is caused by a problem with the connection between the vehicle’s fuel pressure sensor and a fuel line that could loosen over time. This, in turn, could lead to a possible fuel leak.

Affected Lexus models include 2006-2007MY GS300 and GS350 models, 2006-2009MY IS250s, and 2006-2008MY IS350s.

While no accidents have been reported yet, Lexus is doing its due diligence in ensuring that it doesn’t end up there. That’s why the company has already issued an order to its dealers to inspect all the affected models and take the necessary precautionary steps to fix the problem for any affected models. In the event a fuel leak is found, dealerships are prepared to replace the gasket found between the fuel sensor and the delivery at no cost to the car owner.

The Lexus GS has been around for 19 years, but before the fourth generation closes on the luxury sedan, the GS will enter the 2011 model year with a standard Smart Stop Technology as an additional measure of consumer confidence. Customers will have to choose from two different models: the GS 350 priced at $46,000 and the GS 460 priced at $54,470. After this year, the Lexus GS will be entering its fifth generation in 2012 so we expect to see many changes for the 2012 model.

The GS 350 is powered by a V6 engine that is mated to a six-speed sequential-shift automatic transmission, while the GS 460 gets a more powerful V8 mated to an eight-speed sequential-shift automatic transmission. Both models come with RWD, but the 350 also sees an AWD version. Will a couple of key German models have reason to fear this luxury sedan?

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The current generationLexus GS has been around for quite awhile with its sales starting way back in 2006, so to say that the luxury car was due for a little refresh is a bit of an understatement. This is especially true considering the competition is heating up with the upgraded Mercedes E-Class and the BMW 5-Series . Alas, the car gods have spoken and test mules for the next generation GS have been spotted. The new Lexus GS will be launched in 2012 and will, for the first time, get a GS-F version.

The 2012 GS will be built on a brand new platform which will be sportier and more efficient. The engine line-up will include a new V6 engine and a 3.5 liter engine that will replace the current 4.6-liter V-8. A hybrid version has also been confirmed.

As for the GS-F version, it won’t getthe same 4.8 Liter V10 engine as the LF-A. Instead Lexus will offer an upgraded version of the 5.0-liter V-8 from the IS-F, developing around 450 HP. It will also get a torque vectoring differential on the rear axle and a weight reduction thanks to the use of carbon-fiber. The GS-F will go on sale in 2013.

Here we go again. With seemingly no end in sight to its recall woes, Toyota has announced that a number of their Lexus models have been found to have faulty engines will be subjected to another round of recalls. We’re only half past 2010, but the number of recalls that Toyota has been forced to issue has been staggering, even bordering on ridiculous.

In this latest round of recalls, Toyota announced that over 138,000 Lexus vehicles that have the following engines - 3.5- liter V6, 4.6 V8 and 5.0 V8 – are being recalled because of a potential foreign object within the engine that could lead to contamination of a number of the engine’s valve springs. Models that are affected include the 2006 – 2008 GS , IS , and LS models.

In a statement issued by Lexus regarding the problem, Lexus emphasized that the defect only has a remote possibility of occurring. “If a vehicle is affected, there is a remote possibility that abnormal engine noise or idling may occur. In extremely rare instances, the engine may stop while the vehicle is in operation," the company said.

Either way, Lexus isn’t taking any chances and they wouldn’t advise owners to ignore the potential problem. So, any owner of these models are all requested to have their engine valve springs fixed so as not to make things worse for the owner and the company.

Source: Lexus

The Lexus GS luxury sedan enters the 2010 model year, in three version - GS 350 RWD, GS 350 AWD and GS 460 RWD. Next to all the latest technologies, the GS is also offered with new exterior colors: Deep Sea Mica replaces Black Sapphire Pearl and Satin Cashmere Metallic replaces Golden Almond Metallic. In addition, Parchment leather interior takes the place of Cashmere. Prices start at $45,600 and go up to $54,070.

TGS 350 is powered by a 3.5-liter V6 engine that produces 303 hp at 6,200 rpm and 274 lb.-ft. of peak torque at 3,600 rpm. The GS 460 gets a V8 that produces 342 hp at 6,400 rpm and 339 lb.-ft. of peak torque at 4,100 rpm. The GS 460 can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 5.4 seconds and the GS 350 in 5.7 (5.8 for AWD).

At front the 2010 GS gets a sloped, vertical grille surrounded by four independent headlamps visually connects the current GS sedans with the previous-generation models while signaling the brand’s design progression. The lower valance features integrated fog lamps, and a low 0.27 coefficient of drag (Cd) helps to minimize wind noise and maximize highway fuel efficiency.

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Despite the recent credit crunch and new car sales falling by the wayside the muscle car day are back, in more ways then you think. In the 1960s it was American automakers pulling their most powerful engines and installing them in smaller vehicles to create and fun factory built hot rod. And while U.S. car builders have come back with models like the Camaro SS and Shelby Shelby GT500, but it looks like things are taking shape across the Pacific as well. It turns out that the one cancelled F tuned version of the Lexus GS luxury sedan has just received a new lease on life, much like the IS-F a GS-F will receive a high output power plant exotic to that chassis and be beefed up everywhere else to accommodate the extra ponies. The Lexus GS Lexus GS -F high performance four door will compete with models like Audi RS6, BMW M5, Cadillac CTS-V and Mercedes E63 AMG.

Lexus LFA at the 2009 SEMA Show

The Japanese magazine Best Car is speculating that a future Lexus GS-F will be powered by the same 4.8 Liter V10 piston pumper that can be found under the hood of the current Lexus LF-A super car. With a V8 being the largest engine offered in the current Lexus GS, a ten cylinder is next logical step, cranking out 553 HP and 354 lb-ft of torque from the 1LR-GUE, a 550 HP sport sedan sounds quite fun, however Toyota Toyota is going to have to shed a considerable amount of weight from the Lexus in order to work well with considerably less torque. However they know what they are doing, taking a decade to develop the LF-A, and we are sure that they have already taken that into consideration.

Source: Carscoop

The second customized Lexus to be presented by Toyota Racing Development at SEMA Show is a GS 350 sedan with F-Sport package. The customization program includes an F-Sport lowering spring set and F-Sport performance brakes to increase the car’s performance.

On the exterior a four-piece ground effects kit and grille insert by Five Axis and a three-stage Vibrance Orange Glow candy paint job. The car sits on F-Sport 19-inch forged aluminum wheels with Yokohama Advan Sport Ultra-high Performance tires.

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Auto shows are the perfect place for an car builder to get a feel for the market by showing off the best of what they have to offer and then judge how far the hoards of automotive enthusiasts’ jaw are hanging from the floor as they stare up at these beauties on a pedestal. So aside from the Lexus LF Ch concept that we teased you with yesterday, the Japanese luxury automaker will also bring a few other new faces to the Frankfurt Motor Show in the form of a LS , a GS , an IS , and the almighty IS-F models fresh off the operating table.

Lexus will bring the new LS600h, GS450h and IS250 F-Sport to Frankfurt

The new LS600h will feature updates to the exterior as well as the desing of the interior with a new seating configuration, significantly updated equipment and enhanced driving dynamics. The 2010 GS model range features enhanced safety features, new exterior and interior colours while the GS 450h’s status as the model range flagship has now been further reinforced through several bespoke styling cues. The gas/electric Lexus GS450h remains the world’s only full hybrid model in the premium mid-size segment.

For the more compact IS model range, Lexus has added a few new features in the form of navigation and audio, two must have items for a desirable luxury car. The Japanese automaker is also offering a new F Sport trim package and the revised Lexus IS-F high performance sports sedan now comes equipped with a Limited Slip Differential. Although we are still waiting to see some more about the Evolution .

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Here at Top Speed we are about more than just stripped down high performance racers, despite the name we too are suckers for a little luxury, especially when it comes at a reasonable price. It turns out that our Verdigris Mica Lexus GS 350 was one of the best sedans we have driven in a long time. This Lexus sports coupe is equipped with a level of performance and comfort that is currently unmatched by any other automaker offering a product in the same price category.

Lexus GS350

At just over $45,000, the Lexus GS 350 is a lot of car for the money, being both luxurious and stylish inside and out. The body is adorned with an attractive fast back roof line and comes with upscale details like HID headlamps and chrome accents on the exterior while rolling around on a set of fashionable 17 inch rims. On the inside, the Lexus features elegant wood trim and soft leather wrapped seats, shifter and steering wheel as well as a very forward thinking 7 inch touch screen display.

Our GS 350 is powered by a 3.5 Liter V6 that sends 303 HP straight to the rear wheels through a fuel efficient electronically controlled transmission that when combined with direct gasoline injection and continuously variable valve timing with intelligence gets 19 MPG in the city and 27 MPG on the highway. Either way you look at it, the GS 350 provides its owners with a very complete luxury vehicle experience.

Lexus announced at the Chicago Auto Show that the F-Sport Performance Accessories line has been expanded to GS sports sedan , IS AWD and the upcoming IS convertible .

Lexus F-Sport Accessories for GS, IS C and IS AWD

These F-Sport accessories (think BMW’s M division) will include performance enhancing parts such as forged alloy wheels, brake upgrades, suspension systems, air intake, exhaust systems and more. Parts for these new models will be available as early as June 1, 2009.

Full parts breakdown in the press release after the jump.

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