Lexus GX

Lexus GX

The Lexus GX sport utility has been around since 2003 when Lexus added the midsize SUV to its lineup. Slotted between the smaller crossover RX and the larger LX platforms, the GX offered plenty of room for seven passengers and loads of rugged abilities that the then up-and-coming crossover segment lacked. A heavy refresh came in 2010 and included the 4.6-liter V-8 to replace the older 4.7-liter, a revised interior, and some slight updating to the exterior. Now for 2014, Lexus has reworked the GX460, giving it the corporate-wide Spindle Grille up front with HID and LED lighting, a reshaped rear bumper, and a new range-topping trim level. Lexus has also subtracted some stuff, namely the pricing. In fact, the base GX460 is roughly $4,700 cheaper than 2013 model. That said, the GX460 isn’t a cheap SUV, thanks to a starting price still touching $50,000.

The GX460 does offer a lot for that scratch, however, and it makes a solid case for itself when considering its heritage and capabilities as a true SUV — and one that can still haul seven people. It’s able to tow a 6,500-pound trailer, engage low range and hit the trails, yet still look at home parked at the county club.

I recently spent a week getting to know the 2014 GX460 with all its quirks and strong suits. The week was spent doing mixed driving, split pretty evenly on highways and city streets. Hauling passengers and hill climbing even happened on a few occasions.

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Off-roading can be just as challenging, scary and life-changing as a high-speed track session with a supercar .

With supercars, the chances of a costly mistake are present but manageable. The tracks are typically perfect, the guard rails are there to keep you out of the trees in the case of a spin out, and generally, backing off the throttle is enough to recover control before anything goes *crunch*.

Off-roading, however, brings a real chance that poor driving or the wrong car will result in serious damage to both that driver’s confidence and the car’s rolling ability.

While most racetracks are filled with other cars to help you get home after putting yours into a wall, the situation out on desolate off-road trails is much more grim is something really breaks. Being stranded becomes a real possibility, with bad results almost a sure thing.

After popping three tires and cracking an alloy rim of the 18-inch wheels and 35-section tires of my (poor, abused) Subaru Legacy GT wagon in Oak Ridge, Tennessee a few years ago, I had to limp down the mountain on two hideously-bent donut spare steel wheels. Tires sheared off long before, so it was a clunky and scary ride to a place that a tow truck could find me.

It was this moment I finally realized something: as with everything challenging, to go off-roading the right way, you need the right tools.

Those tools have adjustable suspensions, huge wheel travel, and tires so knobby that a 65 mph cruise on the highway sounds like a Monster Truck.

Great A/C, comfy seats and mechanical reliability are also key parameters for this list.

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The Lexus GX 460 is fresh for 2014 with a far deeper facelift than the LED and spindle grille applied to the Lexus LX 570 last year.

The smaller GX 460 SUV is just as tough and trail ready as its big brother, and now has a striking front grille design and huge rear fender flares like a baja race truck.

Clear LED taillights bring up the rear of the GX, which looks much more familiar in profile than it does from up front with this extreme L-finesse grille treatment. The GX is still not the sleekest SUV out there, and prides itself on its global heritage as the hugely popular Toyota Land Cruiser Prado.

As one of the few remaining off-roaders with real survival skills in harsh and barren climates, the body-on-frame GX V-8 has never been quite as popular among U.S. crossover shoppers as the firms lighter-duty haulers, like the RX. A truck-like demeanor is still evident the moment the GX starts to move, despite layers of Lexus leather and sound-proofing to make this SUV as quiet inside as an ISO tank.

A final treat on this revamped seven-passenger SUV? A price cut of about $5,000 for 2014, despite additional technology and safety equipment included as standard.

Versus the new seven-seat Range Rover Sport and Mercedes-Benz GL , the Lexus certainly still has dozens of advantages when the going gets life-threatening. But in a dwindling market for real off-roaders with $3,000 metallic paint jobs: is all the GX 460’s unstoppable off-road equipment still enough of a selling point?

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Lexus GX460

For the first time since all of Toyota’s recall fiascos began, Toyota has quickly and efficiently solved an issue with one of their vehicles. Well, it might be too early to tell at this point, but we are rooting for them. A statement was released from Mark Templin, Lexus’ Group Vice President and General Manager, that explained that the Lexus GX460 will resume its sales after engineers created a software update that will take care of the vehicle stability control system issues that earned the Lexus a spot on Consumer Digest’s “Do Not Buy” list . The issue was fixed only 16 days after the recall was made.

As an even bigger, “Hey, we messed up again, but we really want to make it up to you,” Toyota is even contacting all of the 2010 Lexus GX460’s owners to arrange a time to install the update. They have also offered a loaner vehicle for anyone who is uncomfortable driving their GX460 until the update is completed.

After all of the problems Toyota has had with brakes , accelerators , memos, etc., it’s about time they took care of something quickly. We have said in the past that we think it is a shame that a brand like Toyota has created so many issues for themselves, but we think it is about time to start building the Toyota empire again. It’s going to take awhile. Good luck Toyota. We hope you and your consumers can put these things behind you.

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Consumer Reports’ revealing comments regarding theLexus GX 460 has caught the attention of a lot of people and Toyota - Lexus ’ parent company - is doing its part to quell the sparks before it becomes a full-blown fire. The reason? Let’s face it, if there’s one car brand that doesn’t need any more bad publicity, it’s Toyota.

After putting the hammer down on the safety risks that come with the GX 460 SUV, including the alarmingly high amount of oversteer that could potentially cause the vehicle to roll over, Consumer Reports has officially included the GX 460 in its notoriously infamous "Do Not Buy" list.

As can be expected, that didn’t sit quite well with Toyota so they had no choice, but to order the suspension of sales of the luxury SUV until further notice.

Mark Templin, Lexus Group Vice President and General Manager, said: "At this time we have asked our dealers to temporarily suspend sales of the 2010 GX 460."

For now, Lexus engineers are trying to use the same testing methods that Consumer Reports used to identify the problems CR found on their own testing.

Just when Toyota seems to have made some progress on the grave they dug themselves earlier this year, here comes another black eye for a car brand that obviously didn’t need another one at this critical point in their brand’s history. It has come to the point when even the mention of the brand’s name brings on a series of head-lowering, disapproving shaking responses.

The Lexus GX may be a nice car, but it’s certainly not winning any favors from Consumer Reports, especially after they gave Lexus ’ luxury SUV a balls-to-the-wall beatdown when they included the car to their "Do Not Buy" list.

Reserved for only the worst of the worst - at least in the eyes of Consumer Report - the "Do Not Buy" list is a place no automaker wants to be in. According to Consumer Report, the Lexus GX has some pretty serious oversteering issues that could, in certain situations, make the SUV roll over. In addition to that, CR also commented that the GX has a flawed traction control that makes it slide sideways before regaining control.

For its part, Toyota - Lexus’ parent company - has expressed concern over the comments made by Consumer Report and rightfull so, considering that the brand hasn’t exactly been a bastion of good publicity these days.

The Japanese luxury automaker Lexus will reveal their replacement for the GX470 luxury SUV at the upcoming Los Angeles Auto Show with a model called the GX460. The new full size SUV is based on the European model of Toyota’s Land Cruiser and will go on sale sometime in early 2010.

The main difference between the Land Cruiser and the GX460 is the front end appearance of the Lexus with its new grille, redesigned headlamps, new bumpers and chrome trim on the side windows and lower door moldings. Not to mention the Lexus’ luxurious interior.

Under the hood of the all new GX460, Toyota’s the current 4.7 Liter V8 is being replaced by a more efficient 4.6 Liter unit that delivers a maximum output of 310 HP and 327 lb-ft of torque and is mated to a new fuel saving six speed automatic transmission with sequential shift. One thing is certain with the all new Lexus GX460, not only will it be able to transport an entire soccer team and all their gear, but it will do it with unparalleled refinement.

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Lexus just revealed details about the all new next generation GX460 and the info just keeps rolling on in. This time they have announced pricing for the new luxury SUV. The Japanese automaker will offer the GX in two different trims; the base model is priced starting at $51,970 and the more plush Premium model climbs all the way up to $56,765. The Lexus GX 460 is powered by an all new 4.6 Liter V8 that produces 301 HP and 329 lb-ft of peak torque. The new power plant is teamed with an efficient six speed automatic transmission complete with sequential shift that helps provide the full size SUV with best in class V8 fuel economy.

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Last Friday we learned the importance of an SUV here at Top Speed HQ. Although the oversized machines may have gotten a bad rap for consuming too much or taking up to much space; they are larger than life and exert a go anywhere attitude even if more often than not their tires will never touch real dirt. So as long as you are going to ride above the road, why not do it in style and comfort, like in a Lexus GX .

The Japanese luxury carmaker Lexus will be launching their next generation GX full size SUV this fall, will all new sheet metal and a revised interior. According to Lexus General Manager, Mark Templin "The largest SUVs have been hit the hardest, but there’s still a segment of the population that wants those vehicles," and Lexus is going to give it to them. The 2010 GX will be powered by a 4.6 Liter V8 engine borrowed from the 2010 Toyota Toyota Tundra and maintain the same body-on-frame construction as the current model for that go anywhere last forever feel.

The Lexus GX 470 is an authentic, mid-size SUV, with serious off-road capability based on traditional truck engineering: body-on-frame construction, a rugged four-wheel-drive system, and a live rear axle. But it’s also a Lexus: roomy and quiet inside, with a luxurious cabin swathed in leather and bird’s-eye maple. Its 4.7-liter overhead-cam V8 and smoothly responsive five-speed automatic transmission provide ample power and performance, whether towing, trail-bashing, or carving corners on a coastal highway. The switchgear is a study in ergonomic excellence, and all controls are right where you expect them to be.

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