Lexus IS

Lexus IS

After much teasing and prodding, Lexus finally unveiled the third-generation IS sedan earlier this year at the Detroit Auto Show . But, it looks like the Japanese automaker isn’t done with its IS lineup just yet. According to What Car, Lexus is expected to launch a coupe version of the IS in 2015, which will be based on the IS sedan.

As far as styling goes, the IS Coupe will take inspiration from the 2012 LF-CC Concept that we first saw at the 2012 Paris Motor Show . Should that be the case, you can expect the IS Coupe to carry some of the concept’s design elements, including the large trapezoidal front grille, the contoured and aggressive looking profile, and the expansive use of LED lights.

As far as powertrain is concerned, the thinking within Lexus is to outfit the IS Coupe with the same 2.5-liter hybrid engine, which would only be available in Europe, Japan and other markets, if the coupe model stays consistent with the sedan. In this case, U.S.-bound IS Coupe models would likely arrive with the same 2.5 and 3.5-liter engines as the American sedan, which produce 204 horsepower and 306 horsepower, respectively.

Updated 05/30/2013: Today we have prepared a pretty cool rendering for the upcoming Lexus IS Coupe. We have started with a IS sedan and added a revised roofline and proportions inspired by the LF-CC Concept.

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Source: What Car
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When it comes to updating Toyota or Lexus models, the best work comes from in-house tuner: Toyota Racing Developments (TRD). In the past, TRD has rolled out some awesome work and the upgrades offered for the new-generation Lexus IS are no exception.

As usual, TRD is offering nothing big, but just enough aerodynamic and chassis improvements to set itself apart from standard models. For ¥437,700 (about $4,300) customers get new side skirts, front spoiler, rear bumper with integrated diffuser, trunk-mounted spoiler and twin tailpipes for the sport exhaust system.

TRD also offers an updated suspension system with performance dampers and braces for an additional ¥288,750 ($2,900). For another ¥527,625 ($5,200), you can also get a set of 19-inch forged-aluminum wheels.

Up to this point, these updates are only available in Japan, but they might make their way to the U.S.

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After teasing it for quite some time now, Lexus has finally unveiled the third generation IS sedan at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show. The new model will be put on sale in mid-2013 in both rear- and all-wheel-drive versions, and in 250 and 350 trim levels. There will also be an F-Sport variant, and Europe and Japan will get an IS 300h version featuring the new Atkinson-cycle 4-cylinder, 2.5-liter engine combined with a high-torque motor.

The 2014 Lexus IS features the same design language we have already seen in models like GS and LS , including an inverted trapezoidal upper grille and slanted lower grille. Unlike the previous models, which featured a three-projector LED headlamp unit, the new IS receives Lexus’ new powerfully articulated headlamp cluster design with L-shaped Daytime Running Lights (DRL) located independently below.

Both models will be offered with a V-6 engine, one in a 2.5-liter displacement and the other one in 3.5-liter displacement.

Updated 04/29/2013: Lexus announced today prices for the 2014 IS luxury sedan set to arrive at dealerships this summer. Click past the jump to learn more about it.

Updated 11/08/2013: Lexus came with its entire 2014 lineup at the Miami International Auto Show that opens its doors today. The new generation IS luxury sedan is of course included, so, if you happen to be in the neighborhood then you should definitely take a ride at the show.

Updated 06/27/2014: Lexus announced today a series of upgrades for the 2015 IS sedan which will be put on sale later in the summer. For the 2015 model year, IS gains a new pair of LED fog lights for the exterior, while the interior gets numerous cabin enhancements. Check them out after the jump.

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Lexus IS-F

Now that Lexus has officially unveiled the new-generation IS luxury sedan everyone was expecting an "F" version to follow. Well, not anymore!

Due to low sales - only 486 units last year - Lexus decided that there is no point offering a high-performance version anymore. Instead, the new IS will receive new sports versions, but none of them will wear the F nomenclature.

There is a combination of reasons why the IS-F is selling so badly, despite its incredible performance. First of course is its huge price ($61,750) that put it out of the reach of most Lexus buyers. Then there is its low fuel economy rating of 18 mpg, while the BMW M3 delivers 20 mpg.

Those of you who still want the IS-F, you still have the 2013 model year to buy one. After the 2013 model year sells out, it appears that Lexus is going to look for another alternative to challenge models like BMW M3 and Mercedes C63 AMG.

Source: USA Today

About a week ago, we showed you a video of a mentally fried dude doing his best Need for Speed impersonation: carelessly drifting on public roads with not a care in the world. We emphasized the dangers of being that reckless, no matter how cool it looks.

Turns out, another one of those videos has appeared on the ’Net, only this time, the perp can be seen driving a Lexus IS-F. The situations are different, but the dangers certainly aren’t. In this case, the driver successfully pulls off the high-speed drive in the middle of traffic, narrowly escaping crashing while doing his dangerous stunt.

Technically speaking, he pulls off an impressive drift. – added brownie points for the degree of difficulty but in all sense and sensibilities, this is the kind of drift we don’t encourage. We said it before, if you’re going to drift, make sure it’s in the appropriate environment where won’t risk your life and the lives of those around you.

The shorthand version: don’t be an idiot when you drift.

Source: YouTube

Lexus will unveil Show the new IS sedan next week at the 2013 Detroit Auto and, as no surprise to anyone, alongside the standard sedan, we will also see the F Sport version. To wet our whistles a little, Lexus has dropped the first official images on the new generation IS and, surprisingly, they reveal the F-Sport version.

When compared to a standard version, the F-Sport variant will add a more aggressive look, featuring special grille and front bumper design, an enhanced three-dimensional mesh grille, larger cooling openings, a black grille surround and, of course, an exclusive set of wheels. The model will also be equipped with a tuned chassis, a lowered suspension and a sportier interior with sports seats made using an integrated foaming method that ensures there are no gaps between the upholstery and the filling.

Under the hood, the IS F-Sport will keep the same engines found in the standard IS, meaning a choice of 2.5-liter and 3.5-liter V-6 engines.

Full details will be unveiled during the car’s official debut in Detroit.

Lexus of Brisbane recently made a pretty important purchase to bolster its standing as one of the premier Lexus dealerships in Australia. This all-important purchase was three IS-F race cars built by Mauer Racing of Switzerland.

Bought initially to become demonstrators and customer experience racers, Lexus of Brisbane is also thinking of unleashing these three bad boys out on a race track in the future. And why not, especially when you consider that Mauer Racing built these cars to serve that sole function.

For one, these cars are powered by the same TRD-developed, 600-horsepower, 4.7-litre V-8 engines that powered several Daytona prototype race cars in the United States. In addition, the race cars have also been given a slew of new race-specific features, including Motec engine management systems, ZF Sachs dampers, H&R springs, AP racing clutches and AP airlocks.

Other design details of the IS-F Race Cars include a wide-body cage monocoque that significantly helps in cutting down the car’s weight to just 1,290 kg (2,843 pounds). A six-speed, rear-mounted Hewland transmission was also installed, as were a set of 18-inch BBS wheels – 11-by-18-inch center-lock fronts and 12.5-by-18-inch center-lock rears - wrapped in racing tires.

Considering the history of how Lexus Brisbane purchased these three cars — a customer made the suggestion, and it went out and sealed the deal — there’s no telling what the plans are for it, apart from what it’s already mentioned.

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Obtaining exclusive access to test mules is an opportunity that manufacturers grant once in a blue moon. Some would consider it for the lucky few while some would simply snare at the idea. Lexus, however, was kind enough to let celebrity car collector, Jay Leno, take a look at the unannounced 2013 Lexus IS . Looks like beat every other journalist to it...

Though the car is wrapped in camouflage, it does show some elements of the final design that were inspired by the LF-CC concept . Jay also reveals some facts like the longer wheelbase and the 8-speed automatic gearbox, which was only available on the previous gen IS-F . Nothing more can be said. So we will have to stay mum just like the engineer in the video. At least until its 2013 unveil!

The mule Jay got to drive was powered by a 3.6-liter V-6 engine that produces 306 horsepower. What’s surprising is the noise it makes. For a modest V-6 engine, it sure sounds like a V-8 engine. Lexus used to be famous for completely deleting the engine noise, but now it’s the other way around. Lexus sure is going in the right direction when it comes to driver-oriented cars. Watch out BMW !

With the LF-CC concept in mind and a picture of this mule, you can render what it would look in full metal and wait to see if you’ve rendered it correctly when Lexus officially unveils it at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show.

Fox Marketing knows how to put together aftermarket programs for Lexus vehicles. Apparently, it also knows how to develop a good nickname for it.

This program for the Lexus IS F Twin Turbo is dubbed the “Black Mamba,” an appropriate name given just how dark and foreboding the project is. For this program, which was commissioned by a customer, Fox Marketing gave it some extra character that belies the car’s sporty and aggressive nature.

To begin with, the aftermarket specialist gave the IS-F Turbo dual wastegates with dunk tubes, a pair of rear-mounted Turbonetics turbochargers and an intercooler. Hanging out of the back end are four stacked exhaust tips, bringing an end to the total of 114 feet of custom piping used in this customize IS-F.

On top of the performance upgrades, full sheet metal fender flares, a plastic welded rear bumper, side skirts, new headlights with daytime running lights, and smoked rear taillights painted in BASF Refinish R-M Oynx HD Waterborne Black paint all provide an improved look and feel to the sports sedan. Rounding out the exterior modifications is a set of 20-inch iForged Performance alloy wheels that have been reinforced with Alpine White bolts and wrapped in 20-inch T1R Toyo Tires.

As for the interior, Fox Marketing again went with the Alpine White treatment, dressing it up in such a way that not only contrasts the exterior look, but greatly complements it too.

The total output of this program has not been provided, but we expect Fox Marketing to release the information sometime soon, so stay tuned!

Lexus LF-CC Concept

During the LF-CC ’s North American at the 2012 SEMA Show, Lexus Marketing Boss Brian Bolain offered almost every possible detail on an upcoming performance two-door vehicle without necessarily confirming the production model. The new model will replace the outgoing SC and will most likely be offered with an IS-F Coupe nomenclature.

When talking about the sports car’s exterior design, Bolain said that the LF-CC Concept is a clear indication of what the future model will look like, especially when it comes to the monoform grille which will first be used in the upcoming 2014 IS F-Sport sedan. Also, the upcoming performance coupe will feature the company’s new signature Spindle Grille recently seen on the new GS sedan .

"Design is not something we’ve ever been given credit for. Design has got to become one of our hallmarks. With LF-LC and LF-CC we’re starting to prove to outsiders we can do it."

The future IS-F Coupe’s power source is still under consideration and Bolain confirmed that everything is possible, starting from a four-cylinder engine all the way up to a V8 engine.

Source: Autoguide

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