Lexus IS

Lexus IS

Lexus has unveiled details on their 2011 model year line-up, including the sports sedan IS-F. The 2011 IS-F gets an improved suspension, updated electronic power steering, and a Torsen rear differential.

The Lexus IS F is powered by a performance-tuned 5.0-liter V8 engine that delivers a total of 416 HP at 6,600 rpm and a peak torque of 371 lb.-ft. at 5,200 rpm. This engine is mated to an eight-speed Sport Direct Shift transmission.

The IS-F is clearly differentiated thanks to its trapezoid-shaped front bumper fascia, a V-shape grille, hood raised on the center section, and a special wire-mesh pattern on both upper and lower grilles. Other standout features include large brake cooling ducts, a discrete silver, black, and blue "F" marque on the front fenders, and 19" wheels.

The interior of the IS F features an exclusive design treatment highlighted by aluminized composite trim, striking two-tone upholstery, aluminum-rimmed main gauges, unique steering-wheel treatment, and other special surface treatments.

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Here we go again. With seemingly no end in sight to its recall woes, Toyota has announced that a number of their Lexus models have been found to have faulty engines will be subjected to another round of recalls. We’re only half past 2010, but the number of recalls that Toyota has been forced to issue has been staggering, even bordering on ridiculous.

In this latest round of recalls, Toyota announced that over 138,000 Lexus vehicles that have the following engines - 3.5- liter V6, 4.6 V8 and 5.0 V8 – are being recalled because of a potential foreign object within the engine that could lead to contamination of a number of the engine’s valve springs. Models that are affected include the 2006 – 2008 GS , IS , and LS models.

In a statement issued by Lexus regarding the problem, Lexus emphasized that the defect only has a remote possibility of occurring. “If a vehicle is affected, there is a remote possibility that abnormal engine noise or idling may occur. In extremely rare instances, the engine may stop while the vehicle is in operation," the company said.

Either way, Lexus isn’t taking any chances and they wouldn’t advise owners to ignore the potential problem. So, any owner of these models are all requested to have their engine valve springs fixed so as not to make things worse for the owner and the company.

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The Lexus IS received its last updates for the 2009 model year, so it’s a little surprising that Lexus has already decided to offer a few more improvements. This information comes to us by a leaked brochure that shows those improvements. These improvements should appear alive and in color for the 2011 model year.

The list of new updates will include LED daytime running lights incorporated into the headlights, redesigned fog lights and bumper insets as well as new tail lights. For the interior Lexus will offer a new steering wheel with new accents, a chrome strip added above the glove box, a USB connector, and an aluminum trim.

In regards to the engine, Lexus revealed that all the engines will be 15% more fuel-efficient than the current model. However, the Japanese company announced the biggest changes will be made for the top version, the IS-F sports sedan. It will get the same wheel design as the Lexus LF-A , a new front fascia, and an updated suspension.

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Photoshop is a beautiful thing if done in a meticulous way. It can enhance images the likes of which has never been done before it existed.

And just like every other business in the world today, the auto industry has made pretty good use of Photoshop in ’improving’ the look of their cars. Just about every car ad you see being released these days has been touched up, airbrushed, lassoed, and layered to make them more eye-catching to the public.

However, there are instances where even the power of Photoshop falls prey to human error. Graphic artists, in the hopes of making a grandiose edit, forget the simple things.

Perfect example: this Lexus marketing photo of the new IS. Looks touched up with the seemingly perfect burnouts, right? Look closer, though, and tell us if you see anything lacking.

Unless the Lexus IS comes with a revolutionary new driver-less, auto-burnout feature, we’re having a difficult time figuring out exactly who’s manning the wheel of those cars.

Source: Lexus

Let’s face it; after 9 years of mediocre history, Lexus is set to cut the lifeline out of the SC430 . But despite its lack of success, the last set of units that will be offered for the SC430 will come as a special edition: the SC430 Platinum Edition.

This special edition will be distinguished by xenon headlights, metallic paint, a rear spoiler, and 18-inch alloy wheels in six-spoke design. The interior will get air conditioning, electrically adjustable seats, a big audio system with CD changer and nine speakers, and a navigation system with maps for Europe.

Lexus announced no successor for the SC430, so - for now, at least - the Lexus IS Convertible will just have to be enough.


Motor Trend knows how to make the ultimate throw-down among rival manufacturers: pit them against each other in a good ol’ fashion fatal four-way Topless Drag Race!

For this event, MT brought together an Audi A5 , a BMW 335i , a Lexus IS350 , and an Infiniti G37 – all of which, incidentally, are convertibles. It’s the showdown of showdowns to determine which top-down machine takes home the coveted bragging rights for winning Motor Trend’s special Topless Drag Race.

We’d spoil you the result of the race but where’s the suspense in that? But just so you won’t get caught off-guard, we’ll give you a little teaser of what to expect – or not to expect, for that matter.

It’s not the kind of drag race you’re accustomed to seeing.

Source: Motor Trend

Lexus UK revealed today the first details about the forthcoming 2011 IS-F Sports sedan. For the first time in its history, the IS-F line will be offered not just with a limited slip differential, but also new high-tech features and a cool new all-white interior lead. The car, which is available exclusively in the UK, will come with a price tag starting at £55,595.

Thanks to its new standard limited slip differential, the IS-F offers better traction and stability in high-speed cornering. But as far as technical changes are concerned, this will be the only one the IS-F Sports sedan model will come in. Underneath its hood will be the same 5.0-liter V8 engine rated at 416 horsepower at 6,600 rpm and 371 lb.-ft. of peak torque at 5,200 rpm.

Another thing: the 2011 IS-F will also get a new satellite navigation system, powered by a 40GB hard disc drive (HDD), 14-speaker Mark Levinson 5.1 surround sound system and a new white leather interior in place of the standard black finish.

UPDATE 08/27/2010: Lexus has given out some new details for the IS-F just ahead of the Paris Auto Show. On the exterior, the sedan gets HID headlamps with integral, arrowhead, LED Daytime Running Lamps (DRL) and a new a new Starlight Black GF finish. In the interior, it gets new dark sliver fiber inserts, and a change of contrasting stitching for the leather upholstery from white to blue. A revised front seat design offers improved driver support, and a new steering wheel improves grip and feel. Check out more photos of the IS-F in the gallery after the jump.

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When Lexus unveiled the IS C in 2008 at the Paris Motor Show they had in mind models like Audi A5 Cabrio, BMW BMW 3-series Convertible, but also Volvo Volvo C70. And it seems they desire was a success, as the model easily combines the award-winning design of the IS sports saloon with outstanding open-top engineering ingenuity.

The IS Convertible is offered in two different versions: IS250 and IS350. The IS250C is powered by the same engine as the sedan version: the 2.5-liter V6 delivering 205 hp. The engine is mated to a six-speed automatic transmission. The IS350 is powered by a 3,6 liter V6 engine that delivers a total of 306 hp.

The IS 250C uses the front double wishbone and multink rear suspension format from the IS sedan range to give, which means it should have the same spirited drive as the sedan. Lexus says there are significant chassis revisions to handle the structural differences that comes with the loss of the roof.

The 2010 IS250C has a MSRP of $39,440 when equipped with a six-speed manual transmission; the IS250C with a six-speed automatic transmission will be $40,610. The IS350C will have a MSRP of $44,890.

UPDATE 08/19/2010: Check out our review of the IS250C by clicking here !

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The Lexus IS has always been one of the more impressive models to come out of Lexus and to keep up with the market demand for the car, the Toyota-owned car brand is offering a few new technologies and new optional packages for the 2010 model. Offered in four trim levels, the 2010 IS goes on sale at a price starting of $32,145.

The 2010 Lexus IS is offered with a choice of two engines: a 2.5 liter V6 with a total output of 204 hp at 6,400 RPM and 185 lb.-ft. of peak torque at 4,800 rpm and a 3.5 liter V6 variant that delivers 306 hp at 6,400 RPM and 277 lb.-ft. of torque at 4,800 rpm. Both are mated to an advanced six-speed automatic transmission.

In terms of safety, the 2010 IS offers dual-front airbags and front seat-mounted side airbags, a Lexus Supplemental Restraint System, Pre-Collision System (PCS), High Intensity Discharge (HID) headlamps with Adaptive Front-lighting System (AFS), Intuitive Park Assist (IPA) and much more.

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Lexus UK announced that the 2010 IS range will go on sale with the addition of a new F-Sport grade available for both IS 250 and 220d models. The F-Sport grade is inspired by the IS-F and includes a lowered suspension (IS 250 only), exclusive 18-inch wheels and an IS F-style front grille and rear bootlid spoiler.

The interior gets aluminum sports pedals, IS F-style sports seats, steering wheel and (on the IS 250 automatic) gear lever.

The IS 220d with F-Sport is priced at £28.290 and the IS 250 F-Sport automatic at £29,365.

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