Lexus IS

Lexus IS

While just the other day we were telling you about the bright green drop top IS C by Fox Marketing , today we have another tuner treat for you with another customized IS C for SEMA. The aftermarket parts manufacturer VIP Auto Salon and the Japanese car enthusiast website have come up with what they call the Matador Red IS C and is just as unique as the last one we showed you. Setting it apart form the rest of the crowd of Lexus IS convertibles at the show will be a carbon fiber hood, carbon fiber trunk spoiler, high performance exhaust and a set of custom wheels and tires to round out the tuner transformation. So what would it cost to park one of these Matador Red IS C’s in your driveway, roughly $15,000 over the sticker price, and you can’t be in any hurry because it will take the craftsmen a month and a half of hard labor to get the job done.

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Fox Marketing Cars was responsible for bringing a bright orange twin turbocharged IS-F to SEMA last year, and with the advent of the new drop top Lexus IS C , Fox Marketing is up to their old tricks again with a lime green open air IS for this year’s automotive aftermarket retreat in Las Vegas. The Exterior of this IS350 convertible has been given a more muscular makeover thanks to a bold front chin spoiler, custom wide body front fenders and lower hanging side skirts from the IS-F super sedan as well as a new rear bumper and a carbon fiber rear wing to complete the IS C’s aerodynamic upgrades.

Video: Lexus IS C by Fox Marketing

Finishing off the visual appeal of the lime green Fox Marketing Lexus IS C are a set of staggered iForged wheels, measuring 20 inches in diameter all around and 9 inches wide up front and 11.5 inches in the rear. This particular Fox has been tuned to produce a total of 450 HP thanks to a ProCharger Supercharger System strapped to the 3.5 Lier V6 and a new F-Sport Exhaust system to spit out the spent gasses. We will have to see just how well this new tuner creation stacks up to last year’s bright orange boosted IS-F when we arrive in sin city to take in the sights ourselves.

The Japanese luxury automaker Lexus will unveil the F-Sport package for the 2010 Lexus IS lineup at the Fankfurt Motor Show. Although the F-Sport package won’t transform your everyday IS 250 in the V8 powered IS-F super sedan, it does add a tasteful upgrade to the standard car’s aesthetics adding a few simple additions that go a long way to make both the diesel and gas powered versions a bit more sporty.

Lexus IS F-Sport Preview

The kit includes an IS-F type radiator grill with its wavy metal face and a subtle rear spoiler that barely pokes out above the car’s deck lid. Although you don’t get the bulging fenders of the high horsepower model, you do get a nice set of exclusive 18 inch wheels to finish off the package. Lexus will the F-Sport performance package for all versions of the IS sedan, offering color matched parts straight from the factory, including the new Cattleya Purple.

The Lexus F-Sport interior is made up of a highly bolstered set of leather wrapped IS-F inspired bucket seats as well as the steering wheel and automatic gear shift lever from the super sedan complete with tasteful grey stitching. Even the IS-F’s bespoke, black on black color scheme carries over with a black headliner to match the rest of the interior.

UPDATE 09/07/2010: Check out our review of the IS-F Sport by clicking here !

The US Open is up in full swing at the moment and while most of us car nuts don’t really put too much stock on who’s winning and who’s been eliminated, we do like to take advantage of the fact that Lexus is one of the tournament’s main sponsors and as such, should have a couple of marketing ploys up its sleeve.

And you can bet your bottom dealer that we were right.

Tennis-ball-finished Lexus IS 350 spotted at the US Open

For those who’re looking at these photos for the first time, you’ll probably recognize that car as a Lexus IS 350 decked in some pretty hideous yellow-green paint. But upon closer inspection, you’ll realize that the color didn’t come from some paint, but it’s actually the material used in tennis balls. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

This isn’t the first time Lexus has resorted to some sort of cross-marketing with a sports tournament. Last year, Lexus was also the official vehicle of the US Open of golf and guess what they did? They rolled out an LS 460 L with a golf ball-dimpled exterior!

We’re guessing that these cars are just for publicity and won’t be going out the market anytime soon. We can imagine what’s going to happen to the IS 350 if it gets drenched in rain. You’re going to need a whole lot of blow dryers to dry that baby out.

Auto shows are the perfect place for an car builder to get a feel for the market by showing off the best of what they have to offer and then judge how far the hoards of automotive enthusiasts’ jaw are hanging from the floor as they stare up at these beauties on a pedestal. So aside from the Lexus LF Ch concept that we teased you with yesterday, the Japanese luxury automaker will also bring a few other new faces to the Frankfurt Motor Show in the form of a LS , a GS , an IS , and the almighty IS-F models fresh off the operating table.

Lexus will bring the new LS600h, GS450h and IS250 F-Sport to Frankfurt

The new LS600h will feature updates to the exterior as well as the desing of the interior with a new seating configuration, significantly updated equipment and enhanced driving dynamics. The 2010 GS model range features enhanced safety features, new exterior and interior colours while the GS 450h’s status as the model range flagship has now been further reinforced through several bespoke styling cues. The gas/electric Lexus GS450h remains the world’s only full hybrid model in the premium mid-size segment.

For the more compact IS model range, Lexus has added a few new features in the form of navigation and audio, two must have items for a desirable luxury car. The Japanese automaker is also offering a new F Sport trim package and the revised Lexus IS-F high performance sports sedan now comes equipped with a Limited Slip Differential. Although we are still waiting to see some more about the Evolution .

Stay tuned, will get back with more details soon.

Lexus announced pricing for the 2010 IS 250 and IS 350 luxury sport sedans, IS 250 C and IS 350C luxury hard-top convertibles, IS F high performance sedan, SC 430 hardtop convertible, RX 350 luxury utility vehicle, RX 450h luxury hybrid utility vehicle and LX 570. Prices for the IS 250 starts from $31,845, for the IS 350C from IS 350C; the 2010 IS-F is priced at $57,760, the SC 430 at $67,505, the RX 350 at $37,250 and the LX 570 at $76,405.

Lexus Announces Prices for Select 2010 Models

The IS 250, IS 350 and IS F enter the 2010 model year with an updated Lexus Premium Audio System and an optional hard disc drive (HDD) navigation system. The IS F also receives a new 19-inch wheel design, limited slip differential, and foldable rear headrests.

For 2010, the SC 430 receives new 18-inch six-spoke wheels, side mirrors with puddle lamps, an updated navigation system and updated Mark Levinson(R) Premium Audio System. SC has one exterior color change - Costa Azul Mica replaces Tigereye Mica.

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We don’t know about you, but it might be some time before we dare to drive on the M1 or any other of the U.K.’s high speed thoroughfares. That is because we have just caught wind of the English bobby’s recent addition to their motor pool. Up until now the British traffic squad was using Subaru Subaru s to chase down the bad guys, that was o.k. because after a few miles with the turbo spooled up would mean that the flat four engine’s top mount intercooler would be suffering from tremendous amounts of heat soak, lose power, and away you go.

Lexus IS-F police car

However that won’t be the case anymore. Taking a page out of the American Law Enforcement handbook, the Humberside Police Force have decided to trade up for a couple of eight cylinder powered four door vehicles, but these aren’t just any V8s. They have decided to replace those worn out patrol cars with the most powerful Lexus on the market at the moment, the 415 HP IS-F. Aside from the already steep cost of ownership, the police squad also added almost £30,000 worth of additional on-board computers and communications equipment.

The Lexus IS-F has a performance minded modern day 5.0 Liter V8 engine capable of propelling the factory tuned IS from 0 to 60 MPH in only 4.8 seconds and reach an electronically limited top speed of 168 MPH.

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The Japanese automaker Lexus currently offers a drop top variant for two of the models in their lineup. The first is the sport tourer SC430 and the other is the entry level IS, in both 250 and 350 power packages. No matter whether you choose the small displacement straight six or the 300 HP V6, the IS-C is a very fun car to drive. However, if speed is more your thing then Lexus has something in store for you.

Starting in 2011 the luxury automaker will add one more retractable hard top to the IS lineup. The high performance V8 powered IS-F will be available with an open air option. The IS-F Convertible will be powered by the same 5.0 Liter eight cylinder engine as the sedan version mated to the same eight speed automatic transmission. The IS-F Convertible will compete directly with other models like the BMW M3 Convertible.

If you were waiting for some more good news about the wind in your hair Lexus experience then we have to apologize. The SC430 is on its way out and doesn’t look like it will be replaced. Also, the proposed roadster version of the future LF-A super car doesn’t have a bright looking future either.

Toyota has one thing missing from their lineup of automobiles, a fun to drive sports car. Now that could be due to that fact that the company is only trying to do their best in these tough economic times and quite frankly, consumers are shopping for efficient vehicles as opposed to ones that are fun to drive. This is where the Japanese automaker’s luxury line steps in. The smallest of the company’s rear wheel drive vehicles is the IS , which is said to be the spiritual successor of the AE-86. Only the Lexus tips the scales at around 3,500 pounds, whereas the nimble Toyota Corolla of the 1980s weighed in at less than 2,000.

However Toyota should not be embarrassed for trying, the IS is a great car. The Japanese automaker already offers it in a variety of flavors: the IS250 featuring a low displacement straight six, the 300 HP IS350 , an all powerful IS-F that uses a modern day high performance V8 in conjunction with an 8 speed automatic transmission to go from 0 to 60 MPH in just 4.7 seconds. Lexus is even working on an even badder IS-F Evolution that uses the same high tech power train, but this time with a lightweight carbon fiber skin. There will even be a convertible version of the IS in the near future, but it is a proposed two door version of the IS that could give it the sporty image it desires.

According to the General Manager of Toyota’s Lexus Division, Mark Templin, when asked about an IS Coupe , "Obviously, we’re making no announcements today, but it’s certainly something we should study carefully." So, until the Toyobaru ever does come true, we can look to an IS coupe to fulfill our dreams of driving a hachi roku.

Source: Jalopnik

The Japanese luxury automaker Lexus has just unveiled their F-Sport Performance Accessories for the upcoming IS-C models : the IS 350C and IS 250C. These high performance accessories will be available from your local Lexus dealership as soon as the two door convertible IS hits the showroom.

The F-Sport Performance Accessories will include high end items like 19 inch forged wheels for added style, big brake upgrades for increased braking power, suspension set-ups to improve handling. Power parts will consist of a polished metal air intake that will add a few extra ponies and dress up the engine bay at the same time and a free flowing sports exhaust. The F-Sport lineup will also include bits to finish off the interior made from every racers favorite material, carbon fiber.

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