Lexus IS

Lexus IS

The drop top theme continues today on Top Speed with the latest addition to the Lexus line-up - the Lexus IS-C – has just gone on sale in Japan. But here in the U.S. we will have to wait a little bit longer. Domestic sales will begin in early June, and the automaker has high hopes for the new car: they are planning on moving 1600 units a month.

The 2010 IS250C will start at $38,490 equipped with a six-speed manual transmission, and an automatic will bring the price up to $39,660. While the larger engine bearing IS350C will have an MSRP of $43,940.

The only other convertible in Lexus’ line-up is the SC450 priced at $67,680. With more than $20,000 between them, Lexus expects that car buyers looking to get into a Japanese luxury convertible will find the IS-C to be a very attractive option.

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Lexus IS-C for SEMA

Fox Marketing and Artisan Performance are preparing a very striking version of Lexus’s smaller open air sports coupe . Dubbed the IS-C; this tuner machine will become a wide body, twin turbocharged full-on show car. Covered from head to toe in candy green, this vehicle should be sitting pretty in the Lexus booth later on this year at SEMA .

Lexus’s latest version of their hot-rodded IS-F, the IS-F Evolution is set to make its car show debut at the Tokyo Auto Salon in October, and hit showrooms as early as the summer of 2010. The major difference for the V8 powered four-door is the extensive use of carbon fiber. The lightweight composite material will not only be used for the vehicle’s exterior body panels, bringing the weight down by over 200 pounds, but will also be a major ingredient in the fade-free carbon-ceramic brakes.

Although the 5.0 liter eight cylinder engine will only see a slight bump in peak output, expect the lightweight nature of the IS-F Evolution to turn it into a handling machine. Lexus is planning a limited production run of only 500 units and the

The 5.0-litre V8 engine will most likely see a bust of power. The IS-F will be limited to only 500 units and the price is rumored to start at around $250,000

Source: AutoExpress

Lexus announced prices for the 2010 RX 450h hybrid SUV and 2010 IS250C and IS350C retractable hardtop convertibles. The RX450h will go on sale for a price of f $41,660 for the FWD version and $43,250 for the AWD version. The prices for the 2010 IS250C will start from $38,490 when equipped with a six-speed manual transmission; the IS250C with a six-speed automatic transmission will be $39,660. The IS350C will have a MSRP of $43,940.

The 2010 RX 450h is powered by a 3.5-liter V6 Atkinson-cycle engine combined to a lighter electric motors. It delivers 295 hp and has a fuel economy of 30 mpg combined.

TheIS 250C features a 2.5-liter, 204-hp V6 mated to a six-speed manual or six-speed automatic transmission; the IS350C contains a 3.5-liter, 306-hp V6 with a six-speed automatic.

Press release after the jump.

If you check out Lexus’s website you will see that the asking price for an IS-F is just under $57,000. Topspeed has already reported that the Japanese luxury car maker is preparing an even more high tech version of the V8 powered, eight speed shifting IS sedan that will be known as the IS-F Evolution .

Initial speculation estimated the price to be around $200,000. If that sounds like a lot for a carbon fiber IS-F , what about $250,000? At almost $200,000 more than the already high performance version of the Lexus IS the Evolution should be packing some pretty serious heat if Lexus plans on selling all 500 examples.

Set to be released in the summer of 2010, the IS-F Evolution will be powered by a V8 engine delivering 423 HP, up from the 416 HP in the standard model. The weight of the vehicle will be reduced to only 1550 kilograms and will feature supercar parts like carbon ceramic brakes, carbon fiber interior and even bolder blistered fenders made from the woven black stuff.

Source: 7tune
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Lexus IS by Tom's

The Japanese tuners Tom’s have a long tradition tuning Toyota vehicles for both the racetrack and the street. Their latest treatment for the Lexus IS consists of an aero lip package that accentuates the aggressive styling of the littler Lexus without extensively modifying the exterior, as well as a sport tuned exhaust system.

Source: 4wheelsnews

Lexus took aim at the performance sedans from Germany with the IS-F , and it seemed to do well on the first attempt. The IS-F is selling well, especially in its home market of Japan, so Lexus is allowing its engineers to spread their muscle again with a car rumored to be called the IS-F Evolution.

When it comes to high-performance special editions, Lexus may take a page from the ultimate Japanese express ride, the Nissan GT-R . When Nissan made the SpecV version of the car, it didn’t touch the engine. Instead the car got lighter and better handling. For the IS-F Evolution, Lexus is rumored to leave the 5.0-liter 416 hp V8 alone, and just focus of replacing as much as possible with carbon (fiber). This includes carbon fiber bumpers and center console as well as carbon ceramic brakes. All the replacement parts should slim down the hod-rod IS-F by 308 lbs, which is about an eight percent weight savings.

Also just like the GT-R SpecV, Lexus is going for statosphric pricing for this special edition. 7Tune is estimating the price close to $200,000 (yen was converted to dollars). With the huge sticker price, and limited numbers (there are only 500 IS-F made per year), we don’t expect too many of these examples to make it off the island of Japan.

Source: 7tune

Lexus announced at the Chicago Auto Show that the F-Sport Performance Accessories line has been expanded to GS sports sedan , IS AWD and the upcoming IS convertible .

Lexus F-Sport Accessories for GS, IS C and IS AWD

These F-Sport accessories (think BMW’s M division) will include performance enhancing parts such as forged alloy wheels, brake upgrades, suspension systems, air intake, exhaust systems and more. Parts for these new models will be available as early as June 1, 2009.

Full parts breakdown in the press release after the jump.

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Last week we saw theLexus IS-F by Ventross and we liked it, but what about the new kit from the well-known Japanese tuner, Wald International?

Lexus IS-F by Wald International

The tuning house unveiled today its new body kit for the Japanese sports sedan consisting in a redesigned front bumper, a new set of side skirts, a carbon-fiber trunk lid and a new rear bumper with integrated air diffuser. The kit also includes a new set of black wheels with high performance tires.

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American tuner Vorsteiner launched today the Ventross, a sub division that will focus its attention on the high-end Japanese import vehicles. The first car to receive some attention from Ventross is the Lexus IS-F , a sport sedan fitted with a 5.0-liter V8 engine making 416 hp.

Ventross Lexus IS-F by Vorsteiner

The new kit includes a carbon-fiber front lip spoiler, a new trunk with integrated spoiler and a new carbon-fiber air diffuser. Also, a new set of 3-piece aluminium wheels will be available or the existent 6-spoke black wheels. The manufacturer has big plans because it also announced a full carbon-fiber package for the 2009 Nissan GT-R .

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