2006 Lexus RX400 by Delta4x4

The Lexus RX400 is creating a new superlative in the segment of offroad and sport utility vehicles (SUV). Delta4x4 can make the same claim for there new product line for the new Lexus. Delta combines high quality with state-of-the-art techniques fitting a luxury top SUV.

For example, delta4x4 has created a hand-polished side bar out of stainless steel made in the best hand craftsman-ship. To give better sound to the powerful motor of the RX400, delta has made a stainless steel exhaust system, which gives more power and a better sound by reducing the dynamic pressure.

Further, delta is newly defining the function of the front bar of the Lexus. The new chromed front bar protects the car and gives a better protection for the pedestrian as well.

A vehicle that is of such high quality should have the best high-tech wheels at the market. Delta delivers this car with wheels in 20x8,5 and 265/45-20 tires .This set of wheels and tires magnificently supports the sporty handling of the car.

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