2008 Lexus LF-Xh

Lexus announced today that it plans to display two concept vehicles and six production vehicles at the 40th Tokyo Motor Show. The show will be open to the general public from October 27 to November 11 at the International Convention Complex (Makuhari Messe) in Makuhari, Chiba Prefecture.

The LF-Xh is a specialty SUV based on the Lexus design philosophy of L-finesse and equipped with an advanced hybrid system.

Lexus LF-Xh
  • The combination of a powerful body and elegant interior gives this next-generation SUV a dynamic look and feel.
  • Application of "Lexus Hybrid Drive", which features a sophisticated fusion of superior environmental and power performance, seeks to achieve outstanding driving performance, quiet operation, high fuel efficiency and low emissions.
  • All-wheel drive is backed by a V6 gasoline engine and high-output electric motor hybrid system.
Lexus LF-Xh


  • Total length: 4,800mm
  • Total width: 1,895mm
  • Total height: 1,650mm
  • Wheelbase: 2,850mm


what the hell... don’t tell me that lexus also copied the design of honda CR-V?

Very nice interior, props to Lexus for that!

IMO it’s front tips are almost the same as the new CR-V, but still it is a concept car. i like to see it competing with other SUV’s on the market.

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