2009 Lexus IS C F-Sport by TRD

The automaker Toyota is well known for making extremely economical models and their proven reliability, however the Japanese car builder is also known for something completely different, something a little faster. TRD or Toyota Toyota Racing Devel Devel opment as it is known is responsible for the automobile manufacturer’s racing efforts ranging from NASCAR to SuperGT, but that is not all, because TRD is preparing a special edition Lexus IS C for the SEMA Show in Las Vegas sporting an F-Sport package for the open air IS . The TRD IS C makes the most of a ground effects kit from Five Axis Design and is covered in eye catching Vibrance Orange Glow candy paint.

Lexus IS C F-Sport by TRD

The modified IS C sits on a set of F-Sport ten spoke forged aluminum alloys measuring 19 inches in diameter and wrapped with sticky Michelin Pilot Sport tires as well as Lexus’s F-Sport performance front and rear brake upgrade kit, F-Sport lowering kit consisting of new shocks and springs as well as a set of sway bars to make the factory tuned drop top IS handle as good as it looks.

Press release after the jump.

Press release

As if gracing this IS 350 C with every F-Sport accessory available wasn’t enough, Toyota Racing Development (TRD) took it to the next level with a Vibrance Orange Glow candy paint job and ground effects by Five Axis.

Lexus IS C F-Sport by TRD


  • F-Sport ten spoke 19-inch forged aluminum wheels with Michelin Pilot Sport
  • F-Sport performance front and rear brake upgrade kit
  • F-Sport, shocks, lowering spring set and sway bar set
  • Five Axis four-Piece ground effects kit
  • PPG Vibrance Orange Glow three-stage candy paint
Lexus IS C F-Sport by TRD


Actually Evo claims that the IS-F is more fun than the M3 and the RS4. American cars journalists are badge snobs.

Can’t we just have lighter cars? The IS250 manual would be a really nice sports car if it were a coupe and weighed about 2800lbs. At least give us something that stands out, Lexus. I mean, even the IS-F is ranked below most of it’s competitors(M3 and RS4 come to mind)in terms of sportiness, as well as the IS350(335i, G37, possibly C350).

Wait a second. Toyota participates in NASCAR?

Why don’t we get these F-Sport wheels for sale? I like them much more than the ones lexus currently offers.

I like this blog and i well viset agen thank you

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