2010 Lexus LS460 by Job Design

It’s not very often we get the chance to see a beautifully tuned Lexus simply because the luxury behind every one of these high end Japanese cars exudes from their every nut and bolt. But if you want to take a luxury sedan like the Lexus LS 460 and turn it into something more than a family lugger, then Job Design may have a tuning package that’s fits your style.

The modification from ordinary to sporty begins with a new set of 22" VIP Modular wheels in a 5 spoke design and a custom big brake system with 6 inch lips in the rear. The luxury sedan also receives a new set of JIC Magic FLT-TAR Coil Overs and a new Phantom Cup Kit bag-less air suspension. Splash on a clean white exterior paint job and the car is left looking a step above what it was before.

Okay, so it’s not a Lexus LF-A , but when you have screaming kids in the backseat and you’re facing bumper to bumper traffic, you can rest assured that your Lexus LS 460 is just a notch cooler than the rest.

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I’m so impressed with the decency of this Lexus. However, I believe that it will be looks more alluring if they add some design on its exterior. Moreover, I hope that they also upgrade the engine of this.

Lexus LS460 is absolutely an attractive vehicle because on its decency. Well, I just only hope that they wouldn’t encounter any problem now on their cars. Anyway, what’s the engine specification of it?

haha. I really don’t get on what’s the meaning of the last part in this article. Well, I’m impressed with the elegant look of the Lexus though it several announce a recall due to defective part. Until now I’m not considering to buy any of their model.

Handsome? I prefer describing it as ’gorgeous.’ All of us has its own definition of how we are going to praise this one. Certainly, it really looks good.

Actually, (Mr) or whatever, Job Design (his name?) made something very unique in Lexus. Well, you can check how it completely blends the car’s exterior to its color. Be proud, this one is a masterpiece!

lock it up, Toyota. Your problems are spreading to Lexus...don’t let scion go.

Don’t worry, Scion will be next...They all share suppliers and share components. Both shoes have dropped, and one sock is off, we are just waiting for the other sock to get yank off, too.

Lexus offered something genuinely different and better than the competition. Many of the original LS400’s were purchased by the German automakers to reverse engineer them, in fact.

The original LS wasn’t a ripoff of a MB or BMW or Audi, and was done totally different than any of the other cars in its field. That’s why it was so successful and took so many sales away from the Germans.

Less engaging than its European rivals, unremarkable cabin design, Advanced Parking Guidance can be slow to execute

wow agree on your comment dude.. I love this car so that means i also love sex? hahah just kidding.

this baby is so simple and neat very elegant and classy, it looks like a sexy woman who you wanted to have sex with hahaha.

Have been a Mercedes S class and Cl owner for 25 years. Can’t afford either any longer in this economy. Looked at the E class, XJ,XF, and BMW 550 (no interior storage). Passed a Lexus dealer and went in.

yes it’s larger than the regular sedan... it looks almost the same as the toyota camry... i guess those kits will perfectly fit with the camry.

I’ve already seen this baby last night, and I was amazed with the kits, very unique and dang so good. specially the front bumper and skirts.

Rapper looking car, but the ultra slim wheels, will bring you into allot of trouble if you find a road in bad shape.

As many other models the Lexus models need a base change. Tuning anything current could not bring anything spectacular.

well it looks more like a masculine rather than famine. I guess I have to agree on the word handsome hehehe.

It fascinates me how an Lexus LS460 looks very discretely handsome,and then with a few styling added into it makes it looks so radical! Cool stuff!

Competitive price, placid ride, impressive technology, huge trunk, exceptional materials quality. but in cons side it is Less engaging than its European rivals, unremarkable cabin design, Advanced Parking Guidance can be slow to execute.

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