2010 Lexus RX 450h by Paul Tolson of EST

The last customized Lexus model to be revealed at the SEMA Show is an RX 450h by Paul Tolson. Tolson’s take on Lexus ’ most popular luxury hybrid model reveals a kickass widebody conversion kit and some fancy schmancy wheels.

Take one look at the RX450h by Tolson and you will clearly see that this SUV is anything but ordinary. The Hired Gun Paint Werks widebody conversion kit allows the RX 450h to hug the ground in a menacing way that typically doesn’t accompany a family vehicle. Adding to that edge is the Air Runner Integrated suspension system, Rotora RFK Series 6-piston custom color caliper, 355mm x 32 mm 2-piece drilled, and slotted rotors. The exterior is finished off by Leon Hardiritt Vertu wheels in 21x10-inch front with -4 offset and 21x12-inch rear with +9 offset. The interior saw changes made to the materials and stitching courtesy of Garcia’s Auto Interiors and trim and accent pieces were added by Hired Gun Paint Werks.

No engine modifications were made to the hybrid SUV, no surprise there, but the 3.5-liter V6 engine with an output of 295 HP aims to please to begin with so changes weren’t all that necessary.


I would still prefer to have an Audi or a BMW vehicle than with this one. Well, I have to agree that it really didn’t look good on its exterior appearance, especially on its engine that only has an output of 295 hp.

yeah, looks so ordinary and I don’ t think that the wide body conversion kit makes the Lexus more appealing..and just look at its front hood..it needs facelift.

I never thought I’d ever say that about a Lexus, let alone one debuting at SEMA,

I actually thought it was unique and curiously good looking. Not a fan of the plastics Lexus has been using in their dashboards lately, but the center counsel looks good to me besides that.

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