2011 Lexus CT 200h F Sport by Modellista

The 2011 Tokyo Motor Show gathers all kinds of tuned-up vehicles, be they sports cars, hybrids, or the more regular models. In this display of tuner heaven, companies can lay it all out on the table, and Modellista’s Lexus CT 200h F Sport is the perfect example of that. The Japanese tuner is now offering a pretty impressive tuning kit for the sports hybrid that includes some nice exterior updates.

Okay, so maybe the exterior updates are the only things Modellista added to the CT 200h, but they still transform the vehicle quite nicely. All the car needed was a front bumper add-on element, a set of side skirts, a modified rear apron and a new exhaust layout to get it looking like a brand new machine. A new set of 18" wheels, LED fog lights, and some chrome elements top off the package and complete the look.

Since no other updates were made, the Lexus CT200h F-Sport is still powered by the same 1.8 liter VVT-i petrol engine combined to a powerful electric motor, a generator, a high performance battery, a power control unit, and a power split device. We’re really not all that surprised that the engine setup was changed because it seems pretty well-stocked already. The total output delivered by the hybrid system is 134 HP.


I noticed that lately Lexus are more producing an electric motor vehicle than with the gasoline, which is so unreliable! However, I would admit that I really admired the looks of their vehicle, especially this one.

I really am just a er when it comes to the CT 200h, I really love how that car looks and performs. And I would say that this one is definitely one of the best takes on the car.

This car need a serious facelift. I don’t like how it looks and it doesn’t have any amazing performance.
I think this is one of the pointless production ever made!

The Japanese tuner is now offering a pretty impressive tuning kit for the sports hybrid that includes some nice exterior updates.

this is one of the best nimble car that lexus created, BTW you can’t compare this one to the mazdaspeed3 and focus.. this one is far more performer than those 2 cars.

wow I didn’t think that Lexus will build such thing. but it looks great, more muscle and power than the mazdaspeed3 and more agile and meaner than the ford focus RS.

Nice and refined details, however the overall I don’t like it!

I guess the overpaid design department from Lexus should meed the underpaid design department from Toyota. Lately Toyota cars look much better than Lexus!

totally agree, but having this will surely a pain the pocket. in house mods is a little bit pricey than the after market parts or outside the show rooms due to tax and pride.

wow that was a nice body kits, good thing that it is available directly to the show room, with these the lexus customer will never scratch his head looking where to buy kits for the CT 200h.

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