2011 Lexus LS 460 Touring Edition

Lexus wants a piece of the younger market pie just as much as the next full size sedan automaker. However, it seems as if the Japanese luxury automaker doesn’t have much in the way of successful options, so they’re left with attaching the words "Touring Edition" to their bland LS 460. The special, limited edition LS 460 Touring Edition will be available on the US market and will be offered in both Rear Wheel Drive and All-Wheel Drive versions. Sales will begin in late June/early July with prices starting at $73,000.

Not much changes for the LS 460 Touring Edition, which falls in nicely with the fact that the standard LS hasn’t changed much with time anyway. What the special edition does get is a Smoky Granite Mica exterior, a sport kit and grille, and 19-inch five-spoke alloy wheels. The interior gets a touch more luxurious with black and tan leather-trimmed sports seats, a wood and leather-trimmed steering wheel and shift knob, matte brown wood trim, and premium floor mats. For a new sport trim, these changes aren’t all that exciting.

Mark Templin, Lexus Division group vice president and general manager said: "The Touring Edition adds excitement to our flagship sedan. The package on this car enhances styling and comfort, allowing us to attract younger buyers to the LS line-up. The LS 460 Touring Edition is a unique package of sporty exterior styling and comfort. With limited units available nationwide they’ll sell out fast to customers who want an all-inclusive luxury package."


The design or the platform of this LS 460 is so simple and very ordinary, but I think it is really reliable for a road trip and very practical to use in everyday usage.

I wonder on what is the safety kit include in its package and speed performance. Young ones are too aggressive they might have stepped on the accelerator pedal too much.

I love the exclusivity of this vehicle! Well, in spite of having only a simple styling and detailing it would still be very noticeable because on its sleek body paint and on its decency.

It looks so classy and cool on its sleek black body paint, which truly looks great on it. Well, at first I really noticed that it seems a limousine car. smiley Anyway, what’s the engine specification of it?

This one is looks very classy and expensive on its sleek body paint, and even if it only had a simple styling and design, I must say that it is striking and awesome on that, and I’m so impressed on its interior.

The sleek body paint of this LS 460 gives the luxurious and classy looks on it even the interior looks so great, but I wonder if what are the other speculations of this one, most especially on its figure performance.

The platform of this LS 460 Touring is so simple even the styling of this car is very ordinary but it still oozing with car appeal.

The color that they used on it make it had a look of a classy car. Though it had a simple design I think it will stand out for it also had the look of an executive car.

The design or the platform of this LS 460 is so simple and very ordinary but I think it is really reliable for a road trip and very practical to use in every day usage.

For me, that color is well suited for all ages. I mean, black colored vehicles are associated with high class standard users.

I can’t see anything special with this LS 460. It maybe looks good, but it is like the others, so ordinary.

They aim to attract younger buyers, but I think, this will also attract some aged folks for this one is really cool. This is surely a big production for Lexus. Nice job.

This one is cool, ideal for the big kids. I’ve been thinking on the safety measures of this kit? Maybe we should double check on the package. Be careful kids, ask a guidance from your parents first.

Well, I would agree that there is always something missing with these special edition cars. But this one actually does have some interesting details in it.

This is really what I don’t like about all of these special edition cars. I mean, come on, why would you make a car that is only a bit different from the standard one and sell it at a much higher price?

This LS 460 Touring Edition definitely fits for the Luxury Category. It has the classy style of a luxury car and a sporty performance.

Yeah, I would agree that this one is actually pretty standard fare. I wished they could have added a few more bits to it, so that it would really stand out in the crowd.

Well, looks good! However, I noticed that this LS460 looks like the BMW7 series. I’m just disappointed why they come-up with the same design of other car firms. Lexus should come-up a new cool and attractive designs that anyone look for. It would be better if they will think carefully before doing anything!..

The black paint job for this car is not for a young ones. It more of a executive car for me. I wonder other color is this car available.

This car was build for a youngster..I wonder on what is the safety kit include in its package and speed performance. Young ones are too aggressive they might stepped on the accelerator pedal too much.

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