2012 Lexus GS by TRD

Five Axis was the first tuning company to come out with an upgrade package for the new generation Lexus GS , specifically the GS 350 F-Sport , but now Toyota Racing Developments (TRD) is getting in on the action with a full list of accessories for the GS. The package can be applied to both the GS 350 and GS 450h models, but buyers beware, it’s going to get expensive. For example, just a new set of wheels will run the customer $6,574.

Aside from the pricey wheels, TRD is offering a pretty impressive aero kit that includes a front under-spoiler, side skirts, a trunk spoiler, and a rear diffuser. Customers can also opt for a quad-exhaust sports muffler and a new set of 19" forged aluminum wheels that are lighter than the standard and help improve rigidity, contributing to the high dynamic performance and elegant comfort of the GS.

In addition to these features, the Lexus GS’ ride was superbly balanced with a new sport suspension that helps change the damping force of the spring and damper stiffness stabilizer from a revised rate.


I’m sure you’ll miss half of your life if you can’t see the perfect concept of this Lexus. This has the speed of 142 mph. The black body paint seems to be aggressive on style.

Black is the color of sophistication and beauty. I love the overall appearance of this 2012 Lexus GS. This offers impressive interior and the performance is fantastic.

This new model of Lexus is considered as a fast car taking the top speed of 142 mph. The body paint is very glossy and elegant on looks. This will come up into great success.

This Lexus car is one of the fast cars that Lexus brought since they were started. The bumper and the headlight is cool and the fog-light was kind of bright. Its maximum speed is 142mph. It’s a nice car to own at your garage. 

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