2012 Lexus LF-LC True Blue Concept

The second iteration of the Lexus LF-LC Concept , previously dubbed the LF-LC 2, has now been revealed. It’s called the LF-LC Blue Concept and if we weren’t trying to outsmart ourselves, we would’ve though it was dubbed as the Blue Concept because of something garish done to the car.

The truth is, it’s called the LF-LC Blue Concept because the car has been finished in an Opal Blue color, a color that Lexus describes as inspired by the "lustrous base color found in the naturally occurring semi-precious opal stone of outback Australia." Okay, so maybe there is something behind the color.

Nevertheless, the LF-LC Blue Concept comes dressed to the party looking a whole lot like the original LF-LC Concept we saw in early 2012 at the Detroit Auto Show. Make no mistake, though, the former has some new features that the original didn’t.

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Lexus LF-LC True Blue Concept

Lexus loves using carbon fiber and aluminum alloy materials on projects like the LF-LC Blue Concept. It’s no different this time around because they did so in order to achieve something just about every automaker wants to do with their cars: make it as light as possible.

So they did, and even better, they managed to achieve it without compromising all the plush and luxury goodies that comes with the concept. Looking at the exterior, it’s hard not to notice that the LF-LC Blue Concept carries the same sculpted "L" shaped daytime running lights of the original concept. The vertical fog lamps are also there, as is the fading dot matrix pattern that Lexus describes as "conveying a sense of movement" to the car.

Lexus LF-LC True Blue Concept

The concept’s side profile is also similar to its original brethren, particularly the way Lexus achieved distinct definition through lines that emphasize direction and motion. Add the deeply sculpted air intakes behind the doors and the wrap-around glass roof that dictates a panoramic view, and you get a concept that doesn’t depart too much from the original version’s design.

As for the rear, it’s more of the same as the LF-LC Blue Concept has the integrated spindle grille theme to complement the front of the vehicle. The jet afterburner-inspired tail lamps add some serious aesthetic touch while the fog lamps and the same fading dot matrix pattern, as well as the integrated tail, carries the same "L" pattern as the front.


Lexus LF-LC True Blue Concept

For all the remarkable and somewhat over-the-top characteristics of the LF-LC Blue Concept’s exterior, the car’s interior has been remarkably designed to illustrate the contrast of advanced technology with soft textures and organic shapes, creating a marvelous synergy of form and function.

The car’s cabin is a picture of the former, creating an aesthetically-pleasing combination of smooth leather and suede to go with brushed metal trim and wood accents. The front seats have been created with multiple layers and resemble the interlacing curves that are clearly present in the entire cabin. These seats are also lightweight and race-inspired, making for an aggressive detail that belies the overall exquisite cabin. Similarly, the racing style steering wheel carries integrated controls and a start button while also being finished in lightweight carbon fiber. Complex yet extremely functional combination, if you ask us.

Lexus LF-LC True Blue Concept

Like its apparent attempt to make the concept’s cabin as comfortable as possible, Lexus went out of its way to give the LF-LC Blue Concept some serious technological digs. The remote touch-screen device is an important feature of the interior that allows the driver to comfortably operate controls without having to do a whole lot to distract himself or herself from looking out on the road. Then there are the twin 12.3" LCD screens that not only provide information and navigation display, but also does its part to be as functional as ever. It’s set directly in front of the driver with multi-level meters layer analogue and LCD technologies. The interface of the screen is also used to control a whole lot of systems built into the interior, including the audio system, climate controls and navigation, and features a pop-up touch-screen keyboard for more complex entries.

The topmost layer provides indicators for the tachometer, speedometer, and Eco meter while the middle layer is where the tachometer mechanical center ring sits. Last, the bottom layer displays equally important information, including the temperature, the fuel, and the background for the Eco meter.


Lexus LF-LC True Blue Concept

The Lexus LF-LC Blue Concept carries the automaker’s next-generation Lexus Hybrid Drive system. It’s called the Advanced Lexus Hybrid Drive and it’s a system that comes with a powerful and efficient Atkinson cycle combustion engine that’s mated to an advanced high-energy battery pack. The latter, in particular, was developed to provide increased power compared to what Lexus puts on some of its other hybrid models.

So when taken together, the LF-LC Blue Concept’s petrol/electric hybrid engine produces 500 horsepower. Pretty impressive considering that it’s the most powerful model of any hybrid Lexus has ever made.

Will It Hit Production?

Lexus LF-LC True Blue Concept

Just like its predecessor, the LF-LC Concept, the LF-LC Blue Concept has no clear future as a production model. Although Lexus has been clear that the model could be a starting point for future hybrid sports cars, they’ve yet to make a clear indication that the actual LF-LC Blue Concept, or the original one for that matter, will hit the production block.

What Lexus Had To Say About The LF-LC Blue Concept

Lexus LF-LC True Blue Concept

Lexus Australia’s Tony Cramb had no problem propping up the LF-LC Blue Concept as the future of the company’s sports car line-up.

“For decades, Lexus has been synonymous with hybrid drivetrains, superior build quality, comfort and reliability,” Cramb said. “With the LF-LC we now reinforce our design and technology credentials. The LF-LC is absolutely stunning. Its good looks mask some very exciting design and engineering innovations that will influence Lexus vehicles in the future.

“LF-LC is part concept, part reality: the concept hints at what’s to come from Lexus, while the reality has us actively studying how we can engineer and build a vehicle like this in the future.”

At this point, we’ll have to take their word for it.

Lexus LF-LC True Blue Concept
  • Looks the same as the original concept
  • Clear and distinct performance credentials
  • Fancy and functional interior
  • No production future?


sacrilege! how not to go out with it? it’s a shame to keep it as a trinket. you have to drive it and be proud that you have it!

mmmm ... if I had this car, almost certainly would not go out with it but I keep it in a windowsmiley

yeah ... I would certainly be very good friends with a person who would have this carsmiley

are simply crazy about how it looks. both outside and inside. design and color are wonderful and interior elements come together very well

looks a little bit aggressive and it seems like a crying face...both front and the back. but still, looks great

fantastic design. looks very elegant, the lines are interesting and i like the front of the car

i hope this car will be more than a concept. here’s to seeing this car made!

the radiator grill has something of a fish’s mouth. and the smooth lines make it look very dynamic also. it sure is one mean car.

this car looks awesome! i love the way its line flow, how its radiator grill looks like it’s gonna swallow you.

i don’t really car if hey will make the car, i probably won’t afford it now, nor in 10 years time. what i would like is to implement technology used here in cheaper cars that we can all buy.

what i like about lexus is that it is passing some of its technology to toyota. and that’s very good for us, the regular users.

i love the interior of the car. it is luxurious, and yet warm and comfortable. good job, lexus.

lexus has always made great cars. this is the pinnacle of their creation.

500 HP and those looks. damn, i hope they’ll make this car!

the hybrid thing is quite escalating. you can get a hybrid everything, from a small family car to a 650.000 euro sports car.

does it look good? Yes, it does. will we see it on the street. it remains to be seen.

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