2012 Lexus LFA 'Project Reignfire' by PUR Wheels

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With Lexus recently confirming that the two mysterious LFA prototypes spotted near the Nurburgring will never hit production, PUR Wheels recently took matters into their own hands by creating one of their most tasteful projects thus far: ‘Project Reignfire.’

Fitting a set of 21”, three-piece, forged aluminum 4OUR DEPTH wheels to this stunning red LFA helps to really bring the entire Japanese supercar package together by adding to the overall street appeal of this particular LFA immensely.

Finished in gloss Lumiere grey, the 4OUR DEPTH wheels help to accentuate the lines of the LFA, with the low profile tires also doing wonders for the overall look of the car.

No performance tuning has been conducted on this particular LFA, but after looking at the LFA’s stock spec sheet, it’s no wonder that PUR wheels decided to keep all the mechanics stock! Featuring a 4.8-liter V10 engine, the size of a traditional V8 and the weight of a V6, that delivers 552 horsepower at 8,800 rpm and 354 lb-ft of torque at 6,800 rpm, the LFA is unquestionably a true performance car.

Source: PUR wheels


Its amazing how a set of wheels can chage a car! Lexus should take note....

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