2013 Lexus CX

Lexus is planning to capitalize on the success of the CT 200h by introducing yet another full hybrid model. This time, however, the luxury automaker is entering the crossover market with the long-rumored Lexus CX. Expect the new CX to be launched at the end of 2012 as a 2013 model.

The new Lexus CX will be built on the same platform as the Toyota RAV4 and will serve as a competitor for models like the BMW X1 , the Audi Q3 , and the Mercedes GLK . The new CX will only feature a hybrid drivetrain that combines a four-cylinder engine with a powerful electric motor, a generator, a high performance battery, a power control unit, and a power split device. This system will deliver about 200 HP and a fuel economy of about 47 mpg. As a comparison, the BMW X1 and the Audi Q3 can only achieve 45 mpg at best in their diesel offerings.

No additional details for the future Lexus CX have been offered as of now, but we believe the exterior design language will combine elements from all the latest Lexus models.


I’m impressed with the simple design that it had, this car is still oozing with an appeal and the decency of this car had is really impressive at all.

The platform of CX looks so simple but just like them I love and at the same time impressed with the simple decency and elegance of this car. I can’t wait for the other update news about this one.

Yeah, the styling was great just like the Cayenne. It look so impressive and sporty on its design. Plus, the speed performance is great as well.

hmm. This car reminds me of the Cayenne. I like the decent and elegant styling of the vehicle. I wonder if Lexus has plan on building this vehicle.

The classy look of this Lexus CX is really stunning. The detailing of the exterior design is suited to the image of it. I’m looking forward for the other latest news of it.

Agreed. The new detailing in the exterior of the car makes a new generation in the Lexus line up. I’m starting to like the combined elements on the vehicle that makes the car more aggressive. I hope to read an update for this production.

This car looks like a Jaguar SUV! Well, the pearl white paint job of the car makes it more elegant and stylish. I was impressed with the speed performance of this hybrid vehicle and I think its kind of unusual for hybrid car.

Based on my understanding, a hybrid car is actually the same with a diesel-car in terms of performance. The difference here is that, hybrid cars use an electric engine and a battery while diesel-dependent car uses diesel and a battery.

For a hybrid car, this concept have an awesome styling but too bad that they haven’t improve the speed performance of the car..I think its power is similar to a diesel-powered vehicle. I wonder if its possible to boost its engine performance.

I really love the decent styling of the Lexus and I think for a future car they have made it better. However, too bad that the power output of the car is less powerful compare to its previous model,I guess it has something to do with the hybrid drivetrain.

Well, I really don’t blame Lexus for going with the CX. They are actually etting behind in the crossover competition, with all the other manufacturers releasing new models, so they need to catch up.

Hey, so they are actually going to release the CX now. That one would be rather interesting. The first time that I heard that Lexus is doing a crossover, I was really a bit on the skeptical side.

Oh great! Another model from Lexus. These guys are really active regarding on releasing a whole new model.

Well, I would say that I am quite impressed at the way that the SUV came out. I am not really that keen on the initial plans made by Lexus to this, but now I like it.

Well, for a hybrid version the design of this car is quite good since the platform was based from the Toyota car. And it seems that the for a diesel engine the power output is quite powerful!

hmm. I wasn’t expecting the Lexus to make another hybrid model for they are not affordable vehicle. BTW, the features of this car is quite nice. And it seems that the electric engine makes the car more powerful.

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