2013 Lexus GS 350 F Sport Supercharged by VIP Auto Salon

Lexus ’ contingent of vehicles headed to the 2012 SEMA Auto Show has a new addition in the form of a supercharged GS 350 F Sport. Anytime the word ’supercharged’ is being thrown out, you know that it’s a very good thing. Lexus and VIP Auto Salon certainly think so because this specially customized GS 350 F Sport is headed to SEMA to turn some heads.

On the outside, the Japanese automaker and its tuning partner fitted the GS 350 F Sport with a new body kit courtesy of noted Japanese tuner Wald International . The kit consists of a slew of new components, including a new front lip spoiler, revised side skirts, a fully-mounted trunk spoiler, and a roof spoiler. On top of that, VIP Auto Salon also added an RSR Super coilover suspension and a new set of 20" Vossen CV7 wheels wrapped in Yokohama S. Drive tires with complementing Brembo GT brakes.

At the heart of this customized GS 350 F Sport is a new Apexi CG SPL supercharger kit. Though Lexus didn’t release specific performance numbers, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out that with this supercharger in tow to go, a Smart Smart Accel throttle controller, and a PTS Joe Z Series true dual header-back exhaust system, you’re going to see a staggering increase in output from the model’s current 306-horsepower and 277 lb/ft of torque figures.

Lexus will drop the figures at the 2012 SEMA Auto Show so be sure to come back to get the full details.


bmw, audi and mercedes have always been the titans of business saloons, but now lexus has a place at the big guy’s table.

lexus is the new hot thing! so this new powerful version of it may do some fizz.

personal preferences sure matter. that is why the honda legend, with a similar price tag to any of bmw 5 series, audi a6 or mercedes e class sold "so many" cars.

i think john is right. but then again, it is not all about power, personal preferences matter too.

snow, how powerful that supercharger it may be, it will not add 200HP AND match the gearbox and handling of the cars i mentioned.

john, i think you may have a surprise there.

this is like knowing you are going to see a michelangello painting and expecting it to be great. but when you actually see it you realize how amazing it is.

although they did the expected thing to do (body kit and supercharger) it still is amazing.

306 HP is much. how much more will that supercharger add ?

i think the bmw m5 or the audi rs6 or the mercedes e63 amg are each better than this car.

astonishing body kit. i bet the performances will rise to the challenge.

i saw a lexus gs these days on the street and i loved it. if a saw this one, i guess i would have fell in love.

Sema is about huge wheels, wild paint jobs, custom body kits, and high powered versions of the cars you like.

If anything its Lexus being lazy (or maybe conservative) in copying what any average person can do with the car.

most people add rims, a body kit, exhaust, big brakes and a mild drop to the base model of any sporty car. So to me this is nothing new.

i think the same upgrades they did to the above car, just start off with a supercharged V8 instead of a V6.

its cool and all, and should definitely be in any auto magazine, but for Sema I wouldve just built a one-off GS-F.

In my opinion this car isnt Sema worthy. Its not extreme enough.

Will this upgrade be available in a catalog around the Lexus dealership network?

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