2013 Lexus RX F-Sport

One of the two new vehicles Lexus brought to the 2012 Geneva Motor Show is the Lexus RX F-Sport , which joins the face-lifted 2013 Lexus RX in the Japanese automaker’s booth. The former appears to carry a lot of Lexus’ new design language and, in particular, the new spindle grille looks pretty aggressive and menacing. These features provide more evidence of an aggressive new look for the high-performance crossover that’s a far departure from the more subdued versions of the past. In addition to the spindle grille, the RX F-Sport also comes with a new front lip spoiler, new fog lamps, new LED daytime running lights, and plenty of F-Sport accessories to match everything else the crossover has.

The Lexus RX F-Sport is powered by a 3.5-liter V6 engine that produces an output of 270 horsepower at 6,200 rpm, which is joined by a lateral performance damper system that has been designed to absorb and minimize undesirable body vibrations, thus contributing to a more comfortable ride.

UPDATE 03/07/2012: This review has been updated with official specs and photos for the Lexus RX F-Sport.

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Lexus RX F-Sport

It’s a little refreshing to see Lexus pay the time and effort in turning the 2013 Lexus RX into a luxury crossover that looks far better than its predecessors ever were. And to make it even more exciting, the Japanese automaker even went out and fitted their famous F-Sport program, further enhancing the dynamic and sporting character of the luxury crossover.

Taking all the styling cues and new design language of the 2013 RX, the F-Sport package adds plenty of new aerodynamic components, including a new front bumper that carries a larger lower section of Lexus’ family-wide "spindle" grille design. The package also has a new aerodynamic spoiler to handle and improve high-speed stability, a flared lower bumper that houses the fog lamps, customary F-Sport upper and lower grilles with a mesh design, and a new set of 19" shaded alloy wheels with plenty of front wing F-Sport badging.


Lexus RX F-Sport

The interior of the RX F-Sport also received its fair share of improvements, highlighted by seats dressed in smooth black leather with white grey perforations and contrast stitching. Steel silver painted trim inserts and a black ceiling provide a more cockpit-like feel to the crossover, cutting down on any clutter and allowing the driver to enjoy the road while riding in comfort


Lexus RX F-Sport

The Lexus RX F-Sport is powered by a 3.5-liter V6 engine that produces an output of 270 horsepower at 6,200 rpm and mated to a six-speed Electronically Controlled Transmission with intelligence (ECT-i). Dual Variable Valve Timing with intelligence (VVT-i) is used to control both intake and exhaust camshafts independently; optimizing engine performance at many speeds and loads. The AWD version of the RX 350 is powered by a similar powertrain, although possess an electronically controlled Active Torque Control AWD system, a system that uses an electronically controlled coupling ahead of the rear differential to vary torque distribution anywhere from 100:0 to 50:50 front to rear, depending on driving dynamics and road conditions.

For performance additions installed with the F-Sport package, Lexus went and installed a lateral performance damper system that has been designed to absorb and minimize undesirable body vibrations, thus contributing to a more comfortable ride.

The lateral performance damper system features a front performance damper connecting the left and right front suspension towers, and a rear damper connecting the left and right sides of the rear lower back panel, taking the place of conventional fixed bracing. This allows the RX to improve its ability to absorb body torsion, flexure and fine vibrations.


Pricing details for the F-Sport Package have yet to be announced.


Lexus RX F-Sport

We already touched on the Cadillac SRX as a worthy adversary to the Lexus RX, but that was when the latter didn’t come with the F-Sport Package. Lexus has always been mindful of giving its customers the right kind of enticement to set their models apart from the rest of the pack.

The F-Sport Package is that kind of add-on that customers can enjoy on the RX that they probably wouldn’t be able to with some other automakers.

Lexus RX F-Sport
  • Spindle grille still looks good
  • Luxed up interior upholstery
  • Aggressive profile adds to the crossover’s allure
  • You’ll need to pay a premium for the F-Sport package
  • No powertrain improvements


The overall design is a good package. Additionally, the external features have become more charismatic.

I wonder why they often overdo on endorsing an innovation that’s obviously plain looking. No matter what external features they have added, this looks so bland to me. Nevertheless, its performance isn’t at all dull.

Lexus to bring two new models in the Geneva. It gives the most advance technology features in a car.

I agree that it sports menacing appearance. I hope it’s aggressive as well in the 2012 Geneva Motor Show, after all its speed is wicked.

The auto events this year was very exciting. Since last year, the preparations for this upcoming event was very carefully observe. Lexus which will be joining again with these auto events, has something to boast about. The RX F-Sport has powerful output of 338hp with gasoline-electric engine, a thumbs-up to them.

It was sporty in glossy black finishing. The wheels are extravagant. The headlights are the best. The bumper was cool in its design. 

Wow! The front hood is as big as its size. I’m sure that the features used are very high-tech and aggressive on looks.

I think it’s a little bit plain. The right hand drive seems odd for me, but I like the circular headlights.

Wow! The features of these models provide more evidence of an aggressive new look for its high performance. This could bring more success on the next generation. I’ll surely wait for the update of this car.

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