2015 Lexus NX F Sport By TRD

Lexus has come a long way with its reinvention. It’s done a great job at establishing an identity of its own and has succeeded in stepping out of the enormous shadow of Toyota. The new Lexus NX is a great example of that, but even this new SUV needs some upgrades. That’s where Toyota Racing Development (TRD) comes into the picture. Toyota’s in-house performance team has a bunch of new accessories for the Lexus NX. It’s not going to take a lot to add more aggression to the already-menacing look of the NX, but at least TRD is giving us the option to do so if we wanted.

It’s a pretty comprehensive kit that provides an impressive visual upgrade to the NX, especially the SUV’s F Sport variant. That’s not really a tall order considering the aggressive look the NX already has, but adding some upgrades here and there does help out a bit.

The new NX F Sport TRD kit is available for either the NX 200t or the NX 300h. Unfortunately, however, it looks like this kit is offered exclusively in Japan.

We’re holding out hope that Lexus brings the TRD kit to the US, but only if it costs less than what it’s going for in Japan. $8,000 for a pretty simple TRD kit isn’t a purchase we’re inclined to make anytime soon.

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Source: TRD

Lexus NX F Sport By TRD in detail

Lexus NX F Sport By TRD
Lexus NX F Sport By TRD
Lexus NX F Sport By TRD

TRD’s new kit for the Lexus NX F Sport isn’t so much about reinventing the way the vehicle looks as it is adding on an already menacing appearance. You can make an argument that the NX F Sport doesn’t really need this kit, but it still doesn’t hurt to have that option, right?

The front section of the NX gets a new chin spoiler and not much else. Still, the new spoiler gives the NX a more aggressive look, which is all that you can really ask for.

Around back, TRD fitted the NX with a new rear diffuser and new, quad-exhaust outlets that serve more aesthetic purposes than anything else.

It’s a pretty underwhelming kit, that much we can tell you. Fortunately, TRD found its redemption with the new, 19-inch, forged-aluminum wheels that look pretty special when fitted into the NX.

Lexus NX

Lexus NX

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