2012 Li-Ion Inizio

For every Ford , Chevrolet , and Chrysler that made an appearance at SEMA, there were other less-heralded American automakers in attendance, most of who were there to attract some much-needed publicity.

Li-Ion Motors is one of them. A lot of you might not be familiar with the North Carolina-based company, but thanks to events like SEMA, the electric automaker was able to build on its attendance and the car that it brought to the event, the Inizio all-electric supercar.

So you’re probably asking yourself, “Wait a second, an all-electric supercar?” Well, if you go past the skepticism, you might discover that there really is such a thing.

UPDATE 01/12/11: The Li-Ion Inizio is the world’s first all-electric supercar, making it a pioneer of sorts despite not being a recognizable brand. Well, everyone needs to get ready to be introduced to the Inizio because the car is now slated for production. On top of that, it’s going to come with a pretty steep price tag of $139,000. For a brand that you probably couldn’t pick out of a line-up of auto brands, forking over that much money might be a stab in the dark. But hey, it’s a world’s first, so at least it has a distinction all its own.

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Exterior and Interior

Li-Ion Inizio

The exterior of the car looks like a mesh between the front of a Dodge Viper with the backside of a Ferrari . A couple of striking features of the Inizio include rotational doors that rise on a 90-degree angle and a hydraulic lift system that allows the car to rise about three inches for easier and more comfortable access. Then there’s the set of what looks to be 20-inch rims that add a final touch to the car’s supercar appeal.

Since the car runs on electric batteries, the interior was built to accommodate having to remove the lithium-ion batteries without breaking so much as a sweat. The two-seater electric supercar comes with adjustable Recaro seats – leather or suede, depending on customer preference – that also come with heating and cooling features. In addition to that, the interior was also given some pretty nice entertainment digs, including a DVD player, a built-in 12-inch subwoofer, digital surround sound system, and an integrated navigation satellite system.


Li-Ion Inizio

The Inizio electric supercar comes with lithium-ion batteries that produces more than 40kW with an electric motor that bumps up the figure to about 145kW. That kind of power allows the electric car to reach a range of 250 miles with a 0-60 mph time of 3.4 seconds and a top speed of somewhere around 170 mph. For comparison’s sake, the established Tesla Roadster can reach top speeds of only 125 mph, pedestrian figures when lined up against the Inizio.


The good news for the boys over at Li-Ion Motors is that the Inizio already has DOT approval, which means that should all things fall into place, we could see America’s very first electric supercar out on the market by 2012.

The bad news is that Li-Ion is looking to build about 2,500 units a year with a price tag of $139,000 a pop. Definitely not chump change.

Li-Ion Inizio


The easy thing to say is that the closest competitor of the Li-Ion Inizio is the Tesla Roadster . But given the huge discrepancy in numbers – and price tag – it’s more likely that the two cars fall on two different market segments, and as far as affordability is concerned, two different client markets.

  • The day of the electric super car has arrived
  • It’s going to revolutionize the game, one way or the other
  • Tesla needs to turn up its game to compete with these guys
  • Overall design looks like a knock-off
  • $139,000 for a first-issue release is asking for trouble
  • Name sounds like a Chinese replica-maker


I call it a tesla wanna be with a higher price, where is the reputation of this company? giving it a high price but the concept is just copied from others? well this ca is not worthy to have.

car looks expensive but to tell you this baby only costs $139k.. cheap does it? but honestly i don’t like the paint they did here, and the headlights looks awful with it.

I’m not familiar with Li-Ion Inizio...but with first glance...definitely that was a
"American car" lot of muscle..smiley

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