Lincoln Mark

Lincoln Mark

Lincoln Mark LT offers a unique blend of distinctive Lincoln luxury styling with the functionality of a pickup truck, delivering outstanding payload and towing capacity. The additional level of sophistication, inherent in all Lincolns, sets it above other high-end pickups.

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On eBay you find a lot of weird and uncommon things being sold. So, it didn’t shock me when I saw this 14 year old Lincoln Mark VIII. Your probably wondering what is weird or uncommon about that. The uncommon thing about this Lincoln is that is has “disappearing doors.”

With Summer and the vacations here is allways good to know which are the greatest vehicles for road trips. Even if the gas prices get higher in the last few months, this doesn’t mean the Americans won’t do their usual traveling. "Families will travel closer to home, they will travel for fewer days and will save money by staying in less-expensive hotels and eating in cheaper restaurants. But they will continue to take vacations and plan getaways." According to latest study, more (...)
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Combining the functionality of a full-size pickup truck, the luxury and refinement of Lincoln and the bravado of the state of Texas, the 2006 Lincoln Mark LT makes its production debut at the State Fair of Texas in Dallas.

The Lincoln Mark LT is a key part of Lincoln’s plan to broaden the showroom and build momentum and profitable growth by introducing 11 new Lincoln Mercury Mercury products in six segments within the next four years. On sale in early 2005, the new Mark LT is one of five new Lincolns that will be introduced in that time.

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