2012 Lincoln Navigator Hyper Gloss Edition by Anderson Germany

Anderson Germany has a way of turning less glamorous vehicles into pieces of tuning art. Their latest project involving the Lincoln Navigator is proof that they’re tuning talents cover just about any vehicle they can get their hands on.

Similar to most of their programs, Anderson Germany decided to give the Navigator the all-black treatment, or in this case, a hyper gloss black finish. The German tuner also went bananas with carbon fiber, fitting the Navigator with the high-end material on the door mirrors, the bonnet insert, the wheels, and even some parts of the interior.

Speaking of the interior, Anderson Germany matched the carbon fiber on the steering wheel, dashboard, door covers, with a comprehensive leather dress-up on just about every corner of the Navigator’s cabin. Heck, it even has a Playstation 3 console at the back!

No details on any mechanical upgrades were divulged, but even if the powertrain remains untouched, the sheer class and elegance of the aesthetic upgrades is more than enough for us to say that Anderson Germany has worked some magic once again.


It’s the real SUV. Anderson Germany did a great job on releasing it with a different characteristic. I simply like it.

A sporty looking SUV. I am really sure that this car is way too expensive. However, Anderson Germany has done a great job.

Black is another form of sportiness of a vehicle. The Navigator carries it well.

So it’s not just looking sporty in the exterior, but also the interior has gaming console such as PlayStation 3. Good thing kids will enjoy their long trips without messing out the whole trip.

AG works on different companies right? There are a lot of tunings made by AG that has been a success, and it means to the same.

It’s so plain in black. Don’t they have public opinions and consultation first?

I presume this to be high-priced only because of its internal components!

The glossy effect was a fiasco. Actually, it received a lot of criticisms more than praises.

The glossy finish failed to make look elegant. It doesn’t help that its built is also sort of aggressive.

It seems like the components are only installed to compensate for the lack of its appearance’s appeal.

I don’t see what’s unattractive on its exterior, but it’s not like I see what’s attractive on it either. This is good for minimum purposes.

It is a minimalist vehicle with useful components on the inside. There’s no hint of flashiness to it.

I think it doesn’t matter how it looks like as Anderson obviously modified it to be functional and entertaining.

Is it rude for me to say that aside from its features, this almost has no value at all?

Hmm, I’m disappointed. I tend to generalize that German tuning companies are always stylish, but upon seeing this, I guess I was wrong.

Was this originally in a matte finish? The glossy effect didn’t add anything to it at all.

I see what you did there, Anderson Germany. You’ve equipped it with such an interesting feature to pay for its style’s lackluster.

I’m speculating that they couldn’t get this attractive that’s why they’ve equipped it with a feature appealing to people.

Whoa. There’s a PS3 console installed at the back? It’s perfect for families with kids and young-at-heart people then. smiley

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