2013 Lincoln MKZ Concept

In the middle of all the presentations of the 2011 Los Angeles Auto Show was the unveiling of the 2013 MKT and the 2013 MKS , but Lincoln had another ace in the hole. Apparently, Ford’s luxury brand also revealed a teaser image of a car that looks like the next MKZ. It is believed that we will see the new MKZ in January 2012 at the Detroit Auto Show.

Fast forward to today and the Lincoln MKZ Concept has finally been unveiled in all its glory.

The Lincoln MKZ Concept is a take on the company’s design language that will be featured in a number of their future models. Taken as a concept, the MKZ comes with a variety of new features that will look sweet when translated to a production version. The automaker has penciled a production date for later this year so we won’t have to wait long to see what the production MKZ is made of.

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Lincoln MKZ Concept

The Lincoln MKZ Concept promotes the company’s design future with a style that the company describes as "elegant simplicity," a language that’s "warmer and more restrained and moves away from complex designs and traditional luxury.”

The Cognac paint finish of the MKZ Concept exudes warm hues, which is then complemented by the deep finish through a rich base coat covered in multiple layers of tinted clear-coat finishes. Key design characteristics that have been added to the MKZ Concept include a more refined iteration of the company’s iconic split-wing grille, a design that we first saw back in 1938 with the Lincoln-Zephyr .

The profile of the sedan also speaks to a new future for Lincoln vehicles, as evidenced by the long, sleek, and swooping roofline that breaks away from the traditional sedan three-box shape, enabling a more flowing, elegant and more naturally aerodynamic appearance.

The car also features a panoramic glass roof that spans the length from the windshield all the way to the top of the backlight. Likewise, a fixed-glass expanse extends to the side roof rails of the cabin while LED technology permeates the tail-lamp cased in an extremely thin and distinctive full-width housing.


Lincoln MKZ Concept

Inside, the Lincoln MKZ Concept is the picture of a warm styling mixed in with a spacious four-seat configuration. The sweeping design of the instrument panel creates a visual and comfortable interior. Lincoln used a combination of poplar wood and aluminum in bright and satin finishes for the prevalent material, as well as leather help create a sculptural, luxurious and comfortable interior space. The leather seats have been dressed in a Champagne hue perforation patter with matching dark taupe accents.

As far as technology is concerned, the MKZ Concept comes with an innovative interior that features push-button transmission gear selection, an open, tiered center console, and liquid crystal instrumentation. In addition, a reconfigurable 10.1" Thin Film Transistor (TFT) LCD is also part of the set-up, positioned just ahead of the driver and operated with the latest version of the MyLincoln Touch system.


Lincoln MKZ Concept

As for the engine line-up, Lincoln didn’t reveal details on what kind of powertrain the MKZ Concept carries, although we expect the 2013 MKZ to be powered by the same line found on the MKS: a standard 300 HP 3.7-liter V6 engine and an optional 355 twin-turbo 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 engine.


Lincoln has penciled a production date for the MKZ later this year. At this point, no price tag has been given yet.


Lincoln MKZ Concept

Considering that the new MKZ will be sold predominantly to the US market, a close competitor for the mid-size sedan is the new Lexus ES . The full specs behind the MKZ have yet to be unveiled, but we do expect it to slot in competitively against the ES and other mid-sized cars in its segment.

The new design language of the MKZ will be attractive to younger buyers, although there might still be a population of people that might hesitate on the brand, given that it’s a Lincoln. Nevertheless, the company is determined to shed away their "daddy car" image and try to break into a ripe market that all of its competitors already have a hold on. Whether they can accomplish that remains to be seen, but we’ll be the first to tell you that the early returns for the MKZ Concept are very promising.

Lincoln MKZ Concept
  • Love the panoramic roof
  • Interior architecture is sweet
  • Technology overload
  • No official powertrain details
  • How much of the concept will translate to the production?
  • Needs to get rid of "daddy car" stigma


This is very ideal, aside from its attractive external and internal design (topped off with its panoramic roof) it is overflowing with innovative technology. I really wish this concept would be developed and produced.

The exterior is a perfect example of classic cutesy. The interior seems really cozy, too. Ah, I must not forget to praise the panoramic roof!

I like the interior of this Lincoln MKZ, it looks very neat and cozy. The idea of giving this car a panoramic roof is fantastic. You can now have an actual view of the sky while inside your car. I hope that they will really push this one into production.

The model is definitely awesome because of it’s good concept. I liked most the panoramic roof; very unique at it’s best.

It’s such a good thing that in our car industry, many models are being produced right now. It is combine with great ideas as well as the high quality of materials used

This car is very strong in looks. The red glow of this car is very astonishing. The finishing is fine and look just right. The wheels are simple, but still in a luxurious way.

Lincoln has a cute bumper. Innovative design are seen in the interior. Complex elegance in style. Everyone for sure will take it.

I love the whole exterior looks of this concept. And I am really looking forward to see this on market. I am really stunned on its panoramic roof, something unusual for a car to have.

I love the panoramic roof of MKZ. It’s such a good thing that in our car industry, many new models are being released right now. It is combine with great ideas and putting up some high-tech gadgets materials to looks impressive as well. This is definitely awesome.

I like the face of this car the car is very great and also the tires the body of this car. i like how its make and the color of this car the head light the side mirror and the glass is transparent also and good machine and engine.

It’s such a good thing in the car industry that new models are being released right now. They never stop on MAKING concept of new ideas and impressing us their best specs and new technologies. A best example is the Lincoln that has an amazing panoramic roof. Its oozing with angst and power.

The wheels are really striking for me. The model is definitely awesome due to it’s good concept. I like the red body paint, feels like it fits the model. The panoramic roof is so cool and unique at it’s design.

I hate to see a car that I truly admire being just a concept. This Lincoln MKZ is really cool with its panoramic roof and exterior design, too bad for the official power train details are not included.

I can’t figure out the whole image of this car. It reminds me of the 80’s classic model car.

Cool! Its oozing with angst and power. The panoramic roof gives more appeal to the car. Very comfortable interior design but I wonder if all of these cool features will be include in the production of the car

Interesting to see my photochop here, with YOUR watermark on it! I posted it originally on Blue Oval News.
It was Photoshopped because it was shown in three faint glimpses on a video presentation. I stitched three screen captured photos together.
I don’t mind really......but give credit. I left a minor error in, so I know it’s mine! LOL

I really feel so excited for Detroit Auto Show on January! Well, I’m just very confused on what will truly be the official outlook of this teaser! Moreover, I hope that its V6 engine could already be good enough on it.

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