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  Local Motors is a rather interesting car company that allows the consumer to take part in the creation, development, build, and mod of their vehicle. Their first vehicle - the Rally Fighter - was created from the minds of the Local Motors community and voted on by its supporters.

You only achieve a certain level of respect from the rest of the automotive world when you somehow end up in a precarious situation and, instead of letting a crash get the worst of you, you rise above it and soldier on.

That’s exactly what happened to the people behind the wheel of this Local Motors Rally Fighter . During the recent Parker 425 off-road race in Arizona last week, as the driver of the Rally Fighter somehow performs a memorable front somersault after hitting a bump on the desert trail. The Rally Fighter initially landed on its rear after the 360-degree flip and somehow, thanks to gravity, the racer got back up on all fours and sped away detached hood and all, as if the whole scene was planned all along.

Now, that’s how you turn a potentially horrific crash into an episode people will be talking about for years to come!

You know those build-your-own kit cars that all of us loved when we were kids? How would you feel if we told you that you could relive those old memories on a real vehicle that’s the definite personification of a bad-ass ride?

We first saw Local Motors’ Rally Fighter at SEMA a few years ago where it predictably caught the attention of many a heads while flaunting its awesomeness during the event in Las Vegas. Since then, the Rally Fighter has become one of the most unique car purchases you can ever have, complete with the opportunity to help build the car from the ground up.

The futuristic off-roader is a self proclaimed "premium, authentic off-road experience, custom designed and built for the deserts of the American Southwest." Even better than that is the fact that this machine is completely street legal and is actually 50-state-emissions compliant.

Don’t mistake it for a bare-as-bones niche vehicle that is catered only to a specific market. The Rally Fighter is an all-purpose ride that commands serious attention from just about all walks of life.

Speaking for ourselves, we’d certainly want to have one to call our own someday.

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