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The Local Motors Rally Fighter is still going strong two years after the first deliveries of this 2000-unit purpose-built off-road racer’s production run. With 50-state compliance on lighting and emissions, the road-legal Rally Fighter runs a 6.2-liter V-8 to the giant rear wheels before reaching a tire-limited top speed of 131 mph.

Available for special orders from anywhere on the globe, the Rally Fighter is one of the most unique and exciting launch models from a new manufacturer. Outside the muddy ruts of the English countryside and the mutant Land Rovers , like the Bowler EXR-S and RallyRaid DW3 , most new supercar ventures are focused on the 6-lane drag strips of central Dubai.

Local Motors takes a totally different path, with its unique engineering and prototype method leveraging the passion and skills of the internet to draw in R&D talent from across the world.

The result is a steel space frame and crash cage that looks Armageddon-proof, and suspension travel and off-road prowess to stop a 2014 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor Special Edition in its tracks. The final piece of the Rally Fighter puzzle is this: styling so otherworldly that it causes more of a stir in traffic than taking the Gravedigger monster truck to the grocery store.

Click past the jump for the full review of the 2013 Local Motors Rally Fighter, including a mega image gallery, links to the new online configurator, and info on how to order your own custom version of this off-road beast.

For a man who probably has just about any kind of vehicle created, it still must have been pretty cool for Jay Leno to welcome a vehicle like the Local Motors’ Rally Fighter. to his garage.

Looking the part of an SUV with features coming from a variety of other vehicles, including a Corvette engine with a Chevy transmission, a Ford truck rear end with Honda Civic taillights, Mazda Miata door handles, and an F-150 steering wheel. Talk about a melting pot of a rally racer.

Another unique quality of the Rally Fighter is that Local Motors builds each of these models with the help of the people buying the actual cars. That factor, in itself, allows the person who signs the check to have some level of control on how he wants the car built.

As for Jay, well, he always seems to find something interesting to say about the cars that make an appearance at his garage. This one isn’t any different. Check out this rather interesting episode of Jay Leno’s garage by clicking on the video above!

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Local Motors, a new American car company focused on building cars for the most influential market, car enthusiasts, has decided to build its first prototype: the Sangho Kim’s design Rally Fighter. The decision to build Sangho’s design was influenced by the community support, focus on car enthusiasts, timeliness and community collaboration.

Rally Fighter, the first concept build by Local Motors

Ben Messmer, Lead Designer at Local Motors explains the reason why Rally Fighter was choose to be built: “This design has aroused incredible feedback and collaboration from the Community. By promoting discussion and collaboration early on, we are able to design cars we know people want; there is no guessing.”

The Rally Fighter will try to fulfill the desires of the American drivers: American authenticity, mechanicals showing, presence of excellence, playing vs. posing.

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