Los Angeles Auto Show

Los Angeles Auto Show

  Los Angeles Auto Show

Lexus confirmed today that the 2010 RX will make its world debut next month at the Los Angeles Auto Show. The design of the 2010 RX will not stray too far from the current design , which didn’t stray too far from the original 1997 design. The updates to look of the RX will likely be inspired by the Lexus LF-Xh hybrid Concept revealed last year at the Tokyo Show (using Lexus’ "L-finesse" style.)

Not much is known about the technical details, except that the next generation will continue to receive a hybrid version. When we know more, you’ll know more.

Hooray the hood is revealed! Oh wait, it’s only part of the hood, but a least we get a closer look at the orange paint that Ford has used on the concept and teaser shots.

Once again we’ve fallen for Ford’s ploy to keep the Mustang on the blogs. Now comes the part where we remind you that 2010 Mustang will be based on the the Giugiaro concept and will be offered with a V6 and a variety of V8 engines, blah, blah, blah. By the time the car makes its debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November, the only thing Ford will have not teased us with will be the rear seat cupholder.

The MAZDA KAAN is an electric race car designed to compete in the E1 races, the pinnacle of international motorsports in terms of technology and popularity. In 2025, California freeways have been resurfaced with a sub-level electro-conductive polymer that powers the electric cars of the modern world. MAZDA’s patented electronic tire system uses this technology to power the KAAN to reach 250 mph with no harmful emissions!

LA Design Challenge: Mazda KAAN

The vehicles are piloted by individual drivers but teams are made up of thirty cars, all on the track together. Using strategies similar to those in cycling peletons, the tighter the group sticks together, the more aerodynamic and powerful it becomes.

Inspiration for the KAAN comes from electric fields and textures seen in nature, particularly those in a lightning bolt. The car is uniquely designed around its powerful electric wheels while the cockpit acts as a capsule to safely house the driver, allowing for tighter peloton formations and a team victory.

LA Auto Show revealed its contenders for the 2008 Design Challenge, Motorsports 2025. First of them is the Audi R25, a car created at Audi Design Center in California.

LA Design Challenge: Audi R25

The inaugural Los Angeles round of the ALMS 2025 incorporates innovative features never previously seen in any form of motor sports, such as high-velocity banks and tunnels, which allow cars to race “inverted” and the opportunity to pass anywhere with aerodynamic racecars. All top sections of the tunnels and banks are also WiTricity wireless electrical charging zones, which encourage the drivers to utilize these free energy zones instead of fuel stops.

Back in September we reported that Mini will bring 500 electric cars to California . Since the cars will be in California, what better place to make its debut than the Los Angeles Auto Show. According to AutoCar, the EV Mini will be a surprise guest at that show.

Technical details are scarce, but its interior will have to be dramatically altered to fit a battery pack – possibly even losing the rear seats. Using modern lithium-ion batteries, the electric Mini is expected to have a range of between 100 and 135 miles after a full recharge.

Source: AutoCar

Ford revealed today a new teaser image of the 2010 Mustang that will make its world debut in November at the Los Angeles Auto Show. If you thought the gas cap or seat teaser was insignificant, Ford has hit a new teaser low with revealing the knob for the gear shifter. SUPRISE, now we can confirm a 5-speed manual will be available, just like all current Mustangs (what no six-speed!?).

Inside Line revealed today more details on the 2009 370Z that will make its world debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show next month. Although the the 370Z will be built on the Nissan’s FM platform (same as the 350Z,) the wheelbase may be shortened by as much as five inches for better handling. Other improvements include wider rear fenders and an improved interior.

It will be powered by the 3.7-liter version of the Nissan VQ engine just like the G37 coupe and sedan. The engine delivers 330 hp and 270 pound-feet of torque.

Nissan will reveal first official images of the car on October 29, followed by technical information on November 11.

Source: Inside Line

After yesterday’s almost uncovered spy shot of the future Z4, here as an exclusive TopSpeed rendering of the future sports car. The Z4 will make its world debut in November at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

From reports, the next generation Z4 will feature a more aggressive and sportier design. The shoulder line has been smoothed out considerably and will be offered with retractable hard top.

Under the hood of the next Z4 there will be both twin-turbo and naturally-aspirated straight six engines; while the flagship M Roadster is likely to get a brand new high-performance turbo six with around 350hp.

BMW will unveil the next generation Z4 at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November. Latest spy shot reveals the car with almost no camouflage. The shot confirms the rumors that car will be evolutionary rather than revolutionary. The roadster will feature a retractable hard top, trunk integrated brake light and the shoulder line has been smoothed out considerably.

Hopefully there is no unseen camouflage on the door line, and the next Z4 has lost the large and unnecessary side scoops. If so, it seems that Chris Bangle is trying to repent for his earlier sins of the Z4. The new, cleaner lines of the car in this pic almost makes the new Z4 look like a baby Mercedes SL .

Source: NextAutos

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