Lotus Elise

Lotus Elise

Fresh off the heels of delivering their first truly all new car in years , the Evora , and the release of a hard core track tuned Lotus Exige Cup , the lightweight English sports car builder has just revealed another version of their compact thrill machine. The Lotus Elise Club Racer is a very simple and straightforward sports car that borrows a few shades of paint from Colin Chapman’s personal pallet from the 1960s, colors like Elite Yellow, Carbon Grey, Sky Blue and Old English White.

Lotus Elise Club Racer

According to the Director of Lotus Cars , Luke Bennett, "Special Editions of the award winning Elise have always proved popular with our customers around the world, and I expect the Elise Club Racer to be no different. We have taken colour schemes from our past, used on the Elite and Elan in the 1960s and cleverly brought them up to date with a modern feel to the interior. The whole design package is modern with a classic twist, which of course matches the peerless ride and handling of a Lotus and the convertible experience of the Elise perfectly."

Called the Elise Club Racer, the new lightweight English sports car is based on the 134 HP version of the Lotus Elise Lotus Elise S and is scheduled to arrive in showrooms on September 15th and go on sale for around $40,000. The car makes use of silver and black highlights in the interior as well as an anthracite anodized gear knob and handbrake with the Club Racer "CR" logo embroidered everywhere. The Lotus engineers even saw fit to incorporate a smaller diameter steering wheel and a set of lightweight six spoke alloys for that extra sporty look and feel.

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The lightweight English sports car builder Lotus has just unleashed a whole new type of animal onto the performance car market, taking Colin Chapman’s original philosophy to a whole new level in order to create a 257 HP supercharged hard top Lotus Elise Lotus Elise that can go from 0 to 60 MPH in only 4 seconds. By using items like a lightweight ’motorsport’ battery, ultra-light five spoke forged alloy wheels, revised rear engine subframe with lightweight coating, lightweight fly wheel, lightweight composite bulkhead panel replaces rear window as well as alloy supercharger U-bend pipes; and by deleting unnecessary items like carpets, front mud flaps, battery cover, interior mirror, sunvisors, rear tailgate gas strut the Lotus design team has been able to shed almost 250 pounds from the compact sports car.

Lotus Exige Cup 260

Although the 1.8 Liter Toyota four cylinder still makes the same 257 HP and 174 lb-ft of torque thanks to a supercharger, the Lotus Exige Cup 260 is highlighted by an extensive use of carbon fiber, motorsport lightweight wheels, Ohlins 2-way adjustable dampers
and rear chassis stiffness increased by 30%. The Cup car for the streets also comes with race equipment like a redesigned front end and GT3 inspired wing out back with a set of HANS device ready racing buckets inside. However this is a true track day special and the when you come to think of it $80,000 is a lot to pay for a lot of discomfort however air conditioning and an interior noise reduction pack are available at the owners request, For some owners that is only a small sacrifice to endure and a smaller price to pay for such a visceral driving experience.

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The American arm of the lightweight English sports car builder, Lotus USA, has announced that they will be offering a new Supercharger Kit for both naturally aspirated Lotus Elise and Exige models. The kit includes the same supercharger and cast intake manifold as the production Elise SC and allows owners who have decided that they rely did want that extra power after all by boosting their Toyota 2ZZ-GE engine.

The kit includes a new intake manifold, high-flow fuel injectors and a re-programmed engine management system that work together to increase the engine’s power up to 218 HP from the stock 189 HP rating. It may not seem like all that much, but the 2ZZ is tuned to work as efficiently as possible as it comes from the factory. The main advantage of the kit is much more power down low in the RPM band and because the supercharger is always spinning, instantaneous throttle response.

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The next time you find yourself in Italy and may need a rental car, we suggest that you give Hertz a call. Not only is it one of the more established car rental brands in the world, but they’re latest fleet of rentals are enough to make everyone scramble for the rental company’s phone number. When you do go through to them, might we suggest that you ask for a Lotus Elise SC . We guarantee you won’t regret it.

As one of the world’s most popular sports cars, the Elise SC is now available for rent from Hertz Italiana S.p.A. Part of the agreement between the car rental company and Lotus Cars Limited, the sports car subsidiary of Group Lotus, a fleet of Lotus Elise SC’s will be made available to hire from a number of Hertz centers throughout Italy.

It’s a tie-up that both companies are eager to get started.According to Michael Kimberley, Chief Executive Officer of Group Lotus, “I am delighted that Lotus Cars has entered into this agreement with Hertz, giving us the opportunity to make our stunning world class sports cars available to the rental market.

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The world’s oldest retailer of the lightweight English sports cars, Bell & Colvill Lotus are offering some very reasonable special edition of the automaker’s Elise model. The new Elise Black & White Editions are available in both the R or SC spec and offer quite a bit of kit for the money. The more sinister Lotus Sport Black version and comes with a trio of Phantom Black stripes running the length of the car, while the Aspen White version wears the same stripes in Ice White. One would think that the combination of choice would be white with black stripes or black with white stripes, but the black on black and white on white treatment sets these Elises further apart from the Lotus crowd.

Lotus Elise Black & White Edition

The interior features a microfiber trimmed dash and similar treatment on the sport bucket seats and door skins. The value package also adds a set of black forged wheels wrapped in ultra sticky rubber while out back there is an all new diffuser. Other additions are traction control, air conditioning and a compulsory option for the Lotus Sport base paint. The retailer sells this package for about a $3,000 premium over a standard Elise R or SC, but I all the options were added individually, the sum would be closer to $8,200. Whether you choose Black or White, these dealer direct special edition Elises are a tremendous savings over buying the options one by one. Bell & Colvil are now taking orders.

The English weight conscious sportscar builders, Lotus have announced a special edition of their lightweight Elise model designed specifically for the US market. Priced just a shade under $44,000 the 2009 Lotus Elise Purist Edition is now available for orders.

The Purist Edition is optioned with the Sport Pack and includes everything from the Touring Pack except the iPod interface and leather covering the transmission tunnel and the door inserts. This special edition is being offered in three colors: Ardent Red, Saffron Yellow, and Monaco White.

Under the engine cover, is a mid mounted 1.8 Liter 4 cylinder making 190 HP. The power rockets the Lotus from 0-60 MPH in only 4.9 seconds and keeps going until a top speed of 150 MPH. Thanks to the lack of excess mass the well performing Elise is able to achieve 21 MPG in the city and up to 27 MPG on the highway.

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If you’re taking the time to read this, we’re guessing you’re not a professional driver. Neither are we, that’s why we’ve got the time to do the writing.

So since none of us get to spend our days on the track, the next best thing is to get a view from the passenger’s seat. This is footage from Dean Evans overtaking all the cars at Bathurst (Australia) from the now-defunct Lotus Trophy series. It only takes about two minutes for Evans’ Lotus Elise to take the top position.

Looks like some people know how to spend their money. Lotus is all about as little weight as possible, so when a customer replaces the fiberglass body with naked carbon fiber, it’s like adding “bling” to a Cadillac Escalade.

Carbon Fiber Lotus Elise

This pimped-out-the-Lotus-way Elise started life as the extra special 2002 Type 72 JPS special, so it was originally black and gold to celebrate Lotus’ famous Grand Prix racers. TW Auto Limited of Hong Kong got its hands on the car, and six months later it was naked and weighing about 66 to 88 lbs. less than the original car.

The car was also upgraded with KW Suspension, JP Racing Wheels, Lotus Racing Exhaust and air filter/larger intake. All of this may make an enthusiast drool but don’t look at it too long. It’s not polite to stare at someone naked.

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Lotus Elise drivers are usually not worried about their image. These are people who care so much about the drive that they don’t mind having to use a few facial expressions that usually are reserved for orgasms when trying to squeeze into and out of the small sports car.

Lotus Elise by Project Kahn

But for those few image-conscious owners who need to be different Project Kahn is offering a body kit for the Elise. The modifications include a front spoiler, new ventilated wings, side skirts and a new rear diffuser with integrated exhaust system. Also a new suspension system was installed for better stability at high speeds as well as a new set of alloy wheels. More importantly the only enemy to the Elise is weight, but these items should not add too much heft to the 2000 lbs weight.

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Lotus recently celebrated its 60th anniversary and in order to bring to its customers more surprises it decided to team up with the British tuner Project Kahn to build a special package for theLotus Elise .

Lotus Elise by Project Kahn

The new package includes a new front lip spoiler, new side sills, a new suspension system which lowers the car with 28 stage dampeners for superior handling and a new set of alloy wheels. According to the manufacturer the debut of the first modified vehicle will be next month at an event at its Hethel headquarters.

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