Lotus Elise

Lotus Elise

La Bala is a low-compromise, from the ground-up, new car. It is built using an early model Toyota MR2 powertrain. The reality is that there are many other donor choices available that may actually be better suited to lightweight vehicle construction. At this point though, construction is far along and won’t change in the original prototype. The idea is to make the car as inexpensively as possible and yet make it look like a million bucks and go like stink. I am doing this by thinking (...)
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In 1997 Lotus unveiled the Lotus Elise Lotus Elise GT1 Type 115, a derivative of the Lotus Elise powered by the 3.5 litre eight-cylinder engine from the Lotus Esprit Lotus Esprit V8. A Hewland six-speed sequential gear box helped transfer the 580 horsepower to the rear wheels. The body is carbon-fibre and the chassis is an aluminum unit borrowed from the Elise. Ventilated disc brakes were fitted on all four-corners. The vehicle could accelerate from 0 to 60mph in just 3.8 seconds and top speed was achieved at (...)
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The wreck is all that remains form a Lotus Elise. After an accident on Bee Caves Road the driver of this sports car, Jack Griffith was killed. The speedometer frees at close to 120 mph, so the speed was more than this. The construction of the Elsie enables to obtain low weight, and very good performances. But the construction with the aluminum and the size of the car couldn’t keep with the safety in case of an accident at such speeds. The car just disintegrates with all the pieces fling (...)

Lotus Cars USA, Inc. is pleased to announce the 35th Anniversary commemorative edition type 72D. This exclusive Collectible Edition model memorializes one of the finest Formula 1 designs of all time — the Lotus 72. It was in this vehicle that the legendary Emerson Fittipaldi proved unstoppable, winning five of eleven races in 1972, thus becoming the youngest champion in F1 history.

Nice on board camera footage from a Lotus Elsie race. It looks even more much fun than bigger race cars and budget is certainly something a lot more within reach of everyone. You know what to do next .. check you local Elise dealer :)

What can you do when you take your car to a Goodyear shop to have new F1G3s installed on your Elise and just after an hour you are called back because your car had a little accident? Well the simple answer is sue them! But when the manager of the shop is your father-in-law things get a little bit difficult...
How do you chose a car when you buy one? Being efficient is one of the first things you ask for, especially with today’s gas prices. And if efficiency is combined with some fun, when you have a perfect car to buy! Top Ten fun and efficient car Tesla Tesla Roadster - EPA fuel economy: 135 mpg equivalent Mazda MX-5 - EPA fuel economy, city/highway: 22–25/30 Mazda 3 - EPA fuel economy, city/highway: 25–28/31–35 BMW BMW 328i - EPA fuel economy, city/highway: 20–21/29–30 Mercedes Mercedes -Benz (...)
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Series 1 The design philosophy of Lotus is "Performance through low weight", a philosophy first adopted by the founder of Lotus, Colin Chapman. The motto drives Lotus to obtain very high performance with lightweight cars in spite of their relatively modest power outputs, with a strong emphasis on driving purity and dynamics. This concept was taken to an extreme by the London-based engineer Max David. The result is a sports car which in production form in 1996 weighed in at just (...)
Lotus Cars USA Inc. has announced the prices for 2007 line-up: the new 220-hp Exige S will start at $56,990 and the price for 190-hp Elise roadster will rise to $43,990 for ’07, up $1,000 from ’06. The Exige S is a small lightweight sportscar weighing just 2057 lbs, powered by 218 hp high revving supercharged engine, giving a zero to 60 mph time of just 4.1 seconds. Because the basic car is so immensely strong but lightweight (935 kg, 2057 lbs), giving a power to weight ratio of 233.2 (...)
As you might know, Lotus has recently announced that three new models are on the way, starting 2008. The 2009 Lotus Elise wasspotted on testing in Europe. It is very posible that the Elise will use the BMW BMW ’s 4.4-litre V8, which can also be found in the X5. The Elise will debut in December 2009, but before it two more models will debut. The Proton Proton Satria will debut in May 2008. And in December 2008, it will be followed by a mid-range Lotus. Details are closely guarded, but it will sit (...)
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