Lotus Evora

Lotus Evora

Lotus unveiled today the official details on the hottest version of the Evora sports car. The new S version is set to make its world debut at the Paris Motor Show, next to the new Esprit .

The Evora S comes with a sport pack as standard featuring a ‘sport’ button which allows the driver to control throttle response and activate the exhaust by-pass valve. The sport button also raises the instantaneous rev limit and changes the dynamic stability control settings resulting in a total experience change. There are cross-drilled brakes for improved cooling.

The Evora S will be powered by a supercharged Toyota-sourced 3.5-liter V6 engine that will deliver a total of 350bhp and more than 300lb ft of torque. This means a sprint from 0 to 60 mph in 5.0 seconds and a top speed in excess of 172mph. However, it will be pretty hard to identify the Evora S, as it will only get a larger rear diffuser. The car is expected to be priced at £60,000 ($93,000 at the current exchange rates).

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When most people think of Pebble Beach they think of hitting a little while ball with a club next to the most beautiful scenery in the United States. We don’t think of those sort of things though. We think of the automotive festivities that take place on the coast.

This year, we had many cars that were shown. There were new cars like the new Ford Mustang Boss 302 , and there were old cars like the Ferrari F40 birthday collection. In total, 2010 was a spectacular year at the beach for petrol heads.

With all the new car introductions and high-end auctions, automotive lovers of any age will love the extravaganza that was the Pebble Beach Week in California.

We have compiled a list of every new car that was shown in Cali, and some of them are truly amazing. There is even a F1 looking car.

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The new Evora is a work of art, and apparently we’re not the only ones who think so. According to Autocar, Lotus has had a few inquiries from companies wanting to use the Evora platform.

When Autocar spoke with European operation boss Mark James, he made it clear that Lotus doesn’t go shopping for third party buyers, but they are always willing to listen.

This wouldn’t be the first time that Lotus sold their chassis to other automakers. The old Elise was used for the Opel Speedster/Vauxhall VX220 . It was also used on the Tesla Roadster .

The Evora chassis is nearly the same – only 275mm longer - as the one found under the Elise , except for one major difference. The Evora was built with a V6 in mind, so that could give automakers the chance to create larger and more powerful engines. Not to mention a larger chassis could work well with electric motors, as it wouldn’t take nearly the amount of work that the Elise’s did.

Source: Autocar

A very strange thing happened this morning; Lotus sent a couple of "accidental" emails announcing the debut of two special Evora models at the Paris Motor Show. And after giving details on the two models, they asked the media to kindly "delete the messages" that were sent in error. Yeah, okay, like we actually believe this was an accident. If it was, then that was a giant mistake made by Lotus PR. Their loss, our gain.

The two new models, theEvora S and the Evora Auto "will be on the stand in Paris alongside the new car(s) not yet announced (let’s maintain the mystery for now!)". And the message continues: "We are aiming to send out a press release about the Evora S and Evora Auto during the last week of this month. I’ve driven a prototype of both the Evora S and the Auto and I can tell you both cars are sensational. The S will be ready for media drives almost straight after Paris, in the US this will take place early next year. We have to be careful with the timing as we have so much going on and the impact from Paris will be big. Just for you to know, and please keep this confidential, our test team will be putting both cars through their paces on the Nordschleife at the Nurburgring from tomorrow on for three days, so we should have some good feedback to work with shortly."

So we guess we’ll see Lotus at Nurburgring in the next days, huh? And, uh, nice job Lotus!

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When Honda announced that they would stop making the S2000 the world was made a little bit worse. That was always one of the best sports cars on the market, if not the best.

The digital instrument panel looked like something out of a starship and the interior was so wacky that it was hard not to love it. The noise was amazing and the handling was sensational. It was fast, cheap, and looked good, not to mention the insanely high red line.

With the S2000 gone, what are we going to do? There is nothing quite like it on the market today. Today’s cars are getting softer not harder. Toyota pushed the date back on their FT-86 and Mazda will be getting rid of the RX-8 soon. The American car companies make muscle cars that are too heavy and terrible at handling, apart from the Ford Mustang . Really, if you want a fast, crazy, two-seat sports car there is little to choose from in today’s market.

Thank goodness we haveLotus . The Elise is a wonderful car if you live on a track, but it’s very hard on the road. The new Evora on the other hand, is a perfect mixture of track handling and a road precision.

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Lotus is known within the auto industry for building sports cars that people without the means of buying a Ferrari Ferrari or Porsche can actually afford. And while buying a car with some serious power and speed under its hood is always a good idea, one of the knocks on Lotus is that it doesn’t have the requisite trunk space that’s in line with the sports car standards.

Turns out, Lotus may have heard that complaint one too many times because as Car and Driver photographer Chris Cantle shows, the new Lotus Evora may just very well have enough trunk space to satisfy the critics.

At a flat six feet, trying to fit inside the trunk of a previous generation Lotus would have been next to impossible for Cantle. But the 2010 Evora is different because Cantle somehow manages to squeeze into the Evora’s boot rather comfortably and he didn’t even have to break any limbs to do so.

It just goes to show you that car brands like Lotus are all about customer service, even if it means clearing up more trunk space on a high-powered sports car.

Source: Road & Track

The Lotus Evora has arrived in the US - finally!

It was a mere 6 ½ months ago that the very first Lotus Evora was sold to Matthew Melling in Twickenham, UK and now Mr. Melling will have to share that distinction with the owner of the very first Lotus Evora Lotus Evora sold in North America. Bruce Rice, an Austin-area resident, accepted the keys to his brand new 2010 Lotus Evora sports car earlier today from Lotus of Austin, which is planning to celebrate its first delivery of the Evora by hosting a party inside the dealership tomorrow at 5pm.

The Lotus Evora is the first Lotus since the Elise debuted in 1995 and is the first mid-engine 4-seater performance car. The car hosts a 3.5 liter V6 engine that brings 276hp and 252lbs of torque to the table. A carbon grey Evora is listed on Lotus of Austin’s website and has an MSRP of $87,250. Although we have no idea how much Mr. Rice paid for the distinction of owning the first Evora in North America, for that price, we would have preferred a Nissan GT-R Premium which offers more horsepower and torque for the same amount of money. Then again, to each his own.

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All eight special edition ‘Naomi for Haiti’ Lotus Evoras have been sold, raising over 1.4 million Euros for the White Ribbon Alliance, an organization that is steadfastly working on jumpstarting Haiti’s beleaguered healthcare system.

The special edition Evoras, which was co-designed by Donato Coco with the help of supermodel Naomi Campbell, were auctioned off at the Fashion for Relief charity event to a receptive crowd that made their bids with the intention of not just purchasing an Evora, but also doing their part in contributing assistance to Haiti, a country that was devastated by a deadly earthquake a month ago.

It was a great night indeed for Lotus , given that they spear-headed the whole endeavour. Lotus CEO Dany Bahar was equally grateful for the participation of Campbell and the White Ribbon Alliance. "It was a great pleasure for Lotus to work with Naomi and the White Ribbon Alliance for this excellent cause,” he said. “We are delighted that by working with Naomi, our suppliers and the generosity of the bidders, we have been able to raise such a significant sum of money to help those in need during this difficult time."

We tip our hats off to Lotus for doing their part in assisting Haiti in their most important time of need. For a country like Haiti, 1.4 million euros is not something to be taken lightly and we hope that the White Ribbon Alliance uses every last bit of it to good uses.

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Lotus will unveil a hybrid version for its now famous Evora sports car at the Geneva Motor Show. Called Evora 414E Hybrid, the new version develops a total of 414 hp, makes the 0 to 60 mph sprint in in under 4 seconds and has a hybrid range of over 300 miles.

The hybrid drive-train system consist of twin motors each limited to providing 204 hp of power and 400 Nm (295 lbft) of torque to each wheel via independent, single speed, reduction transmissions integrated into a single housing, enabling torque vectoring dynamic control of the vehicle. There is also a Lotus Range Extender engine that 47 hp of power at 3,500 rpm via the integrated electrical generator .

The Evora hybrid version is painted in Copper, in both exterior and interior, and is distinguished by circuit inspired graphics.

Updated 03/04/2010: Official images added. Check the gallery to see them all!

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There have been recent rumors spreading around that the new James Bond movie is in the works as we speak and for its part, Lotus seems to be trying to get the producers to bring their brand back to becoming 007’s next ride.

While these are still rumors – we haven’t really heard anything from MGM regarding this matter – it did make us a little curious to see a Lotus Evora being filmed in the Chamonix in the French Alps as part of a Lotus tribute to all the previous cars that have starred opposite Her Majesty’s Secret Weapon in a lot of the 22 Bond movies that have been released.

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