Lotus Evora

Lotus Evora

Lotus unveiled the Evora Carbon Concept today at the Geneva Motor Show. The concept is in fact a standard Evora painted in white and featuring stylish carbon fiber, leather and alcantara interior, aggressive carbon diffuser and an evocative high tech composite body.

The concept’s exterior is defined by a structural carbon fiber roof, Lotus Motorsport influenced carbon diffuser and carbon splitter, but also diamond cut forged 19” alloy wheels front and rear. The interior combines the lustre of the carbon panels with perforated leather and matte alcantara.

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Lotus is one of those rare brand success stories in which a company has been able to take itself from near extinction and redefine itself as a top sports-car manufacturer. The company came from humble beginnings in an old stable behind a set of North London Railroad tracks acting as a factory. As time moved on different subsidiaries have been formed and focused on different aspects of the business between Formula racing and road-car production.

Even when the Bugatti ownership was switched to private owner, Proton, in 1994 things were less exciting than ever. The Esprit S4 and V8 models would be the only real production models that Lotus had for the next decade. The Esprit had many great qualities to it, but in essence, it had been around since its original design in 1976.

The company was desperately in need of something to help change its image. In 2004, the Lotus Elise was approved for sale in the United States and was made available as a 2005 model. These series 2 models were compact, light, nimble, and a blast to drive through an S-curve. It turned out to be exactly the type of success that Lotus was looking for and opened the door for future new models.

Enter – Lotus Evora. The Evora is slotted right above the Elise and Exige models, and should entice a more diverse crowd than the hardcore go-kart like models.

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In an attempt to offer a little help for the Haiti, Naomi Campbell joined forces with Lotus Car and created the special edition Evora "Naomi for Haiti" Edition. There will only be eight units produced and each of them will be put on auction, with all the proceeds directly going to relief efforts in the devastated country of Haiti.

This special edition is distinguished by a dynamic color scheme that is highlighted by cultural influences of Haiti, most notable of which is the Haitian flag emblazoned on the two doors with the words “Naomi for Haiti” accompanying it.

The auction will take place between 19 to 28 February during the London Fashion Week. The first unit was already sold for an impressive $500.000 . The car two and three were also sold for an impressive $647,000.

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Stating today you can bid for one of the eight "Naomi for Haiti" Lotus Evora . The first unit was auctioned last night for an amazing GBP 320,000 (around $500.000 a the current rates). The car was bought by Naomi Campbell’s boyfriend, Vladimir Doronin, who wanted to ensure that he got the first car.

Bidding will end at 1200 noon GMT on the 28th of February 2010, with the highest bidders to be announced by Naomi Campbell at the Lotus press conference on the 2nd of March at the Geneva Motorshow. All the proceeds will go to relief efforts in the devastated country of Haiti.

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Jarno Trulli may be a newbie in Lotus , but he’s far from one when it comes to being a full-fledged racer.

Last week, while the entire F1 world waited with baited breath on the release of the 2010 Lotus T127 , Trulli was busy testing out a completely different Lotus race car: the new Lotus Evora Cup racer.

Together with company engineer Gianluca Pisanello, Trulli spent the better part of two days working on the Evora racer, including the further development of the car’s aerodynamics, suspension, and engine calibrations. Based on a 4.0-liter Toyota Toyota -based V6 engine, the new Evora racer comes with 400 horsepower and about 295 lb/ft of torque, including a dry-sump lubrication system.

While Trulli won’t be riding behind the wheel of this particular race car – he is after all, driving the Lotus T127 – he’s invaluable experience as a veteran race car driver surely goes a long way in the further development of the car Lotus hopes will compete against the Audi R8 LMS and the Porsche 911 s of the world.

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A lot of us assume that supermodels are only good for cat-walking, lip-pouting and posing in front of flashing cameras. To be fair, it’s an extremely short-sighted stereotype and if you try to give some time into understanding these women – or in some cases, men – you’ll know that they’re more than just gorgeous faces and beautiful bodies.

Take Naomi Campbell for example. Long regarded as one of the most alluring supermodels in the world, Naomi using her stature and influence as a supermodel for a completely humanitarian cause.

Campbell recently tied-up with Lotus on a special project called “Naomi for Haiti”, a project wherein Lotus will auction off eight special-edition 2010 Lotus Evoras with all the proceeds directly going to relief efforts in the devastated country of Haiti.

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The lightweight English sports car manufacturer Lotus has just released information about their ambition to take their latest creation, the Evora, and turn it into a dedicated race car complete with its own European based one make series. The Lotus Evora Lotus Evora Cup race will be unveiled at the Autosport International car show in Birmingham Birmingham , England on January 14, 2010. Powered by a race spec 4.0 Liter V8 making 400 HP and priced at £120,000 the race car makes use of an intensive amount of high performance parts and composite materials while getting rid of every component not necessary for motor sport.

The Evora Cup car will be seeing hard track duty, so aside from adding a bit more down force, the suspension and brakes have been upgraded to a set of adjustable racing dampers and a pair of six piston front brake calipers to clamp down on the oversized two piece aluminum brake discs so that the chassis never tires and the stoppers never fade. At the same time, Lotus’ engineers have put the Evora Cup car on a diet, tipping the scales at around 400 pounds less than the standard road car making it even more capable on the circuit. The racing series will consist of a number of points paying events in Europe culminating with a race at England’s famed Donington Park in October before traveling south to Italy’s Vallelunga in November with the champion taking home a £100,000 purse for their efforts.

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The boys at Top Gear have already announced the Ferrari 458 Italia to be both their "Super car of the year" and "Car of the year" , but there is another sports car being recognized by the automotive journal for one of their annual awards. The all new Lotus Evora is poised to take the sports car market by storm as the world’s only mid engine 2+2, powered by a Lotus tuned 3.5 Liter Toyota Toyota V6 that produces a very potent 276 HP and weighing in at just 2,976 lbs. the Evora is guaranteed to shake things up a bit.

Even if it’s not on sale yet, the 2010 Lotus Evora has just been announced as the Top Gear Magazine’s best Sports Car over the last 12 months. According to the English magazine’s Editor, Conor McNicholas, "[The Evora] is pretty quintessentially British, fast and handles like a dream. Evora takes Lotus to a new place in terms of quality, but more importantly delivers a sports car rush that puts other marques to shame" not to mention at a fraction of the price. The Lotus CEO, Dany Bahar, continued by saying that "I am particularly pleased that the Top Gear team commented on the huge improvements in quality at Lotus, confirming that the Evora is an exciting supercar that can also be used for every day driving." This is only the latest award in what is becoming a long list of automotive accolades.

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The lightweight English sports car maker Lotus has just announced pricing for the U.S. market version of their latest creation, the 2010 Evora , a mid engine, V6 powered, 2+2 that is set to go on sale sometime in the first quarter of 2010. New Lotus Evora s will start at $73,500 for the four seater Lotus. The piston pumper is a 3.5 Liter unit sourced from Toyota that makes an adequate 276 HP and 258 lb-ft of thrust. Aside from the brand new lines, owners will enjoy going from 0 to 60 MPH in 4.9 seconds and hitting a top speed of 162 MPH while getting a very green 30+ miles per gallon while doing it. Judging from what we saw at the Miami Auto Show they will also look very good while doing it.

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Like almost all Lotus built vehicles, the new Evora is going racing. From their initial design stages, the lightweight English automaker intended for the Evora to be competitive on the track as well as a road going super car, so when Lotus released the Evora 124 endurance race car it was only the next logical step for Colin Chapman’s car company. The Endurance racing Evora maintains the same lines and body panels as the road car with the addition of a ground effects kit that gets the Evora to stick to the racing surface.

In order to make the Evora even more competitive, the mid mounted Toyota V6 has been upgraded from the standard 280 HP to a tire shredding 400 HP in unrestricted trim, while the meticulous design team has managed to shed another 400 pounds from the already lightweight sports car. Lotus has also found room for a six speed sequential gearbox for lightning fast shifts, a full roll cage for safety as well as the obligatory fuel cell and fire extinguisher system. Of course what race car would be complete with a GT spec rear wing made from carbon fiber to compliment the ground effects kit made up of the rear diffuser and front splitter.

Keeping the car on track is a set of 18 inch rims wrapped in Pirelli racing slicks and a set of AP Racing 6 piston calipers underneath, while the suspension has been redesigned for increased adjustability. According to Luke Bennett, Director of Lotus Cars Limited, “Motorsport has been in our blood ever since our founder, Colin Chapman, built the first Lotus back in 1948. We are proud of our motorsport history, which includes victories in Formula One, Le Mans, saloon car, rally car and sportscar racing around the world; more recently, we won the British GT3 Championship in 2006 with the Lotus Exige Lotus Exige . The Lotus Evora Lotus Evora Type 124 Endurance Racecar is from the same unique stable and we expect it to be a competitive racecar when we enter various endurance races next year.” You can expect to see the new Lotus Evora 124 competing at 24 hour endurance races at the Nürburgring Nordschleife, Silverstone and even in Dubai.

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