2008 Lotus Elise S 40th Limited Edition

Lotus Cars is very pleased to release its limited edition for Mainland Europe – the Lotus Elise S 40th Anniversary Limited Edition. This unique limited edition is based on the entry-level model of the Elise Range – the Elise S –
and commemorates the 40th anniversary of production at the Lotus factory in Hethel in 2007.

The specification of the car is as follows:

  • — Elise S – Model Year 2008, featuring twin airbags
  • Burnt Orange Premium Paint
  • Hardtop
  • Painted rear diffuser and wheels
  • Leather trim in orange stitching
  • Painted centre consol & exterior panels in body colour
  • Coloured brake calipers
  • Build plate
  • Country specific unique Decals
  • 40th commemorative letter signed by Mike Kimberley, CEO of Lotus Cars Ltd.
Lotus Elise S 40th Limited Edition

The car is available from official Lotus dealers in Mainland Europe from today and the production numbers will be strictly limited to the following countries as below:

  • Germany 15
  • Switzerland 10
  • France 5
  • Belgium 5
  • Italy 6
  • Other countries in mainland Europe 9

To celebrate both the 40th anniversary of production at the Lotus factory in Hethel, England and also the fourth consecutive year of sales growth in Europe for Lotus (up 9% year to date verses the same period last year) the car will be extremely competitively priced giving the customer an extra 10% extra value in terms of equipment and options. The only additional cost options are Air Conditioning and Lotus Traction Control.

The retail prices per country are listed below. Please take into account that all prices include
local tax and delivery:

Lotus Elise S 40th Limited Edition
  • Germany - 39,995
  • Switzerland CHF 58,600
  • France - 40,200
  • Italy - 40,800
  • Belgium - 40,600
  • Holland - 53,600


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