2009 Lotus Exige Tri-fuel

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After the recent success of the Lotus Exige 270E Tri-Fuel at the Shanghai Motor Show, Youngman Auto, the lightweight English sports car builder’s Chinese partner has submitted a request that the concept go into production, at least for the Chinese market by the end of this year. The alternatively fueled Lotus made its debut at Geneva in 2008, and what set the car apart from normal flex fuel vehicles that can run on a blend of gasoline and ethanol, the Exige 270E adds methanol into the mix. It is no surprise that the Chinese are so interested in the Tri-Fuel, because back in 2007 China became the world’s largest producer and consumer of methanol. In 2008 nearly 1 Billion gallons of the alternative fuel was blended with gasoline in the panda loving country, and mixtures of methanol/gasoline are already available at many gas stations throughout the land.

Check out the diagrams after the jump to see how Tri-Fuel works.

Source: Autoblog

Proposed methanol cycle

Lotus Exige Tri-fuel

Sustainable methanol cycle

Lotus Exige Tri-fuel


I am not familiar to ethanol fueled cars, but I think this one is amazing. I love the
angst of this car. Its headlights looks so cute and adds appeal to the car.

I was in Calistoga the other weekend walking around. Somebody had a white Elise parked there. Like a kid, I just had to stand and
stare at it for a minute. Such a good car. Amazingly small too. I’m not sure I could fit in one.

This model is a alcohol based fuel. Some says that this is part of Lotus’ research about running on mixtures of alcohol fuels and gasoline.

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