2011 Lotus Evora S Roger Daltrey Edition

Lotus has always had the pulse for doing charitable things as they have built numerous special edition models to help raise funds for charities. A few months ago, they built a special Evora called the Freddie Mercury Edition - Mercury was the lead vocalist of Queen - to benefit the Mercury Phoenix Trust Foundation.

Recently, the British automaker went back to that same route by unveiling another special edition Evora S , this time personalized by no less than The Who front man, Roger Daltrey.

With the help of Lotus, Daltrey was given the reins in personalizing this car. In addition to signing the car himself, Daltrey also added in red striping details, as well as a number of "The Who" badges and a Union Jack logo on the tailgate. For their part, Lotus gave the special edition Evora Tech and Premium packages that include a Metallic Black paint finish, a reversing camera, and best of all, a 3.5-liter supercharged V6 engine that produces 345 horsepower.

The Evora Roger Daltrey Edition is set to be auctioned off on December 1, 2011 with proceeds going to the Teenage Cancer Trust.

"Without teenagers and their energy and passion for music, we wouldn’t have Rock ’n Roll as we know it," Daltrey said. "There is no doubt in my mind that we’re really making a difference."

Interested bidders will need to bring their check books with them because the car is expected to go under the hammer for around £70,000, which is around $93,400 based on current exchange rates.


This car was really elegant, much impressive and everything are detailed on its exterior design . Many people would admire to have this kind of cars. Auction is better but best to manufacture this is market.

What happened on this auction? What was the final price for this Lotus Evora? I am sure that the Teenage Cancer Trust are really thankful on the result of the auction fro Evora really worth having the price of $93,400 and above. smiley

Evora has an impressive with the attractive interior and exterior design. It truly looks awesome, it so classy and expensive on its exterior detailing.

I would admit that Evora has an impressive and very attractive exterior appearance. However, I think they should give an extra focused on how to boost their engine even though it is only a sports sedan.

It is only looked like a sports vehicle because on its platform, right? But the truth is it is only a luxury sedan. Well, if it truly is I must say that I’m already satisfied with its supercharged V6 engine.

Yeah! The fact that it is a sports car, I don’t think that its engine which only has an output of 345 hp is already enough on it, but I admit that it truly looks so awesome and a luxury vehicle on its exterior detailing.

Just too bad they didn’t justify the angst and aggressive looks of this Evora. Its engine is not really very satisfying because I’m so sure that it would not give a nice speed on it for that engine output only.

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