2012 Lotus Evora GTE

The Evora GTE Concept’s engine is still a bit warm from its 2011 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance debut, and Lotus is already revving up the production version for the Frankfurt Motor Show. The Evora GTE road car was originally designed as a special limited edition for the Asian market, but Group Lotus has decided to expand its production to meet demand and reach further markets.

The Evora GTE is powered by a race-tuned 3.5-liter V6 engine that delivers a total of 444 HP, making it the most powerful Lotus road car ever built. It also delivers a comfortable and refined element to its high performance driving characteristics.

Commenting on the Evora GTE road car, Group Lotus CEO Dany Bahar said: "The response to this model in China has been so incredible, within days we had sold out with 114 orders. In response we decided that the only logical step from a business perspective was to increase production and widen our reach.

"What is unique about this car, is not just that it’s a serious race car – it’s a serious car. People get so excited when they see and especially hear it for the first time. It’s a very special car and will appeal to a very special type of driver – and they won’t be disappointed!"

UPDATE 09/13/2011: The new special edition Evora GTE has finally been unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show today. The new model comes with carbon fiber front and rear bumpers, a carbon fiber rear wing, and carbon fiber doors. This measure, next to the lightweight Recaro carbon fiber seats, help to reduce the total weight by 231 lbs.

UPDATE 12/19/2011: Lotus has dropped new images of the special edition Evora GTE - and we have to admit it looks great in yellow. See all of the images in our picture gallery!


So aggressive and have lots of design, which is not very necessary, and I noticed that V6 engine is not fitted for a sports car like this, but surely it really has a powerful appearance.

The full black paint job of the car makes it to look like a getaway car for kidnappers! However, I am really impressed with the figure performance of the vehicle. I can’t wait for its production.

Expanding its production is really a great idea. However, I think before they did that they should need to boost first the engine of this GTE, so it will be more very impressive and attractive to the car lovers out there.

It is really a good thing that this new model of Evora is mostly made by a carbon-fiber material, which is truly great for this sports vehicle. However, I’m still not satisfied with its engine output.

I think it looks more a good-looking vehicle with the black body paint. Moreover, I’m so disappointed on its engine, which only had an output of 444 horsepower. I think they should boost it more.

Evora GTE is really oozing with angst and aggressiveness, no doubt about that. However, the fact that it is a sports car, I don’t think that its engine would be good enough for it so that it could have a nice speed performance.

Its V6 engine that can deliver a power output of 444 horsepower is really quite good but not great for a sports car like this. Sure, it truly looks so impressive on its exterior detailing, but I hope that they should boost more the engine of it.

Obviously, Evora GTE is really oozing with angst and aggressiveness, but I have to agree with them that for a sports car, the engine that it had is not enough to beat its powerful competitor.

The front gives so much angst on this Evora GTE. However, I think this kind of car is not so reliable for a sports car instead on a race, but I don’t think that the engine that it had is suited for a sports car.

I’m just having a little disappointed on its engine and horsepower. Well, for me the appearance of this looks so perfect on its unique and aggressive design and I bet that this one is a sports car, that’s why I really don’t think that V6 engine can give a better performance on it. 

I’m not really impressed with the design and the style of this car. I’m impressed the performance of this car. The performance of this car is greater than the other Lotus car. This Lotus Evora is one of the best cars in lotus brand car.

The iron style of the car is impressive. The style of this car is great and the performance of this car is great also. I want to see this car performance in personal.

I’m not really fond with those cars that has an aggressive look and lots of designs that are not really necessary but with this one, the aggressive looks and its designs really emphasized the angst that it had.

This car is very beautiful. I’m sure this Lotus Evora is expensive one. It has strong physical aspects and great interior the surely will be one of the most popular in the market.

Lotus Evore GTE has 444 Horsepower and v6 engine. The style of the car is like a shark. Front of the car is fat and the back of the car is thin.

At last, they already unveiled this Evora GTE. I love the elegance of this car, and I’m impressed with how they perfectly managed but I don’t think that V6 engine will give a better performance on it.

There is perceptibly a bunch to know about this. I consider you made certain good points in features also. I would love to know more about the other features and on the speed test.

So aggressive and have lots of design which is not so necessary and I noticed that V6 engine is not fitted for a sports car like this but surely it is really have a powerful appearance.

The good thing about this vehicle was the full black paint job doesn’t affect the overall look of the car. I like the perfect drawing for the racing stripes on this vehicle. s its definitely makes the car more aggressive!

The popularity of cars in the Chinese market is quietly increasing! And I think aside from their long wheel base option they try to experience other version. I guess this would be an awesome start for the Lotus!

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