2012 Lotus Exige R-GT

Hiding behind the shadow of the bigger and better 2012 Lotus Exige S at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show is Lotus’ brand new Exige R-GT. This new racer marks the brand’s return to the rally world, 30 years after their World Rally Championship victory in the Talbot Talbot Sunbeam Lotus. The Exige R-GT will participate in the newly formed FIA GT category of the FIA Rally Championship on asphalt in Monte Carlo, Tour de Corse, and San Remo.

The new Exige R-GT shares the new Exige S model’s mid-mounted, transverse 3.5 liter DOHC V6 VVI-i engine, but power has been brought down to 300 HP because of the 34mm air restrictor required for racing. The Exige R-GT will also have to pack on ballast weight to meet FIA requirements of 1200 kg (2645 lbs).

"With the new R-GT rules in rally, it’s a very interesting time for us to return to the sport. Naturally our approach this time around will be different to when we won the championship with Talbot three decades ago but I think our philosophy is definitely the same, we want to compete and ultimately we want to win. Our new rally car, the Exige R-GT is a dream come true for those who are passionate about GT racing – this will be their car," said Group Lotus’ Director of Motorsport Claudio Berro.

UPDATE 12/28/2011: After its official debut in Frankfurt, the Exige R-GT headed to the Dallara’s headquarters in Varano Melegari, Palma on December 22, 2011 for its first track test under the watchful eye of Group Lotus Director of Motorsport, Claudio Berro, and technicians from the team. According to Lotus, the results were delightful and the team will continue to test the car until the 2012 FIA World Rally Championship season where the Exige will contend in the FIA GT category on asphalt at events in Monte Carlo, Tour de Corse, and San Remo. We have also added new images from the testing days. Enjoy!


nice rally car... anyone think the lights make it a little.... ugly maybe? I mean I know it is a rally car and yeah looks arent that meaningful but it is such a good looking car. Well at least I can only complain about the silly head lights right. Great car set up really good

Nice rally designed car, full of details and very customized. The set up, and engines became ultimately extreme and look very competitive.

A very classic and artistic racing car, it was so sporty in its look. It seems as an elegant toy car in a big world. The best exterior design, will be surely much for a great engine.

Yeah! It really looks alluring on that graphics. However, it still a sad thing that they didn’t as yet upgrade the engine for this kind of vehicle, which is very disappointing on it.

Nice color combination! It really looks so attractive on that. However, it is truly not impressive on its engine that only has an output of 300 hp for the fact that it is a sports car.

This exige is very noticeable on its exterior appearance, and I must that its color combination is so perfect on it. However, I don’t think that its engine is only good for it the fact that it is a sports car.

The engine that this race car had is surely not enough to beat its competitor, I think they should upgrade it first before deciding to put it on the market or even on its début, but it is already looking great for me.

Exige was really oozing with angst and aggressiveness! I noticed that the artistic design of this race car was really captivating and looking so fabulous, but I’m quite wondering on its interior.

I’m so impressed with the artistic appearance of this Exige R-GT! smiley It will be simply stunning in that looks, but I wonder if the engine that it had was quite good enough for it, and I would love to see the interior features of this one.

I wanted to see its engine and what’s inside this car. Frankly speaking this rally car, seems to be just one of the complemented car, for I’ve seem more rally cars that give more blended designs. But then good job for this car.

I’m so impressed to this car. The design and the style of this car is really great for the race car like this. The performance of this car is very nice. I want to be a car racer with this race car someday. smiley

That’s a very nice color combination that creates a great complexion of a sports car. I think it has a smooth fast car that can surely enjoy to drive.

Great design. I like the style of front bumper and the rims are unique than the other. The color combination is great and this car has 300 horsepower.

I like the concept of the R-GT, from the exterior, tires about for a HP of 300, i doubt it could compete on some racing cars out there. Too slow for other sports car.

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