2012 Lotus Exige R-GT FIA Rally Race Car

Lotus ’ involvement in auto racing has resulted in a storied Formula 1 resume that includes six Drivers’ and seven Constructors’ World Championships. But for all of its achievement in Formula 1, the British automaker also has a World Rally Championship under its belt.

After a long absence in the world of rally racing, Lotus is returning to the dirt for the FIA European Rally Championship with a specially designed Exige R-GT .

Dressed in its iconic black and gold color scheme, the Exige R-GT Rally Race Car will be powered by a 3.5-liter DOHC V6 VVI-i engine that produces 300 horsepower. Seeing as the car is being built for rally racing, Lotus made some tweaks to adhere to FIA regulations, particularly the reduction in output.

According to Claudio Berro, Lotus’ racing director, the Exige R-GT FIA Rally Car will be the first GT car to be homologated by the FIA. "Lotus, of course, has been successful in rallying before, so in many ways we’re going back to our roots," he adds.

The Exige R-GT will see its first testing action before heading over to the customary FIA homologation process. Should everything go according to plan, we can expect to see it make its debut at the Mille Miglia rally on April 19-21, 2012, leading to its participation in special rally stages at the FIA European Rally Championship.


I guess I’m not the one who’s been that someday I’m the one driving this Race car.

It’s a full package which is ideally fit for its purpose.

For a rally race car, this is unbelievably looking luxurious. It’s good that Lotus has not been confused with its purpose; it’s been installed with an engine that can give off impressive amount of ponies.

You know what will successfully catch the people’s attention with the R-GT FIA Rally Race Car? It has this petite-like built with aggressive components, painted with a wise choice of elegant colors and finished by an exquisite paint job.

Perfect; it’s the word that pretty much sums up my view about this rally car. It’s equipped with everything you’ll seek for.

I hope lotus comes to the wrc again. I’m tired of seeing fiestas and ds3.

Whoo. I’d love to ride this and roam around flaunting it. It’s a very nice rally race car; it’s abundant with expected features, appearance, and performance.

Gosh, I couldn’t really care less about its performance if ever I see it personally, I think. The charm of its black and gold color mix is so strong.

Lotus is truly one of the best rally car producers. The Lotus Exige R-GT FIA Rally Race Car will not fail to amuse and shine among the others; clearly, the brilliant choice of color combination is captivating. In addition to that, I bet it will receive a large cheer from the crowd when it goes off.

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