2015 Lotus Esprit Superleggera

On your marks, get set, GO! McLaren and Aston Martin are charging forward with their respective supercars, but a new leader in the race for Britain’s fastest supercar is emerging and it’s none other than Lotus . According to Automotive Express, sources are stating that the British manufacturer is preparing a flagship Superleggera version of their next generation Esprit . The new Superleggera is set to be released in late 2013/early 2014 and will be the fourth model in the Esprit lineup - next to a coupe, a convertible, and a glass-roofed Targa edition.

The Esprit Superleggera will be powered by an upgraded version of the 4.8-liter V8 engine mated to a seven-speed dual-clutch semi-automatic gearbox with rapid shifts. This configuration will be capable of producing 612 HP at 9,000 rpm which will be highlighted with a special aluminum body that will be even stronger and lighter than the body used in the current model. This type of powerful and light combination will ensure the supercar charges from 0-60 mph in under three seconds with a top speed of 212 mph. Drooling yet?

Lotus is so confident about their new Superleggera model that Chief Technical Officer, Wolf Zimmermann, even took a stab at McLaren’s new MP4-12C: "This car will not be like the McLaren MP4-12C. It will be cooler 
– there will be more emotion."

Lotus is definitely shaking things up and moving in a direction reminiscent of their high performance origins. They have already planned the next five models spanning out in the next five years and they have recently announced they would be building their own engines. These seem to be pretty hefty plans for a company that has been in the shadows since the release of the Elise. Will they crash and burn, or will they come out on top?

Source: AutoExpress


I love the wheels of this Superleggera even the platform design of this car is really impressive and satisfying. V8 engine is good enough for it.

Well, I agree that it has an impressive styling of the car. And it seems that the v12 technology have produced an awesome amount of power.

This would be an impressive production vehicle! I was impressed with the awesome figure performance and styling of the car. I can’t wait for the future production of the car.

I love the front headlights of superleggera, this car is really pretty and can caught lots of buyers attention. V8 engine is quite impressive for it.

I simply love the platform of this Esprit Superleggera. The fronts and the wheels really had the angst that I’ve looking for my car, this one is really an eye catcher.

The releasing of this superleggera is too long. We can’t wait for this production. I love the angst that was expressing of superleggera. I will make sure that I will have this kind of baby.

The designs are really awesome especially the headlights. I’m pretty sure that Lotus will out on top when they already bring this one to production. I really can’t wait to see this in person.

The car absolutely fits its name. This one is really promising. Good job for Lotus but I’ve wondering how does the engine works. If its good, I’m sure it will soar on top.

Hmm, this one actually does have some elements similar to the Gallardo Superleggera. But I would say that the Esprit really looks unique in its own right, and certainly stands out pretty well.

That’s a good move for Lotus. I’ve been always a fan of their Esprit models especially the Evora. But I think I’ll definitely get hooked to this one.

Well, I don’t really care what they call this one. It is still a good looking car, and from just this, I could pretty much tell that I would have an outstanding performance on the road.

Actually, if I am correct, the term Superleggera is not a trademarked word, so anyone would be able to use it. And in the case of Lotus, it looks like they have all the rights to use it for this baby.

I wonder what they meant with their statement about emotion? Does it relate to the front hood of the car? Well, I guess this one needs to wait for the future production of Lotus.

hmm. It seems that the Lamborghini makes a different platform for the Esprit, it differ from the traditional form among Lambo cars especially on the roof. BTW, I thought they are using V12 technology for their future car then how come that this one used a v8 powered engine?

Hey, I thought that the Superleggera name was only limited to Lamborghini? But this one actually does look rather good, I especially like the curves that they have on this one, certainly a mark of Lotus.

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