2006 Porsche Cayenne CLR 400 GT

In addition to lowered suspension and 22-inch wheels, the SUV also gets widened fenders, which, in our estimation look pretty darn good. The car also gets a reworked front fascia with a new grille, bumper, and hood.

The actual bodykit contains a new front bumper with foglights, a rear bumper with diffusor, sideskirts, wheel arch extensions front and rear, 3 piece front grille and Lumma logo. Wheels and suspension were not forgotten, there 11x23 wheels available with 315/25 tires and a 40mm lowering kit takes care of the agressive stance.

"Ex factory, this vehicle just looks too smart and neat," says Horst Lumma. That was one of the reasons why the designer, along with his brother and model construction engineer, Andreas Lumma developed the new body kit, the "CLR 400 GT."

It comprises a front spoiler bumper with double headlights, a rear spoiler with diffuser, side skirts, front and rear enlargements, door panels below, a three-part front grill and the Lumma emblem. A sporty look bonnet with venting slots, a roof-edge spoiler with a tear-off edge, headlight eyebrows and double- output exhaust valves are also part of the offer.

"For those, who feel that the Cayenne appears to be meek even after ourinnovations, we’ve got some more technical extras", Andreas Lumma proudly declared.

These include lower suspension and alterations to the turbo. The latter promises 470bhp and 470 lb-ft of toreque from the 4.5 litre V8 engine.

Anyone bold enough to buy the kit will need deep pockets. The body conversion costs around 22,000 Euros (28000$). The height-adjustable chassis and the special wheels (10x22 - 295/30-22) add around 12,000 (15300$) Euros to the price. And the turbo changes amount to a further 20,000 Euros (25000$).

"But then you have a Cayenne, of which there are only a handful in the whole world", said Horst Lumma.


The actual bodykit here works well for Cayenne CLR 400 GT, its now more of equipped. Now it shows of a very aggressive car concept.

Mann, this looks awsum, i will happily buy one smiley

ghetttoooo!, people if you want a rice rocket buy a lexus or acura . If you want style class... get factory performance.

PS: the hood looks too much like a Neon SRT-4

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