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After we saw the Lumma-Design CLR 550 R based on the Porsche Cayenne GTS, the German tuner went to work on another SUV with an identity crisis, the BMW X6 . The result is the CLR X 650. The new vehicle comes with a redesigned front bumper with integrated daytime running LEDs, new mirror covers, a rear lip carbon spoiler, and a new rear bumper with integrated exhaust cutters and rear air diffuser.

Lumma Design CLR X 650 based on the BMW X6

The kit also includes 23-inch Lumma Racing 3 alloy wheels wrapped in Michelin 315/25-23 tires on the front and rear. Also the 4.4-liter V8 engine received some attention but unfortunately the manufacturer released no data about the upgrade.

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Lumma Design, the German tuner, will be showing off its revised Porsche Cayenne GTS at Germany’s Essen Motor Show at the end of the month. The Lumma Design CLR 550 R takes the hot Cayenne and drops in a supercharger to move it form 400 hp to 612 hp. The kit also includes the body modification such as a new wide open grille, side skirts, front and rear spoilers, vents on the hood, and a rear diffuser.

Lumma Design CLR 550 R based on the Porsche Cayenne GTS

While this whole package is impressive, after seeing edo’s Cayenne GTS , is even more power really necessary? Once again, are there any average drivers out there who know how to keep control of a 5000 lb. truck that has more power than a Dodge Viper ?

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As you know once you do a good job, you keep coming again to do the same thing! This is what happened with Lumma, who unveiled today a new interpretation of the Bmw X5 . Available exclusively for the X5 wearing no dynamic package, the kit includes a new front bumper, a carbon-fiber hood, new side sills and a new rear bumper featuring exhaust cutters and an air diffuser.

Lumma CLR X530 S based on the Bmw X5

Also a new set of 20 inch alloy wheels was added, same model used at the Lumma CLR X530 . As an option, the tuner offers carbon-fiber mirror coverings as well as 22 inch alloy wheels. Price of the kit: $13,370.

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Lumma Design, a well-known German tuner unveiled another masterpiece: the Lumma CLR600. Based on the diesel-powered Bmw 635d, the new kit features a front spoiler bumper with PDC and headlight cleaning, flared wings in front and in the back, new side skirts with brake tiser, a tail apron with rear air diffuser, stone guards foil and of course the Lumma CLR600 signature.

Lumma CLR600 based on the BMW 635d

In order to improve the stability of the vehicle the tuner added new sport springs which lower the car with up to 30 mm but also 20 inch alloy wheels. For a better sound of the engine a new set of mufflers were added providing also a power increase. Stopping the car will not be a problem thanks to the newly added Brembo brake package, ideal for this type of vehicles.

Lumma CLR600 based on the BMW 635d

At the interior everything is custom built and depends on the choice of the customers. According to the manufacturer all the parts come with TUV approval!

No words about the price yet!

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After Hartge and Hamann , is Lumma’s turn to present its customization programme for the recently launched Bmw X6. Called the CLR X 650, the new vehicle will feature a new wide body kit, consisting in a re-designed front bumper, a front bonnet, new side sills and a re-designed rear bumper. The car will feature also 23 inch black painted wheels.

More information after the official unveiling of the vehicle!

The lion’s share of the new, individualized appearance has been created through the new LUMMA body kit CLR X 530. It includes a front spoiler with fog lights and extravagant air intake ducts, a rear apron in diffuser-look, brawny muscular wheel arch extensions, new side sills, and logo "CLR X530". The body kit can be further enhanced with additional parts. For example, LUMMA offers a roof spoiler extension with simple adhesive application to the rear hatch upper edge.

The swabian tuner LUMMA DESIGN continues its series of refined premium vehicles through CLR 500 RS. This time the development was based on the current BMW M5. This high performance limousine receives a complete body-kit in spectacular optics, a new chassis, a racing exhaust system, numerous interior accessories as well as power enhancement providing even better performance. This car, which is refined using every trick in the tuning book, celebrated its premier during the Auto Salon in Geneva 2007 as Show Car at the stand of the Swiss tuning specialists Forcar Auto accessories, where it became THE crowd puller.

Lumma-Design customized the BMW 1-Series in an atemp to hear your opinion about their tuning way. If you want to win 100 euro, and if german is one of your fluent languages follow this link and good luck!

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