Lumma Design introduced a new program for the Range Rover at the Goodwood Festival of Speed last June, adding to a growing portfolio of aftermarket programs that’s as impressive as they come in the tuning game. From Porsche 911 s to BMW X6 s, there are no shortage of tuning projects that has the German tuner’s badge on it and this new CLR SR kit for the Range Rover is the latest in a long list of them.

You can take one look at this Range Rover and you can immediately tell the difference. Lumma Design’s penchant for building quality kits is a testament to that.
This particular kit is available for both the Range Rover Sport and Vogue models, enhancing an already versatile luxury SUV with an aggressive body kit that brings out those pearly, British eyes.

This kit is the kind of program that owners of the Range Rover Sport and Vogue models should definitely have their eye on. The aerodynamic kit and the modest performance improvement will definitely make it worth their time.

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If you’re the BMW i3 , you’re probably sweating over all the attention the BMW i8 is generating, and there’s good reason for that. The i8, after all, is like the stud athlete of the family, whereas the i3 is the the little brother struggling to come out of big bro’s shadow.

But don’t tell that to Lumma Design, the noted BMW tuner who loves the i3 equally. In fact, the new CLR i8 program developed for the i8 also has an i3 counterpart: the CLR i3 Concept.

Like the CLR i8, the CLR i3 also comes with a comprehensive body kit that’s become tantamount to an awesome makeover for the BMW i3. The new front lip spoiler adds a more aggressive appearance to the hatchback, whereas the new hood, which is made from carbon fiber from the looks of it, is the kind of high-end stamp you normally see supercars receive. Same goes for the carbon-fiber side skirts and the set of 22-inch alloy wheels.

The CLR i3 program also looks like it’s ripe to receive a performance upgrade. After all, you make this hatch look as good as it does, thanks to all those cosmetic and aerodynamic changes, without a matching performance tune.

We’re waiting for the complete program for the i3, Lumma Design. You got off to a great start with the aero mods; now’s the time to finish it off with a bang the BMW i3 deserves.

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Any car that gets the kind of attention that the BMW i8 has received is going to be on the radar of a lot of aftermarket companies. It’s not so much a question on if a tuner will build a program for it as it is when somebody will be the first to do it.

Well, it looks like Lumma Design already has the leg up over the competition.

The German tuning firm is jumping in on the i8 phenomenon with a preview of what it plans to do with BMW ’s all-new electric sports car .

Nothing is final as of yet, but the preliminary announcement from Lumma has the i8 receiving a host of high-tech carbon components, including a new front spoiler, new side skirts and a new rear bumper with an integrated diffuser tacked on to it.

In addition, the aptly named CLR I8 program also gets a fancy set of new wheels and the most distinguishable modification of them all, tailor-made stickers — yes, stickers — that change the blue accents on the standard i8 into a shade of green that, quite frankly, looks a lot better than the standard blue hue. And if anything, it goes with the eco-friendliness of the electric hybrid. Just sayin’...

No performance upgrades have been announced, but rest assured we’re going to expect significantly more than the 362-horsepower and 420 pound-feet of torque output of the standard i8.

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The 2014 BMW X5 will not hit showrooms until late in November, but Lumma Design has already found a way to improve it. The new Lumma kit applies to both diesel and gasoline models, and will be available for order starting in March 2014.

As with any other kit developed by Lumma, the new CLR X5 RS starts by upgrading the exterior look of the car. The new aerodynamic kit starts with a new front spoiler bumper with enlarged air inlets and integrated daytime running lights. There are also new, custom-made side skirts and a new hood with large built-in vents.

Lumma also took the X5’s backside to a new level, as it installed a new integrated diffuser and a new rear spoiler with specially placed panels. Lastly, a set of powerful-looking wheel-arch flares help to give the X5 a more aggressive stance.

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The new-generation Range Rover Sport is one of our favorite SUVs launched this year. It has a great look, a great presence on the road and four engines to choose from. It looks like Lumma Design agreed with us, as, just a few weeks after the car made its world debut, the tuner came up with a first kit for it.

The kit is part of Lumma’s CLR RS upgrade lineup that also includes models like the M5 CLR 730 RS . The kit includes a new front spoiler, widened fenders and a new front grille. For the rear, the tuner also installed a huge apron that includes a rear diffuser, a new spoiler lip and a roof spoiler.

The new Range Rover Sport sits on a set of wheels sized 22 or 23 inches and painted in either black or polished anthracite. For the interior, the Lumma offers a combination of wood, leather and carbon fiber.

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With its 560-horsepower V-8 engine, the BMW M6 is one Bimmer that needs no upgrades. That’s just our opinion, of course, because German tuner, Lumma Design, seems to think it needs a little something. The tuner has prepared a CLR 6M package and it will be unveiled at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show.

The tuner limited the upgrades to just the M6’s exterior and the interior, and the package can be applied to both coupe and convertible models. The aerodynamic kit includes a new front bumper with large air intakes and a full-carbon hood with venting slots. For the rear, the tuner added an optimized rear diffuser and a stainless-steel exhaust system with a total of four tail pipes measuring 100 mm (3.9 inches) in diameter.

For the exterior, Lumma offers front and rear wheel arch extensions that perfectly fit the new 21-inch sport wheels wrapped in wide tires that measure 275/30R21 on the front and 325/25R21 on the rear.

We’ve seen Lumma Design’s CLR 558 GT program for the Porsche Cayenne before. Earlier this year, in fact. These guys, however, don’t appear to be content with just one iteration of this project.

So they built not one, not two, but three different variations of the program that highlight their prowess in custom-tuned, customer-specified tuning projects. The three variants of the Cayenne - the S Hybrid, the Diesel, and the Turbo - were each given specific programs to demonstrate the kind of diversity the aftermarket company is entirely capable of.

With projects like this, it’s easy to see why Lumma Design is considered as one of the premier Porsche tuners in the world. As far as comfort, dynamics, elegance, and all-around sportiness are concerned, they cover all those bases without even breaking a sweat.

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With 560 HP under the hood, the new generation BMW M6 is undoubtedly a car that gets a lot of attention. Now, German tuner Lumma Design is adding yet another tuning package to the list. This is just a preview of what’s to come, though. The full package will be unveiled at the end of 2012 and comes with modifications to the exterior and interior of the sports car.

Lumma Design started the package by offering a complete aerodynamics kit, including a front spoiler and large air inlets, carbon fiber engine housing, wheel arch extensions to the front and the rear, and a rear diffuser with a central double-pipe exhaust. There is also a new set of wheels, size 10x21," on the front axle and 12.5x21" on the rear axle.

As for the interior, Lumma Design allows its customers to do with it as they wish. They offer plenty of color options to choose from and lots of materials like leather, alcantara, and carbon fiber.

There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that the 2012 Porsche 911 is a tuning magnet all its own. That’s why when the car was first introduced late last year, tuners from all corners of the world began racing to build the first program for the new 911.

At the 2012 Geneva Motor Show , we’re going to see a couple tuning firms present their first program for the 911, one of them being Lumma Design .

Their very first program for the new Porsche 911 is called the Lumma CLR 9 S. Made up of an attractive aerodynamic package that includes exterior and interior modifications, the CLR 9 S represents the latest chapter in Lumma Design’s growing fascination with Porsche vehicles. As part of the exterior aero package, Lumma added its own advanced aerodynamic body kit CLR, consisting of a front spoiler lip that emphasizes the sportiness of the new integrated Cupspoilerschwert "Elfers." The program also has a new CLR frame front grille design, as well as refined headlights, an expansive rear fender, a three-piece spoiler lip that ensures more downforce on the rear axle, and a new set of 20" Technikrad LUMMA sport wheels Edition "GS / R" that can be color customized upon request.

As far as the interior goes, Lumma Design dressed up the 911 with a bevy of high-quality materials, traditional craft saddlery, and the finest workmanship you’ll ever see in a German sports car, highlighted by a full red leather interior complemented by black Alcantara. The seats also have embossed carbon leather while the rest of the interior parts, including the dashboard, steering wheel, headliner, door panels, and the center console, all have generous headings of Alcantara. Rounding out the interior modifications are aluminum door sills, floor mats with leather welt suede, and embossed carbon leather interior trim.

When it comes to updating BMW models, Lumma Design is usually one of the tuning firms that can be counted on to do an amazing job. Their latest project - called the CLR 600 GT - is proof of that. It’s based on the new BMW 650i Convertible , but improved with a power boost of 90 HP.

To achieve the extra power, Lumma Design modified the engine’s electronics and added a new flow-optimized muffler with four stainless steel tail pipes, each 90 millimeters in diameter. As a result, the V8 engine now delivers a total of 490 HP and a peak torque of 531 lb-ft. Top speed has also been increased to 160 mph.

The exterior of the BMW 650i Convertible was also slightly modified, getting a new front spoiler with LED daytime driving lights, new side skirts, and a new rear diffuser, as well as the obligatory new set of 20" alloy rims in a racing spokes design and black surface finish. For the interior, Lumma has covered it in Alcantara and leather, added an ergonomically shaped sports steering wheel, a new set of aluminum pedals, new foot rests, velour floor and trunk mats with a leather trim, and interior trims in embossed carbon leather.

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