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luxury cars

  Luxury cars are expensive and come in all shapes: sedan, coupe or convertible. They offer all the comfort, luxury and performance but you will have to pay premium price. German cars like BMW or Mercedes are the first brand that come to our mind but nowadays nearly all car makers offer nice and comfortable models that enter in the luxury car category.

Can we start calling for an investigation on the water Porsche Exclusive designers and engineers are drinking over there in Stuttgart? Are we sure that it’s not spiked with powers that make those who drink it impervious to fatigue? I only ask because Porsche Exclusive has released another personalized creation, this time for the Cayenne S E-Hybrid SUV. I’m kidding about the performance-enhancing water (PEW, as I’d like to call it), because I really am extraordinarily impressed by the quality and efficiency by which these vehicles are made.

The Cayenne S E-Hybrid is a particularly difficult model to personalize, mainly because it’s bigger than the Cayman and Boxster programs we’ve seen in the past month. But Porsche Exclusive designers apparently didn’t have any trouble working on the Cayenne. The proof, after all, is in the pictures. The numerous Porsche options added to the Cayenne emphasizes its sporty and muscular appearance.

Porsche has made no indication on whether this Porsche Exclusive program for the Cayenne S E-Hybrid is reserved for a single buyer, just an example piece or about to go on sale.

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The Rolls-Royce Ghost usually isn’t the type of vehicle Novitec turns its attention to. It’s not a Ferrari; it’s not a Maserati; and last I checked, it’s not a Lamborghini either. But the Novitec Group now has a new tuning arm devoted exclusively to Rolls-Royce models. This new tuning arm is called Novitec Sporfec, which shouldn’t be confused with Novitec Rosso (Ferrari Ferrari ), Novitec Trident Trident e (Maserati Maserati ), and Novitec Torado (Lamborghini). It’s relatively new compared to the others, so it’s easy to see why some people were surprised to see this Rolls-Royce Ghost program.

Admittedly, I was one of those people but once my own surprise wore off, I looked a little closer at the new Ghost program and realized that Novitec Sporfec isn’t all that different from its brothers. For one, it goes to great lengths to develop in-house technology for its programs. It also uses these advancements to develop unique programs that provides across-the-board improvements on the vehicles it works on.

The Rolls-Royce Ghost is a perfect example of that. The list of upgrades are comprehensive with new components for every element of the British luxury sedan. This meticulous attention-to-detail has earned Novitec our praise in the past. With this new Sporfec division for Rolls-Royce models, I can’t see that changing anytime soon.

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The last time Acura made a compact luxury car based on the Civic we received the RSX, which had a cult-like following but ultimately didn’t fit what Acura was trying to be. After only five model years, Acura laid the RSX to rest and left the Civic alone for a few years. With the luxury compact sedan market as hot as it had ever been, Acura chose to meddle with the Civic again and released the 2013 ILX. Initially, the ILX had three drivetrains available: two gasoline drivetrains and one hybrid. As we head into the 2015 model year, Acura wisely cut the slow-selling hybrid model and left the two gasoline powertrains, which include a 150-horsepower 2.0-liter and a 201-horsepower 2.4-liter, to take on the likes of the Mercedes CLA250 and Buick Verano.

I got a crack at the ILX Premium with the 2.4-liter engine and six-speed manual transmission. Since I had already spent a week with the 2015 Honda Civic Si, I knew what the engine and transmission were all about. What I didn’t know was whether the throaty, high-revving i-VTEC engine was appropriate for a luxury car.

With my weeklong drive in the books, I was able to formulate an opinion on the ILX sedan. You can read all of my thoughts on it after the jump.

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Lexus and culture icon have teamed up to create a one-off, special-edition of the all-new Lexus NX crossover. Complete with a wide-body kit, 22-inch wheels, and loads of interior adornments, the team debuted the crossover September 24, 2014 as part of the Paris Fashion Week.

The standard 2015 Lexus NX 200T F Sport takes on a new look thanks to the extra-wide fenders from the wide-body kit. A lowered suspension helps those 22-inch wheels fit nicely under the bodywork that’s coated in monochrome, matte Pearl White paint. The white hue is offset by the black panoramic glass roof and orange brake calipers.

The monochrome color scheme continues inside the customized NX. The leather seats get treatment with his “willpower” logo embroidered on the seatbacks. pumped up the audio system, going with a 10-speaker setup from Pioneer. A unique camera system employs four 180-degree, wide-angle cameras that capture videos and photos in panoramic form. The images are then transferable to a smart device via Bluetooth.

Other bespoke touches include a unique steering wheel and brushed aluminum floor mats.

Lexus and left the NX 200T F Sport’s drivetrain alone. That means it still utilizes Lexus’ all-new, 2.0-liter, turbocharged four-cylinder. With an innovative turbo-on-head design, turbo lag is nearly eliminated. That helps the engine produce 235 horsepower at 5,600 rpm and 258 pound-feet of torque at 4,000 rpm.

The collaboration between the automaker and helps kick off a marketing campaign for the Lexus NX.

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It’s been about a year since the facelifted first-generation Panamera arrived in U.S. dealerships for the 2014 model year, and Porsche is already working on a successor for its sports sedan. Sure, rumors of a redesigned Panamera have been flying around since early 2014, but it is only in late September that the actual vehicle was spotted in the wild. Of course, the Panamera depicted above is still an early prototype, but the lenses of our skilled paparazzi caught a few interesting features that are new to this four-door sports car .

Details are still under wraps, and the powertrain lineup remains a well-guarded secret, but that’s not exactly surprising considering the second-generation Panamera is nearly three years away. We expect the new sedan to make its official appearance in 2017, and go on sale in the United States for the 2018 model year. We also expect to bring you numerous details on the new Panamera by the end of 2014. Meanwhile, read on to find out what we know so far.

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If you though Cadillac’s recently announced plans to move its global headquarters from Detroit to New York City in 2015 was big news, then wait ’til you hear this. The manufacturer just released a press statement that not only confirms the name of its large, rear-wheel-drive, luxury sedan in development, but also reveals a new naming scheme for its future products.

Rumored for more than a year, Cadillac’s flagship sedan is finally shaping up as a real vehicle to be introduced in 2015 for the 2016 model year. What’s more, it now has a name, the CT6. "This Cadillac will be the lightest and most agile car in the class of top-level large luxury sedans," says Travis Hester, executive chief engineer of the CT6, adding that the range-topping sedan will make use of advanced, lightweight materials and new body construction techniques "to reduce fuel consumption while enhancing driving dynamics and safety." Now that’s mighty courageous of Cadillac, who will be facing competition from the likes of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class and the Audi A8 in this fastidious segment.

As far as the new naming scheme is concerned, the automaker will use the "CT" lettering for all its cars. The moniker will also include a number indicating the size and position of the vehicles in the lineup. For instance, if the CT6 sits at the top of the range, the XTS , which slots between the flagship and the CTS , could be named CT5, while the CTS may become the CT4 and the ATS may become the CT3. At the same time, SUVs will likely receive a naming scheme too; maybe CX or SX. Of course, these are only educated guesses. It remains to be seen if this is the actual strategy. For the time being, we only know Cadillac is planning on changing its nameplates when the current vehicles are redesigned or an all-new model is created.

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The list of Mercedes models bearing the “Edition 1” name is growing longer and longer by the day. We’ve already seen a handful of them unveiled in 2014 alone, and since the year isn’t done, what’s one more added to the list, right? Mercedes did just that by unveiling the C63 Edition 1.

Like any other Edition 1 model, the Mercedes-AMG C63 Edition 1 features an exclusive design and an array of new features. The Edition 1 model is essentially an AMG C63 dressed up in a fancy tux with some nice accessories to go with it. That’s a pretty appropriate way to describe it.

Mercedes-AMG will likely sell the C63 Edition 1 in limited quantities. Mercedes hasn’t said how many of these models will be available but our hunch is that there won’t be a lot. The good news is that you’re going to have some time to mull it over before deciding on buying one. You might even decide to score the more powerful C63 S Edition 1, which could also get an Edition 1 version, given we’re reading the press release correctly.

The C63 AMG is tipped to make an appearance at the 2014 Paris Motor Show on October 4, 2014.

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Jaguar’s got some really big plans for the future of the brand. Circle your calendars for 2017, fellas, because the Big Cat is expected to come out with a fresh, new look. Company insiders revealed Jag’s future plans to Edmunds, and if there’s any truth to what they’re saying, we can expect a game-changing design for the British automaker.

It’s hard not to get excited when people start throwing out words like "change" and "jolt," as if to say that we should all expect a dramatic new-look for Jag. But those were the words Edmunds’ sources used. Evidently, the arrival of the F-Type Roadster and the XE compact sedan didn’t “jolt” us enough.

The next-generation XJ was singled out as the model that will get the most changes out of Jag’s current lineup. That should give luxury sedans like the BMW 7 Series , the Audi A8 , and the Mercedes S-Class something to collectively worry about.

Although nothing has been confirmed yet, there’s also talk that a production model of the C-X17 crossover is being planned. In the event that it gets the production thumbs up, a production Jaguar crossover could receive an aluminum body and, more importantly, an engine range similar to what the XE has. Speaking of new models, Jaguar’s also discussing the possibility of a new “white-space” model range; a replacement for the recently departed XK, and a smaller model that could compete with the likes of the Mercedes CLA-Class and the Audi A3 sedan .

In other words, Jaguar’s planning to turn the auto world upside down, which is probably what Sir Ben Kingsley, Mark Strong, and Tom Hiddleston all talked about in those “British Villains” commercials earlier this year.

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Source: Edmunds

AMG began meddling with the C-Class in 1995 — one year after the C-Class debuted — when it released the C36 AMG and its 268-horsepower V-6. The 1998 model year brought about the release of the C43 AMG, which featured a larger V-8 engine rated at 302 ponies. AMG then followed that up with the 349-horsepower C32 AMG in 2002, and then with the 362-horsepower C55 AMG in 2005. Finally, in 2008, the C63 AMG sent the sedan into 450-horsepower territory with a huge 6.2-liter V-8 tweaked to generate 451 horses. With the standard 2015 C-Class having arrived in dealerships in early 2014, Mercedes-Benz is rolling out a brand-new iteration of the AMG-prepped C63.This time around dubbed Mercedes-AMG C63, with the Germans dropping the Benz moniker from the official name, the new-generation vehicle marks the beginning of a new era for the sedan.

Much like its predecessor did in 2008, the 2015 Mercedes-AMG C63 gets a brand-new engine in the form of a biturbo, 4.0-liter V-8. The unit is identical with the one previously launched in the AMG GT sports car and comes not with just more horsepower, but with improved fuel efficiency as well. Read on for the full details surrounding AMG’s new high-performance compact .

Updated 09/24/2014: Mercedes has released all the important details on the new 2015 C63 AMG.

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General Motors has announced a “strategic realignment” that places Cadillac as a more autonomous branch of the automaker. Cadillac will become its own business unit, yet still ultimately report back to GM. Adding to the autonomy, Cadillac is moving its global headquarters from Detroit to New York City, with the facilities set to open in 2015.

The news comes after Johan de Nysschen’s installation as president of the Cadillac brand in August. This isn’t Nysschen’s first rodeo, however, as he oversaw a similar departure of the Infiniti brand away from Nissan .

GM President Dan Ammann says that with Cadillac’s upward repositioning, “the next logical step is to provide Cadillac more freedom to cultivate the brand in pursuit of further global growth. He continued by saying, “Cadillac’s mission is to reinstate the brand to a preeminent position among global luxury brands, a bold challenge requiring a distinct and focused new organization.”

This trend of premium-brand separation isn’t new. Other luxury brands such as Audi and Maserati have headquarters separated from their respective Volkswagen and Fiat leadership. Even Ford had its premium brands separated, back when it still had control of Land Rover , Jaguar , Aston Martin , and Volvo .

Cadillac’s new headquarters will be located in the Soho area of Manhattan with offices and event spaces. Set to open sometime in 2015, Nysschen and GM still have to determine what personnel will make the move, and which will stay with Cadillac’s technical operations in Detroit.

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