2006 Maserati Coupe

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What makes Maserati Coupe out from the crowd is a heady mix of unique abilities with class-leading performance in cosseted luxury.

Capable of encompassing the very best in refined racing technology and vet and in a classic, ageless style, Maserati Coupe combines the perfection in lines and the elegance of the Italian styling and cutting.


At the heart of the Coupe’s design is the front-engine tradition of which Maserati has historically been one of the most authentic and authoritative proponents.

This marque culture produces distinctive, highly individual cars that transcend fashion and is perfectly expressed in the elegant lines and muscular stance of the all-Italian design developed by Italdesign Giugiaro.

Maserati Coupe

Boasting an aggressive bonnet and clean, strong lines, the car is provided with a new grille that dominates the central part along with the redesigned bumpers that enhance the overall sportness of the whole ensemble.

The Coupe’s graceful bodywork reflects the same soft aggressiveness in the rear, now characterized by the new design of the bumpers and big side air vents covered by the classic fine mesh grille in black.

Classic exterior lines frame a cabin designed to cocoon both driver and passenger in an interior that perfectly reflects the Coupe’s muscular exterior forms.

The Maserati Coupe GT heritage is evident in the styling cues ranging from the shape of its nose to the big front grille, along to its oval shield, its “lightning” logo on the C-post, raised details on the seats and classic oval clock on the fascia.


The C’s cabin is designed to marry the volumes and lines of a thoroughbred sports car with comfortable seating for 4 adults.

The exclusivity that have always characterized the Marque and the whole Trident concept of the GT is given by the quality materials, handcrafted details and the elegant finish.

A body-hugging driver’s seat makes it virtually impossible to resist slipping behind the wheel, while sumptuous leather upholstery cocoons passenger in a cabin that combines classic and high tech features to perfection. The traditional analogue instrumentation facing the driver is now white on a navy blue background. But the Coupe also boasts the Maserati Info Centre.

Maserati Coupe

Equipped with an optimized 5.8 inch color display at the centre of the fascia that controls the sound system with single CD player as standard, the on board computer and the climate control system, the Info Centre also include a GPS satellite navigation system, a GSM telephone and CD changer.

On board comfort is excellent, passenger having plenty of room at their disposal and a comprehensive array of accessories.

The front seats are equipped with all-electric adjustments, and the needs of rear passenger by the Trident designers are obvious from the addition of easy entry system, a central armrest to convenient air vents.

An overall sense of roominess, the inclusion of differently-sized side storage pockets and a spacious 315-liter boot, large enough to take 2 golf bags or the made-to-measure luggage set make the Coupe the perfect GT for longer trips, too.


The engine that powers the Maserati Coupe is an awesome 4244 cc 8-cylinder, 90-degree “V”, aspirated engine.

It is light, powerful and like most advanced racing engines, has a dry sump lubrication and pump assembly outside the monobloc.

Maserati Coupe

The spectacularity of this engine is offered by timing gear that features 2 overhead, chain-driven camshafts per bank, 4 valves per cylinder driven by hydraulic tappets and inlet camshafts equipped with continuously variable timing.

Other features include integrated Bosch ME7.3.2 ignition and injection systems and an accelerator with electronic “Drive-by-Wire” throttle control, while the microprocessor control units (MCU) interact with other systems via high speed Controlled Area Network (CAN) line to optimize operation of the engine.

A mighty 390 hp at 7000 rpm and spirited 452 Nm of torque at 4500 rpm mean that the Coupe delivers breathtaking performance, power and flexibility.

The result is an exhilarating drive and an engine that passes all known present and future anti-pollution standards. Generous torque at all speeds ensures maximum driving pleasure in everyday use and incredibly gratifying, responsiveness in sportier situations.

The performing power unit enables the Maserati to accelerate from 0-62 mph in 4.9 seconds and continue until it reaches its maximum speed of 177 mph. it will sprint 1.000 meters from standstill in under 24 seconds.

Maserati Coupe


The Maserati Coupe GT is provided with a new longitudinal mechanical six-speed transmission with triple cone synchronizers on first and second gears and double cone on third and fourth.

Located in unit with the rear axle and limited-slip differential, the gear assembly ensures a better weight distribution between the 2 axles. This transaxle layout incorporates a rigid engine-gearbox connection pipe, that houses the drive shaft, joining the engine and gearbox bellhousing. A direct result of this layout is the close to optimal front-rear weight distribution of 52% and 48% respectively. This in turn makes for more stable, balanced handling with optimum rear-end grip for ideal traction under acceleration.

To ensure efortless transmission of the massive torque available, the new Coupe features a new 215 mm hydraulic dry twin-plate clutch, with torsional flexible coupling. Its smaller diameter along with a smaller flywheel have helped significantly reduce reciprocating masses.

Maserati Coupe

This means that the total inertia is just a quarter that of a comparable single-plate system, with the result that the engine revs rise and fall faster, thus contributing further to improving the gear dynamics and shift speed.

In order to eliminate the classic multiple-disc clutch noise, the release lever and pressure plate run on special Torlon bearing. This cuts out the vibration and play that normally occur when the clutch is disengaged.


The Maserati is designed to combine excellent dynamic handling with sumptuous comfort. That’s why it is featured with alloy double wishbone suspension with anti-dive and anti-squat geometries.

The rear suspension is fitted with a toe-in regulator bar that enhances the precision of the drive train, assuring optimal tire grip at all times and perfectly balanced cornering.

Maserati Coupe

The front suspension layout incorporates “anti-dive” features to prevent nose-diving when braking. The suspension system is completed by front and rear anti-roll bars.

To further enhance dynamic characteristics, Maserati and Mannesmann – Sachs developed the optional Skyhook adaptive damping system, one of the most advanced of its kind. This system, via a set of sensors, continually monitors the movement of the weeks and car body and transmits this information to central unit. Analyzing this data, the control unit determines the road and vehicle running conditions and instantaneously adjusts each damper accordingly.

The Skyhook radically improves ride quality in that it perfectly and actively controls the damping rate and hence the vehicle response in all conditions, producing maximum effectiveness in true comfort. And it does so up to 10 times faster than other systems.

Further to this automatic adjustments, the driver can also choose different operating modes at any time: Normal and Sport. The former ensures that every bump on the road is beautifully absorbed and maximum comfort is maintained at all times, while the latter is more performance – oriented. In both cases, a flatter set-up, more direct, precise steering and new tires with improved lateral grip make driving even more accurate and fun.

Maserati Coupe


The overall set-up of all of the components connected to driving and road behavior are the result of a design created to strike a perfect balance between comfort, sportiness, with active and passive safety.

To guarantee immediate deceleration and shorter braking distances, the Coupe employs a Brembo braking system with ventilating discs. The 2-stage servo brake is calibrated to retain high sensitivity, even with a very rapid reaction time, and is assisted by the 4-channel Bosch 5.7 ABS, the EBD electronic braking corrector and the MSR system, which controls the engine to prevent locking of the rear wheels when drivers change-down to exploit engine braking.

MSP integrates the ABS, ASR and EBD functions by acting on the brakes and engine to help the driver control the car even in the most extreme conditions. The system accomplishes this by using a set of sensors to detect any deviations from the ideal dynamic behavior of the car. These sensors track everything from wheel position to the steering angle and toe-in.

When necessary, the system acts on the brakes and engine to guarantee that the driver always remains fully in control of the car. Moreover, if the Skyhook or Cambiocorsa are present, the MSP offers 2 ways of intervention, one is normal and the other is more performance-geared and once again leaves more room for fun driving by intervening to a lesser extent on stability control console, whilst still leaving the ABS active.

Maserati Coupe

Starting with the steel monocoque construction with supplementary integrated tubular structure in from section, every element was developed to exceed even the most severe passive safety standards and the most recent collision regulations.

The standard safety equipment offered by the Coupe is completed by 4 front and side airbags, front seatbelts with electronically controlled pretensioners and a safety inertia switch which cuts off fuel supply in the event of an impact or violent stop. 

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