2012 Maserati GranCabrio Politie Edition

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Want to soak up the sunshine while catching baddies on the run? Well, that’s a privilege that the Dutch Police might soon enjoy.

What we have got here is a 4.2L Ferrari V8 powered Maserati GranCabrio wrapped in a local Dutch Police livery that is bound to be one of the few show-stoppers at the annual 112 open day. This is an event organized by the local Police Force, Fire Department, and the Municipal Health near The Hague, Netherlands.

The idea was brought to the table by Maserati dealers, Louwman Exclusive in collaboration with the local Netherlands Police Force. It’s basically a white 2012 Maserati GranCabrio with the Police livery and black rims that give the whole car a bad-cop stance. But what’s a police car without the eye-piercing emergency lights on the roof? Maybe they thought the livery and the V8 noise alone could intimidate the law breakers on the streets.

Unfortunately, this is just a one-off for now. Don’t think that the Dutch Police have exchanged their trusty fleet of VW Golfs for high-maintenance and fuel- chugging Maseratis!

Modifying sports cars for police isn’t something new in the automobile industry. In Dubai, a small fleet of Nissan Nissan GT-Rs wrapped in local Police livery are currently on active duty and dispatched in the event of an high-speed pursuit. Then, there’s the famous 2009 Lamborghini Gallardo LP-560-4 Polizia , that is enough to intimidate even Al Capone, when sighted in the rear view mirror.


none of this police super cars would be a pleasant site in your rear view mirror if you are going over the limit.

i think the police gallardo looks better thatn this maseratti. in’s more of a race car.

the super car per inhabitant ratio has to be ne of the greatest in dubai. it would only make sense they had gt-r’s as police cars.

there are two reasons for witch dubai has the gt-r police fleet: 1. because they can! and 2. because they need it.

are they going to use this maseratti to catch the ones the dealer sells? and ferrari’s too, they do share the same engine, don’t they?

this is one good way to advertise your car. the maseratti dealer knew what he was doing!

i wonder if they are going to really use the car or just keep it for the show?

where are the flashing lights? or will there be a dutch police man with a light in his hand? smiley

wow, this car is awesome. although it would not be suitable for a police force. too expensive!

this car looks good. and even better as a police car. the super car owners sure are not happy if such a car becomes a police car!

That is a good joke with Al Capone ... as if the mafia were afraid of any car ... they simply explode a street completely

yeap... i think that the italians are the most lucky...not like the other ones aren’t...

wow! What can I say? Nissan GT-Rs, Maserati GranCabrio, Lamborghini Gallardo LP-560-4 as police cars?! awesome!

if the V8 noise alone could intimidate the law breakers on the streets, means that the law breakers are rather faint of heart

"high-maintenance and fuel- chugging Maseratis"... if these two raise problems even for them...

or most likely after those who try to leave with the girls ...smiley

I think they took this car into consideration thinking that they will have to go across ​​country’s borders to catch those trying to run away with weedsmiley)))

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