2012 Maserati GranCabrio Sport Poltrona Frau

The Maserati GranTurismo S Limited Edition isn’t the only exclusive Maserati that has come out this week. Joining the sports car in the fold is this luxurious Maserati GranCabrio Sport Poltrona Frau.

We understand your curiosity about the Poltrona Frau name because we’ve never heard of it either until now. Turns out, Poltrona Frau is an Italian interior and furniture design and leather upholstery company that has had a partnership with Maserati since 2001. To celebrate the 10th year anniversary of the two companies’ partnership, Poltrona Frau customized the GranCabrio Sport’s interior with a special leather treatment that touches on soft, luxurious comfort. As if the GranCabrio Sport needed any more luxurious touch-ups.

On top of the finely-dressed interior, the GranCabrio Sport also has a minor performance improvement from the standard version, courtesy of a faster and more fuel efficient MC Auto Shift transmission. As a result, the GranCabrio Sport’s 4.7-liter V8 engine now produces 450 horsepower, an increase of 10 ponies from the standard model. The result is 0-62 mph acceleration time of 5.2 seconds with a top speed of 177 mph.


GranCabrio is much slower than the latest Maserati model right?

I prefer this one rather than the latest model painted in blue.

I don’t think it is powerful enough; Maserati always leaves me doubting their units.

Although I want to have it, I don’t think I can handle its high power!

I’d love to see this handled efficiently by professional drivers. I think it’s too much for me.

@Timotea_Bianchi: Yeah, it will degrade eventually because it isn’t used. I’ll be contented on just watching this driven by others. smiley

Timotea_Bianchi, do you really mean “nested”? I partly agree with you. I’d like to put this on display because the external design is elegant. However, the performance of its V8 engine would be put to waste.

Whoa! Another piece of luxury to be nested on our garage. smiley That engine performance is really outstanding and so with the speed - with V8 engine that has an output of 450 HP and a fast 177mph speed. This is so cool!

Well, it’s a good thing that this Granbrio Sport still has a very impressive interior which I truly admire on it. Moreover, I’m as yet glad that they maintain it to have an awesome engine specs.

I love its dressed-up interior; it looks so cool and comfortable on that. However, I’m not really impressed on its exterior detailing, and I think it looks more decent if it is on a black body paint.

It looks great on a white interior touch. It seems cozy and comfortable on that. Moreover, its 177 mph is already good on this convertible sport. I also noticed that it is the design of this vehicle is very different from the other GranCabrio vehicle which is refreshing.

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