2013 Maserati GranTurismo MC GT3 Race Car

Maserati Corse unveiled their new GranTurismo MC GT3 at the Fiat Industrial Village Motorfest in Turin, Italy, but the reveal was a little behind considering the vehicle has already shown everyone what it can do by winning its first race at the last Superstars GT Sprint at Italian Autodromo Di Vallelunga. Driver Alessandro Pier Guidi was behind the wheel during the victory.

This race was just a preparation for the upcoming Superstars GT race in Pergusa set to begin in just a few days. Maserati hasn’t made an appearance in this series since 2004, but the company is now ready for another round with a race car that seems to be screaming "Here I am!"

The new GranTurismo MC GT3 Race Car was based on the MC Stradale street-version, but it adds a more racing-inspired appearance with a new front spoiler lip, new side skirts, and a huge rear wing that will provide stability during high-speed racing.

Stay tuned for more details.


it was only fair for the car to win, right? after all, GT is its name: Grand Turismo.

beating aston martins is something to mention! good car. love the street version too!

i hope it will continue to do good against all other gt cars.

great sports car. and the fact that it won the race shows how good it actually is. love it!

great looking car. i am glad it has the muscle to win races too.

what better way of advertising a new car than winning the race you pun it into?

they had to do an official presentation of the car. at the race it was going to fast, now they have a chance to see it still.

that’s the way to do it. come up with a new car, kick and then show it to the world.

the guys at Superstars GT Sprint at Italian Autodromo Di Vallelunga never new what hit them.

you don’t get it. for an italian to speak, he has to use his hands. they made sure the hand were in place when they won the race, then they let people talk.

win a race, then show them the car who won it. italian style advertising!

i like it when the mother-company gets involved in to creating the racing model. it shows how committed they are to this cause.

this model looks more aggressive than the base model. i bet that they will do good in the racing seasonsmiley

very glad that i could be there. live is extraordinary! the first experience for mesmiley

ahammm. i also do. i can not stand the race cars beacause of colors. why they have to be so colorful?

i like this car and the 3 colour combination

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